The hidden flower episode 30 – 33


i was sitting at the rooftop , thinking on how to find the so call hidden flower , what is so important , about it ,i hissed ,

but i suddenly started feeling uncomfortable ,my mind goes to lisa , what is wrong with her again,i said rushing down ,

as i was walking i keep hearing s¢ræms ,but when i got to the scene ,i saw lisa already leaving , and i know already that she is angry ,i turn and see betty fuming and her face was red ,

gosh what the f×¢k happened here ,i rushed to lisa and found her entering the girls toilet ,so i waited outside ,in other not to intrude ,


I walk ,no matched angrily ,i don’t even know where am heading to until i found myself into the girls toilet ,i was angry ,so if i can’t fight ,those fools would have hurt me , what have i ever done am always on my own ,why can’t they leave me alone , have always minded my business ,i said crying out ”

i feel bad ,this world is full of nothing but pains , sorrows and set of evil doers , can’t God just destroy this world , i yell breathing heavily ”


i was still waiting for her , but it is talking too long ,what exactly is she doing there ,i heard ,so crying voice

wait wait ,she is crying ,

lisa ,lisa ,i called

but she suddenly kept quiet , maybe she is wondering , who is calling her ,

lisa , Lisa , please come out ,i said ,

but still yet nothing and i have no other option but to open the door, and enter ,


i was still crying , feeling bad ,when i hear , someone call my name ,i was shocked ,who is calling me ,planet,i thought , immediately i called his name my heart flutter ,i suddenly feel happy a bit ,

i hear the voice again wow so angelic i was still thinking when the door open and someone grab me , and turn my face to his , I looked up and realized that it is planet ,

what are you doing here ,i muttered , looking down,

for some unknown reason ,i feel so uncomfortable standing fhis close to him , or maybe because i have never been this close to a boy ,

lisa what is wrong with you ,who offended you , planet asked with ,a very serious and worried face ,

and for that i was so happy ,

just forget about it ,is nothing ,i said

really why can’t you tell me the truth ,why can’t you see me as friend , brother best friend or maybe something more ,why can’t you see me the way i see you ,why ,planet asked obviously angry ,

why ? you want to know the reason why ,i yelled back breaking down in tears , one thing about me is that i cry easily ,

you want to know why planet ,

well listen ,i mutter in between tears ,
i can’t be close to you because am scared ,

i can’t be ose to you because humans ate evil , heartless and wicked ,

i can’t be close to you ….. you because i can’t stand trusting someone again ,

i hate humans ,you all are evil so you are no exceptions ,i shouted at him not minding how broken my heart is saying that ,


i was speechless ,when lisa was saying those words and was crying i was feeling bad , i looked into her ,past and see things she passed through ,i almost asked God why

is not her fault ,

i put my hand on her w–st , then to her ,face and hold her cheeks ,

you don’t have to trust me but i promise you i will always be there for you , love , Cherish , and make you feel happy again i said cleaning her tears

i will make you the happiest person in the world ,np matter what you PAss through , please be patient ,it will all be okay , i said ,

i hugged her to myself ,she was still in shock ,i guess because she froze like ice ,


i was done yelling at planet , thinking he will yell bacj ,shout or mock me but he did the opposite ,
he held my w–st ,face ,cheeks and wipe my tears , saying those heart melting encouraging and emotional words that got me speechless ,

i was still in shock about what he did but he surprised me by hugging me

🌺 THE HIDDEN FLOWER 🌺 (save the flower ) CHAPTER 32&33


what in the name of God just happened here ,am now in my room ,
earlier after he hugged me ,he suggested we go home , and with that we sneaked out of the school and went home ,

when we arrive he said i should rest that i need that ,

i was surprised on how quiet i was i obeyed him again and went to my room but i can’t sleep i keep on thinking and turning around on my bed

I suddenly heard a knock on the door ,

who is that ,i ask

feeling stupid for asking such when i remember that dad went out and am home with planet ,

i stood up immediately , and opened the door ,

h….hi , i muttered

emmm hi ,

he replied ,

i just wanted to know whether ,you will like to go out with me ,he said ,

hmmmm okay ,i said excited ,not knowing why i did that ,l

lets go then ,

and with that we left ,.


i decided to take her out , because i don’t want her to think too much or ,be so sad ,

i know already that she isn’t sleeping ,so i decided to try my luck , but surprisedly ,she agreed ,

one would notice that she is very excited ,due to the way she answered back ,

and with that we left ,

i suggested we should ,trek , since the sun is not that bad ,

we trek for some minute but i was getting bored on how silent we are ,

so i decided to start up a discussion ,i turned to face her but something caught my attention ,is a park ,wow it is so beautiful ,

hey Lisa lets go there ,i said ,

and we walk to the park ,i saw an ice cream seller decided to buy one

crybaby which one do you want ,i ask lisa ,

huh what do you call me , she reply ,

you are my cry baby ,cry baby ,i said making it sound more like a song ,

stop that she said giggling ,

i want strawberries ice cream ,she said

okay ,i gave the seller money and bought one strawberry cream for her and milk creamy one for myself

Don’t mind me i don’t know what they call it ,

lets go there ,we finally settled down on one isolated place there , and sit licking our ice cream

lisa can i ask you something i said

yes what is it ,she pouted her l-ips looking so cute and adorable ,

you look cute ,just like my sister ,i said , slapping ny mouth immediately for mentioning my sister ,

but that was too late because she turn , giving me that look you say what ,

did you sag sister now ,she asked , raising her eyebrow

no no no i didn’t i said immediately ,you must have misheard me ,i reply scratching my head ,

okay then ,she said ,

emm lisa can i ask you something ,

what is it ,she ask,

why are you being so emotional that night ,what happened ,

who hurt you in the past ,

the day i took care of you that night ,you were like let me go am innocent ,i mean you are sad , angry , and crying , I have to make you sleep

and also what happened today can you just trust me for once and tell me what’s bothering you i said ,

she was already tearing up ,gosh this girl is a cry baby ,

i will tell you ,i will she said in-between tears ,

go ahead i said given her the full attention she needs

it all ……

hnmmm she wants to say the truth

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