The hammingtons episode 1

🍂 The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

My name is Diana Hammington
A thousand years ago, my siblings and I had a happy life, one that was very short lived compared to the endless agony that came after.
Our father was a pirate and our mother was a witch, both had an insatiable greed for power and in their quest to command more authority, they got the very Hammington name Cursed

My siblings and I were condemned to an eternity of misery, struggling with powers neither of us understood
We roamed the earth for centuries and we became savageries giving in to the very cursed beast within us

We are the monsters children were taught to dread
We are the evil lurking in the shadows
We are broken, bloodthirsty, savage and wild beasts
We are The Hammingtons

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In the course of our immortal life, we wandered round the world in search of the one thing that continuously evaded our grasp, happiness
Will we ever find what we seek? Or will we continue being victims to our own monstrosity……..

🍂The Hammingtons🍂
A Cursed Family

🍃Chapter 1
Dianna’s POV
……”A life! One filled with eternal misery! That is what shall befall your children! They will wander round the world till the end of time transforming into the very beast you wanted, oh yes they will be powerful, but they will become slaves to their own powers, your family’s name shall be feared just like you wanted but that fear shall grow so deep your children will roam the world alone damned to a life of solitude! They will wish for death but they shall not be granted such mercy, I curse the very Hammington name!!”……

I stood by the window watching the people of Arcane County go about their business like it’s just any normal day in a normal city, but this is all a facade, a city filled with humans and witches can only be anything but normal

Few days ago, I was following the trail of a witch, one that led me back to this damned city, I caught my prey yes, but my prey led me to something much bigger, something my siblings and I have all being searching for
We were turned to monsters in this city, condemned to an immortal life of solitude and wild powers, we have become the very beasts we were cursed to be. We are damaged, some will say broken beyond repair but I’ve always believed their will be a salvation for us at the end and my prey led me right to the pathway of our salvation

A loud brawl resonated from downstairs, announcing the arrival of my fellow Hammingtons

“Dear siblings, already at each other’s throats the moment we meet” I smiled as I walked downstairs

“Why is he here?!” Gia yelled as the victim of her anger stood still, frozen

“Come on sister, unfreeze Eric” I said

“You didn’t tell me he’ll be here!” Gia said and I nodded

“Cause I knew you wouldn’t come if I had told you so unfreeze your twin brother now before he burns himself out of your freezing spell and aim for your throat!” I said and Ivan chuckled

“Nice to meet you too brother, is something funny?” I asked Ivan

“Oh I just enjoy watching you guys fight each other, you all are so broken” he smiled

“Says the guy that literally destroys everything he touches, without those spelled gloves and shoes, you’ll have burnt us down the moment you stepped in!” I said he jumped up in anger

“Say that again and I’ll remove this gloves and condemn you to a pain so great you’ll wish you were dead!” He said angrily

“Oh come at me Ivan, and I’ll show you the only place you belong is beneath my feet!”

There was a sudden explosion and I knew Eric had broken free from Gia’s freezing spell

“Gia!!” Eric growled as he made for Gia’s throat

“Eric no” I said as I quickly got in between him and Gia

“Oh come on, don’t ruin the fight” Ivan said

“You shut your damn mouth Ivan!”

“She froze me Dianna, she fucking froze me!!” Eric yelled

“Oh you deserve more than a mere freezing spell!” Gia said

“Oh you shut up too Gia!”

A knife suddenly flew from the table right for Gia’s face but I caught it, just before it touched Gia

“Great Eric, you want to stab your sister in the face!”

“A stab in the face is better than a stab in the back!” Eric said and Ivan laugh

“That was a good one Eric” Ivan chuckled and I gave him an angry stare

“Leave sister, I need to show this douchebag here that his powers are no match for mine!” Gia said

“Enough!!!” I yelled as a fiery flame shadowed me and they moved back

“Oh this never gets old!” Ivan grunted

“One more word from you Ivan and I will burn out that impudent tongue of yours!” I said then I faced Eric and Gia
“And you two, I certainly do not care about whatever altercations you harbour for each other but at least hear what I have to say first before you go at each other’s throats, I didn’t get you all to come here just to witness the typical Hammington reunion”

“Whatever you have to say, it better be worth sparing this arrogant sucker” Eric said

“How dare you….” Gia was saying but I quickly interrupted

“Just calm down please, for God sake, you two are supposed to be twins!!” I sighed
“Let’s go have a sit”

We walked to the living room and Ivan stepped on the dead body on the floor

“Who’s the dead pretty damsel?” Ivan asked

“Careful, stain the floor with her blood and you’ll be the one to do the cleaning” I said and he scoffed

“You act like the saint sister but you’ve already killed someone upon arriving here” Gia said

“You and I very well know we are nothing close to saints so quit judging me perhaps, she deserved what she got, she got me outraged”

“And what did the human girl do that got you outraged sister?” Eric asked

“She wasn’t a human Eric, she was a witch and she made a measly attempt to take my life”

“Take your life? If she really was a witch she will know that you cannot be killed, none of us can” Ivan said

“Oh she was a witch, apparently I killed her mother years ago, don’t ask me how, I can’t even remember who her mother is and I certainly did not keep a list of people that met their end by my hand”

“Fair enough, what did she want?” Gia asked

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“Our dead pretty witch wanted to kill me and get revenge, not that she made good on her threat though, I was going to end her life when she made mention of something, she told me that even if I kill her, The Guardian will find me and my siblings and she will end us” I narrated

“The Guardian?” Eric asked

“Who’s The Guardian?” Gia asked

“I was curious of that too, so I let the little witch escape and followed her trail which led me to this damn city, she found out I was following her so before she could make a run for it, I caught her, brought her here and well, let’s just say things went south and she died”

“You mean you lost control and you killed her” Ivan said

“So why exactly did you ask us here and make me endure certain displeasure of being in the same vicinity with some uncultured being?” Gia asked

“Oh please Gia, we are all uncultured beings though you take the lead” Eric said

“Oh shut up you two, enough of your squabbles” Ivan said

“Finally! Someone is finally behaving like an elder brother” I said

“Oh am just learning from you elder sister” he smirked and I shook my head

“Back to the matter on ground” I said “With our little mate here unable to speak, I searched her belongings and I found this in her pocket”
I brought out an advert poster

“A Circus advert?” Eric said and I nodded

“Yes but look at the main performer, they call her Guardian of The Hell Gate, ring a bell?”

“I’ll be damned if it doesn’t” Ivan said

“Haughty Guardian was the one that cursed us centuries ago” Eric said

“But I thought she died, I mean we searched everywhere for her but we couldn’t find her” Gia said

“But here she is” I said pointing to the poster “Seems like when she cursed us to stay alive till forever, she managed to stay alive as well”

“This is our chance, we can make her undo what she did to us, we will have to pay The Guardian of The Hell Gate a visit” Ivan said

“Definitely brother, she’ll be holding a Circus performance tonight” I said

“Then what are we waiting for?” Gia said as she stood up

“Let’s go meet the one that condemned us” Eric stood up too

“She will have to break the curse and set us free or die, either way things are not going to end up pretty for The Guardian” Ivan said

“Oh nothing gladdens my heart more than a potential prey” I smirked “Let’s go, shall we?”………
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