The Hidden Flower

The hidden flower episode 26 – 29



i was walking , because i think i have finally find the anwser to what the angel said ,

that mountain ,it scents draw me closer ,

As i was walking ,i suddenly start feeling somehow as if something is wrong ,i paused and look around ,but what in hell name will i planet be afraid of ,i continue walking

but the feeling is getting too much , and i decided to go home besides is already late ,

i teleported back home , and opeaned the door ,i look around ,with my heart it keeps beating fast ,faster ,what is wrong with me ,the voice i raised to call lisa got me speechless , because i found lisa shivering ,i rushed to everything in me so afraid ,

lisa ,are you okay ,i look at her body and realized ,her body was soaked with tears and sweats ,but what is wrong with her ,i gasp when I realized is raining heavily ,but when ,i mean since when

i carried her to my room , because i don’t want to intrude hers ,i drop her on bed ,i get a bowl with water i put my hanckey in,side ,i start cleaning her body and sweats ,,but she keep muttering some words ,

am innocent ,let me go ,let me go ,she keep saying ,i decided to heal her and make her sleep

she is innocent this was the exact word i said but nobody believe me ,

i magically made her a good cloth that can cover her body , and also change her dirt uniform ,by now she was sleeping peacefully ,she isn’t shivering anymore ,

and her temperature reduced ,

i put her uniform and mine in the washing machine for it to watch and i decided to look back and now what , happened to her , and everything that happened was detailed to me ,i growl and feel my blood boil ,how dare him

how dare that brat hurt what is mine ,i growl ,

wait what are you saying , who is your i ask my inner being , called planets ,i am planet , and he is planets ,

she is ours ,planet ,you are too dumb to notice ,

but she is a human ,no she is not a human ,but Time will tell what she is ,

hmmm so that is why i always like being around her , planet muttered ,


Lisa woke up and find out is not her room ,where am i ,she can’t remember anything she look around the room and her eyes met with planet who was sleeping ,on the couch ,

what ,this is his room ,

she checked her body and realized she is wearing something else ,she look around the laundry room she ran into and find out that her uniform was well washed and ironed ,

but what happened ,she asked , and slowly the memory hit her back ,how she fight and got home ,after reading the letter from her dad and felt sick

he saved me ,he took care of me ,lisa mumbled in-between tears ,she then look up and realized her face was glowing ,she is looking more beautiful , and her face is more round than it is before ,she looks so beautiful , and her hair grow a bit ,

arrrg she s¢ræmed ,wbat is happening to me ,

why am i looking this way ,

why did my hair grow that much

i am so confused right now ,i rushed to my room and locked the door ,

i was still sleeping on the couch when u heard something one shout ,i quickly spranged up ,i look at the bed but i can’t find lisa ,i teleported to her room door and knock ,since is closed ,

lisa ,

lisa , can you open the door for me ,but that was interupted by door bell ,i rushed to the door and opened it ,only to see ,mr peter , that’s when i realized that he didn’t come back yesterday ,

why are you standing on my way are you alright ,where is lisa ,

he voice ,jolted me back to reality ,

emm good morning dad ,i said smiling ,

i said getting out of his way ,lisa is fine ,i think she is in her room ,

okay then ,call her for me , gosh am cery tired mr peter said and sit down in one of the sitting room couch ,

i rushed to lisa door again ,
lisa ,dad said i should call you ,

i waited for some seconds ,but still yet ,i raised my hand to knock but the door open and she rushed out ,

🌺THE HIDDEN FLOWER 🌺 (save the flower ). CHAPTER 28&29


in the sitting room Mr Peter was sitting down and was waiting for Lisa to come out immediately someone was to him and hug him dad I miss you I saw your letter yesterday although I was very sick but luckily I’m getting better right now ,

are you feeling better now mr peter asked”

yes that I am getting better Lisa said

as they were still chatting planet came down and sit beside Mr Peter and also said that you said I want to tell us something what is it oh sorry I mean you said that you want to see Lisa so here is she is,

yes I have seen her and I now feel relax that is she is fine and you also told me that she was very very sick last night I guess you are the one that took care of her right or do you abandon her Mr Peter asked,

know that he was the one that took care of me , he makes sure that I was fine he took care of me honestly he was there for me so I appreciate it Lisa said , hiding face or her father’s chest,

if what Lisa is saying is true then I must say that you make a good brother thank you very very much I appreciate you for taking care of my daughter you are also my son so also take care of yourself so I called you here because I also want to tell you something I’ll be traveling I want to go for a business trip you might be wondering how a poor man like me will be going to a business trip well have been saving the money for thousands of years now ,sorry i exaggerate it right ? I’ve been saving the money because I want to have this contract with one man outside the country so I want to visit him so we can sign the contract and I’m going to be away for one month or more than anywhere anytime you see me it’s at me but I will be calling you guys I’ll be making sure that I discuss with you guys are you hearing me make sure you call me everyday so I can be hearing your voice and ask for you Lisa always come back home early and make sure you bring her home early as for you planet make sure that your sister is fine make sure you guys come back home early make sure that you guys visit our shop and make sure you guys collect everything that you need to collect don’t give people buy goods on credit because things are very hærd these days , Mr Peter said,

the business trip I don’t care ,lisa said almost shouting ,

mister pizza at 10 to look at her daughter and choked her head while please my child you have to listen to me this business trip is very very important to me ok please I promise to return back as soon as possible don’t worry about money I keep enough money for you guys to take care of yourself before you know it i will come back I promise you ok ,mr peter pleaded ,

she’s just being a baby okay hahaha planet laughed ,

do you agree to what he said Mr Peter asked lisa ,

whatever that you can go beside you’re ready made up your mind you’ve been thinking about it for thousands of years right now so mean saying no that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to go don’t worry you can go I promise to be a good girl this said ,

okay then you got to prepare for school let me quickly go in,side and prepare myself too okay ,
he said and left ,

what what do you mean do you just tell me that that lisa of a girl beat you up to this long ,that a girl make you to look this miserable that you look with this ugly guys answer me are you stupid or are you boneless that you can’t hit her so hærd to make her land in coma ,you I know that you know shouldn’t have trusted you nonsense what kind of nonsense was that stupid idiotic attitude was that, Lisa, Lisa gosh I will deal with her I must deal with her she insulted me she insulted ,what exactly are you in my life for nothing ! betty yelled ”

am sorry babe i,but was interupted by betty ,

you what , useless thing betty yell and walk away but bumped into lisa ,

lisa walk straight to her and give her two hot slaps ,

how dare you ,how dare you ,send those boys to beat me ,anwser me lisa yell and slap her again ,

by now the students are all watching and making vedios some are laughing at betty ,

if you try this nonesense next time ,i will teach you a very big lesson you will never forget in your miserable life ,fool ,lisa cursed and walk away ,…

hmmm where is planet when this was happening ,

where is mr peter going ,

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