The lonely heart episode 2



🌺#Tessy’s #POV🌺

We all drives differently in our love cars and arrives at Haven Restaurant⛲🏣 and get down quickly covering our eyes with muffler and use specks
“It not easy to be a star!”I said holding Dave and he chuckles.
“Just pray you’re not a lonely star like Tracy!”Teni said giggling
“That’s bad luck”Tonia said
We all laugh hearing her and goes inside the restaurant then sit down
I’m the first daughter of the senator in Sheridan and the richest among the guys and girls:Dave is a son to a successful business man,Tonia is a successful daughter of a private judge in the city,Drake is a successful son of a great artist,Teni is a daughter of a rich engineer and Daniel is a son of a great doctor in the whole Sheridan so only Tracy is a poor one and not only poor but an orphan which makes us despise her especially when she was made the leader of the girls group:T’Babes
And what makes things worse is her lonely songs about nature and especially forcing us to sing it together as group cos she writes most of the albums we’ve out and she kinda makes us popular too but when it comes to one on one songs,we rocks her far better and best
“Please waiter?”Tonia calls to the waiter and he comes quick giving us the book menu to choose our choice
“I want fried rice with salads!”I said and others say their own choice
We were still eating when the crowd starts coming in in groups
“Hey guys,I think our cover is blown”Tonia said looking at us
“I think the people recognise us already”Drake said
Dave bends down his head and looks up
“I think I’m the one that blown it”he said
“What the hell?”Teni gasps
“Don’t tell me you bring your car that we paste the group picture?”Drake asks him
He looks at us and shrug
“Oh my guy!”Daniel said exclaiming
The people start rushing to our side
“At the count of three,runnn”Teni said looking at the door
We stands up and the people has crowded the door and shut it
“Our stars of Suenos,give us your autograph”they said shouting
We all holds our hands and inhale deeply
“We haven’t even eaten yet and I’m so damn hungry!”I said groaning
“There’s no way we’ll pass through that door and I’m not so ready to sign an autograph at all!”Dave said smirking
“Is it not your fault huh?”Drake said shouting on him and I gasps
“STOP shouting on my boyfriend!”I said looking fiercely at him
“Is it not your boyfriend that cause all this?”Teni said frowning
“Thanks to him,this restaurant will be so popular now!”Daniel said scoffing
We all rush back through the back door and we follows each other quietly but unfortunately as we come out,the people surrounds us immediately
“Give us your autograph, dear stars of Suenos!”they said gathering around us immediately and we have no choice than signing it all for them

After like five hours,we’re through with the autographs and we went home late in the evening shaking cos of tiredness and hunger and I feel like I’ve no liver again
“This is bad!”I said sitting down
“Today one hell of a day!”Dave said sitting beside me tirelessly
Others sit down massaging their legs
“I’m so doom!”Teni said rubbing her legs
“I feel like I just face a Gorgon and turn to stone!”Tonia said and we burst out laughing so loud
“I won’t ever eat out again”Daniel said almost tearing up
“Please can someone call this lonely girl out to prepare food at least for us?”Teni said looking up to her room
“Can’t you see her door is closed?”I said
“Is she out too?”Drake said
“Going to sing her lonely songs!”I said and we laugh
We all rest on the cushion chair and soon we’re snoring so loud on it cos of too much tiredness and hunger

I get inside the room and take a quick bath washing my smelly hair thanks to someone and quickly come out then get dress fast so that at least those sillies won’t meet me at home and pick up my car key then drives out immediately to the Music Industry

I arrives there and come down then match in quietly avoiding the new star faces and others in the industry especially our manager but unfortunately, I bump into him as I was looking like a thief around the place and he pull me back
“What you doing here,lady?”he asks turning me to face him and stands akimbo
“Oh Mr I mean manager Clark,how you doing?”I asks smiling brightly
“That’s gonna not work on me and please tell me you’re not here to sing your boring and lonely songs huh?”he asks pleading
I look at him and frown with steam coming out of my nose but smiles forcibly
“Common sir,I’m not singing for now not even month to come so be cool!”I said gritting my teeth together
He looks at me and smiles happily
“Oh thanks God, hallelujah!”he said turning away from me and walks away
I look at his back and raise my hand like hitting him and he faces me back
“You wanna hit me right?”he asks me
I look at him and chuckles
“Hey I can’t dare such,sir Clark!”I said chuckling
He looks at me and face me
“You can’t ever be a great star singing about feelings of life except lonely heart souls songs so stick to it!”he said smirking and laugh evilly
He walks away smiling and I remember the boss words to me
“That’s killing of talents so try and try until you become the best”I reminiscent and smiles sadly

I moves quickly and grab him by the hands
“Let me tell you something, Mr Clark!”I said standing akimbo
He looks at me and giggles
“What can a failure says!”he said
I looks at him and chuckles too.”I’m not a failure mister and a time is coming which I’m very sure of that that you’ll be begging me to live when that your prides humble you and you’re not less than anything and for your information, I’m going now but when I come back,I’ll make sure I push you and that your silly bitches to deep down in the hell…No one is a Star except Tracy!”I said walking away quickly not allowing him to speak anything at all

I walks to the boss door and looks back
“Just wait and see!”I said and he just stood there like a statue and open his mouth wide like someone who lost his oxygen

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I enter the boss office and I sees him smiling then looks up at me
“Hi Tracy daughter!”he said gesturing me to sit down which I did
“What makes you smiling sir?”I asks him
He looks at me and shakes his head
“Call me dad when we’re alone okk!”he said looking at me and I nods happily
“So asks the question again,daughter!”he said and I laugh hearing him
“What makes you smiling, dad?”I asks and he smiles looking at me
“I’ve always told you to have faith in yourself and you just did by giving that stupid manager a word to reminiscences on!”he said chuckling
“Did you hear that?”I asks him
He look up at me
“Yes dear and even see Hus reaction!”he said chuckling
“Did you see how he open his mouth so wide…”I said halfway when he burst out
Laughing holding his stomach
“Like someone fighting for oxygen”he finishes the word and we laugh loud together and he holds my hands

“No matter what you sing or compose,I’m so blessed to have you and there are many people out there that’s thankful for the song you sings always cos thanks to that,they’ve something to holds on to so don’t give up no matter what people says cos …”he said looking at me and stops
I looks at him and smiles
“Cos I’m So Lucky Being ME!”I said nodding happily and he rubs my hair
“That’s my girl !”he said and I feel inner glow at his words.

I don’t know about others who are happy cos of my song or who rooted for me in continuing the lonely songs but among them all,boss Gregory I mean dad is the best among them and even though I’m a lonely person with a lonely heart,I’m still thankful and grateful that I’ve one person I mean one great dad who I call still call.mine anywhere I go..Thanks to him,I’m still not that lonely still today

“Thanks much,dad!”I said and he pecks me
He looks at me so long and I blush
“Are you not gonna says what you come to do huh?”he asks me
I look at him and giggles
He always knew I have an important thing to say when I visits his office

“Hmmm,I wanna asks for one month,no..just one week to spend in the orphanage to cool myself down and inspire more there!”I said playing with my fingers
“It true cos you always makes new song from there anytime you visits there so I’ll give you permission but promise me one thing”he asks holding my hands
“What dad?”I asks him
“Don’t ever think that you’re alone and I’ve good feeling about your going there that’s why I’m permitting you”he said and I nods in agreement

He stands up picking his coats
“Let’s go!”he said
I look at him
“I’ll drives myself there,dad!”I said looking at him and he smiles
“Hey you’re going today right so let’s have breakfast together before you go!”he said.
I looks at him and feel much happiness
“Ok dad”I said and stand up too
Holding my hands,we walks side by side majestically to the industry’s kitchen and jerk Clark looks at us like we grow two horns while dad just whisper to me
“Ignore them all cos it only me and you!”he said and I laugh

We walk to a far end corner table and sit down while the cook runs to us
“What should I offer you, sir?”he asks him
He looks at me and winks at me.
“Give me and my dear daughter rice and potato mashes!”he said and I smiles

That’s my favourites food
“With yoghurt and juice mixed together!”I quickly added and he chuckles
“I knew it!”he said and I laugh

He order the food for us and soon,we’re eating hungrily with happiness

Soon we finished eating and he escort me out to my car
“Go there my daughter and make a great song as you always do!”he said pecking me on my forehead
I hugs him so tight
“I’ll miss you, dad”I said tearing up
“That’s a cheating”he said
“Huh?”I exclaiming
“I’m missing you already and you’re saying you’ll miss me!”he said and I laugh hearing what he said
“Ok I’m missing you already dad and bye!”I said opening my car
“Bye daughter!”he said waving at me

I drives happily home and enter
“What the hell!”I gasps seeing the guys sleeping like a ghost on the cushion chair
I quietly moves pass them and go to my room to pack my clothes and stuffs
“Gonna quickly go before they wakes up and start sending me on silly errands!”I thought and pack everything quickly and my big diary📕 that I use to compose my songs in then goes out
“What the hell happen to you huh?”I asks nobody in particular and Tessy moves
I quickly hide behind the chair and she turns and sleep back again

Without no wasting time,I rush out putting the bag at the back of the car,close it and rush to the driver seat then closes the door
“Where the hell are you going,lonely heart?”Tessy said coming out of the door and she moves quickly toward my car
Without no stopping,I on the car’s engine🚗🚘 and drives speedily out of the gate
“Come back you!”she screams loud and I swear,my ear shrinks

I laugh hearing her and picturing her reaction as I drives on the highway to the orphanage and play my music title ‘The Heart That’s Lonely’ and sings along with it…. .