The Lonely Heart

The lonely heart episode 1


✍️… 💖Halicia Rose💖

This is a story of an orphan Miss Tracy Williams and she’s adopted by the boss and owner of Suenos Superstars Music Industry,Mr Gregory and she’s so lonely despite being the leader of the girl’s group name T’s babes cos their names starts with T:Tracy,Tessy,Tonia and Teni…They all hate her for being the leader despite that she’s an orphan and a lonely heart who always sing about lonely souls and they always makes life a living hell for her in their mansion and she’s so tired of it and she begs the boss to gives her one week to stay at the orphanage’s home to cool herself off…..
There’s the guy group too names D’s guys:Dave,Daniel and Drake and they’re dating the girls in Tracy’s group and they too make life a hell place for her through their girlfriends wishes
There’s another guy name Chris who’s also lonely and wonder round the city of Shelley looking for nothing and he’s suffering from memory loss which makes him not to know anything about himself

The two lonely hearts meet and hope they will mend each other lonely hearts and how will he be inspiration to her…Follow me guys in this and its so enjoyable.. Grab your popcorn💺🍟🍟💺📝❤


••••••••🌺#Tracy’s #POV🌺 ••••••

I wake up stretching on my bed and goes downstairs to see the girls eating pizza and lots of yummy things on the table
“Morning dears!”I said greeting them and they looks at me and face their foods back

I look at them and moves to their side
“I’m greeting you guys”I said looking at them and they hiss again
“Hey don’t you know we don’t wanna answer huh?”Tessy said shifting away from me like I’ve a communicable disease
“Is she that blind to see we are not in mood for answering?”Tonia said standing up
“Or even if you’re the leader of this girls group that doesn’t give you chance to be greeting us okk!”Teni said putting down her chewing gum and paste it on my toes
They stands up and turn to their rooms
“Oh less I forget,you’re the orphan girl here with no family so makes sure you clean that table,sweep the floor and no need cooking our food cos our boyfriends is coming to pick us to breakfast!”Tonia said going up
I look at then and smiles
“Why smiling huh?”Teni looks back
“You’re the one that eat here so why should I clean it?”I said standing akimbo

“Then don’t orphan cos I’ll just tell my dad to withdraw from the helping of Suenos music industry and then…”Tessy said playing with her fingers
“Then your ambition is finished,girl!”Tonia said chuckling
“Or we should say you’re finished,my dear”Teni said and rub her dirty hands on my hair then they all went inside their room
I look at them as they goes in and screams so loud and squat on the floor
“I feel like strangling them all,crazy bitches”I said biting my lips
I take the mopping stick and the dustbin and starts cleaning everywhere and its so hard to remove that silly chewing gum from the table and it so messy
“Oh what a life of Tracy huh!”I thought as a tear drop from my eyes

Oh sorry,silly me cos I forget to introduced myself to you my dears

I’m Tracy and that’s only thing I knew about me and I knew my name thanks to the necklace that Mr Gregory,our boss and owner of Suenos Superstars Music Industry where I’m working at as the leader of the T’Babes cos of our names starting with ‘T’ and there’s about guys group names starting with’D’ too and we all works under Mr Gregory that’s sign us
Mr Gregory is more than boss to me cos he adopts me from the orphanage I was and brings me to his home at the age of six

I sit under the scorching sun when the woman taking care of we the orphans comes out through the door
“Why sitting under the sun,dear?”she asks me and I turn to face her
“I just enjoy it as new song flows through me watching those birds!”I said and she smiles looking at me
“You and this your songs flowing!”she said and goes back inside
I stand up trying to go in when I sees a beautiful butterfly flying and I follow it

🎶🎶Life is so beautiful
So beautiful and coloured
Just like a butterfly wings
It gives joy and peace
God really is wonderful in making all
All works of nature
The butterfly, the sun that’s scorching
The trees,the lands
And I Tracy as a human🎵🎵🎵
I sings and laugh at the last part
“That’s amazing,girl!”I heard a voice and I turn back to see a man looking at me

“Hi sir!”I said bowing
He moves toward me and rub my hair
“Will you try and be stars to music,Tracy?”he said looking at me
“I’m just an orphan so I’m not sure I can be that”I said looking down
He pull me to himself and clean my tears
“That’s killing of talents cos never say you can’t do it but first try and try until you’re best in it and even,with the little song you compose now,you’re wow my dear daughter”he said smiling
I feel happy cos this is the first time someone me call me daughter, its only happen in dreams where I see a man and woman calling me that and I even didn’t see their face cos I wake up immediately when their faces is about to be show to me

“Thanks sir so how can I?”I asks him
He smiles and rub my hair
“That’s the spirit daughter!”he said
“Thanks sir and I’m Tracy!”I said smiling
“Oh silly me,forgive my manner dear,I’m Gregory and please call me dad from now on!”he said and hugs me tight
I feel so happy to the core and within the few hours of the day remaining,I was adopted by him and moves to his house that day and luckily for me,his wife and children is not in the city of Shelley but lives in Sheridan city so I’m free in the house and starts my music career in Suenos with my own ability not allowing him to upgrade me till….

Till now that I fight through many hurdles and become the leader of the T’Babes group and I’m always cool even though our manager,Mr Clark always complain about my own songs that I sing of lonely hearts and hates me for that but likes other girls and guys cos they sing of money,love, care and so on but I never have such feelings so how possibly can I sing if such
“I’m truly finished!”I said and bow my head
The girls move out and smiles evilly
“Thanks God you know “Tonia said laughing

“She’s just getting to her senses now!”Teni said looking down at me
Tessy moves forward singing
🎶Life is so lonely
Life is so bore for poor hearts
What to do to heals a lonely hearts
It has experience sadness
Even more loneliness🎵🎵
She sings my songs and others burst out laughing when the guys come in
“Is the girl lonely again?”Dave said and they burst out laughing again
“What can heal the lonely girl heart?”Drake said touching his chest
“Oh poor lonely lady!”Daniel said and laugh
They hugs their love while I just watch them so irritatingly
“Let’s go dears and leave the lonely girl to compose songs form her lonely heart again!”Tessy said holding her love
“All about that girl is loneliness and bore ness!”Dave said and they laugh and walks out while I just squat down in the floor
I’m so angry right now and I feel do something crazy to the food we gonna eat tonight by adding purging medicine
“That’s crazy!”I thought and smiles sadly
I pack the plates and wash them all in the kitchen,clean the table and pack the mopping stick with the dustbin and sit down on the cushion so tired
“Oh I’m so tired!”I said when my stomach grumbles
I touch my stomach and exclaims
“I haven’t eating”I said and rough my hair
I look around and it feel like a desolate home and tears drop endlessly on my cheeks as I remembered their words to me
“I need space to cool myself off like one month,no one week is enough or else,I might do something crazy to this people of mine!”I thought sadly as I head to my room to change my cloth
“I need to see boss to asks for permission!”I said looking at myself in the mirror and inhale deeply
Life is so unfair to me but I’m still thankful that I’m living and there’s hope for the living so I won’t give up no matter what..


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