The Red Haired Witch

The Red Haired Witch Episode 34 – 35







Darius POV

“Here we are on the East Side!”

(Kian said as he clapped)

The forest was pitch black, no light reached the ground through the dense covering of trees. But moonlight wasn’t required for me and Kian to see as we ran with Kira right in my hands. My own extra sensory Sin eyes and Kian Elf keen sight provided all the night vision we needed. Suddenly we heard beat of Wings played above us. I held on to Kira tightly to when I figured the creatures those wings belonged to)

“What have you done?!”

(I snarled at Kian – he tricked into the woods dominated by Fae)

Kian:what are you talking about?

Darius:can’t you hear the wings displaying above us?

(Kian closed his eyes to listen then his eyes opened immediately)

Kian:Dark Fae

(He said giving me a confused look)

Kira:what are you talking about?

Darius:Dark Fae

Kira:what are we going to do?

Kian:believe me Darius I didn’t trick you guys into this woods

Kira: then why are they here?

But you said you placed your mark in this wood

Kian:Yes and I showed you those marks when we were coming down here

Kira: Then why are they here?

Kian:they are not here but up there – My marks are here that why they can’t come down here

(I looked around and saw Kian Hunter’s Mark on some trees. He was telling the truth)

Darius: you are a Hunter against Dark Creatures right?


Darius:so let move


Kira POV

We ran for close to an hour. All silent each of us lost in thought. A little bud of hope sprouted inside of me that maybe we had successfully escaped the Fae. I wondered how far the forest stretched on and murmured

“Where are we headed?”

Running through the woods in the opposite direction. I wasn’t sure if Darius actually had a plan at the moment. Darius ground his teeth together, his voice tight.

“The Dark Fae will be watching all the wood and -”


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Darius’s intended sentence cut off and he snarled

“Damn it! The Dark Fae are in the air,headed our way,fast!”


(He interjected)

“They are not pushing us back they are waiting for us”

Kira:let’s go in a different direction then!

Kian:it won’t matter,they will be able to track us

Darius: we need to fight


ground out his tone hard. I glanced up at him when he dropped me. His fist were clenched his neck pulled tight. He was looking forward to a fight. He started walking and Kian and I followed suit,matching his pace,waiting for him to make the next move

Kian:there should be a clearing ahead

(I focused all my attention on the speck of light coming through the trees. It got closer by every step we took. I held on my breathe)

Kian:they will be waiting

(There was a growl of anticipation from Darius. The clearing drew closer and closer counting several feet and we blew into the open. A hypnotic beat of wings played above us,reaching crescendo and then silence probably signifying their attack. They were beautiful, devastation in motion, wings tucked in diving from the sky. Darius shoved me to the side hard and launched himself thirty feet into the air,slamming his body into a Fae. The impact was fierce,the sound like thunder. He flipped his body and landed hard in a crouch one hand planted on the earth. He then stood reaching his full height. His eyes glowed crimson, the lethal predator inside of him now in full control. At the same time the same Fae Darius slammed into spiraled off course,totally out of control,only to catch himself at the last moment,his wings flaring out to slow his speed as he touched down. He glared,his surprise evident at Darius unexpected Manoeuvre. Darius muscles bunched and contracted releasing in stunning force,as he propelled forward,his target the Leader of The Fae. The distance between them disappeared,but Darius was left to wrap his powerful arms around air,when the Fae spun so fast,he seemed to disappear and reappeared fifteen feet away. Kian had been right,the Fae were faster than Vampires. Kian body forming a protective barrier but too bad he couldn’t shield me from the Sky,right above me. I only caught a glimpse of his movement, but it was enough. I fell to the ground. Kian spun and punched above my head as I crouched beneath him)


don’t think so Fae!”

(He spat, landing direct hit in the Fae’s chest,sending him hurtling back. The fae shrieked in pain)

“Are you ready to die today?”

(Darius voice rose. I spun to see him,his body low,Muscles bulged making his shirt look too small for his big intimidating form. The fae chuckled his voice deep,cruel and deadly. The sound chilled me to the bone. He steppedd lightly to the side,searching for a weakness in Darius and drawled)


are good but who are you?”

(The Fae said)

(He was right Darius was stronger,he could crush all the Fae if he got his arms around them but they were fast. The four Fae worked in formation now,as a unit in one body. A dance weaving in and out, Kian released volley of knives,their razor sharp points hurtling through the air. The closest Fae hissed,the weapon having found purchase in his shoulder. He yanked it and threw it back at us. Kian lunged and plunked it from the air right before it impacted into Darius side. Unable to stop his momentum Kian rolled,absorbing the hard impact of his body on the ground,and released the knife again on his way back up,all in one smooth movement. I wasn’t sure how he even knew where to aim because he barely glanced before he let go. This time,the weapon only met air,barely missing the Fae Leader. Kian was pretty good with Knives and I wondered where he had hid them all this while. I tried to disappear at the sign from Darius so he and Kian can fight the Fae without having to worry about my presence. A large hand reached from the sky and grabbed a handful of my hair – I was jerked into the air. I screamed and grabbed at his hands clutching the wrist that held me. My feet kicked but the ground was swiftly moving away as the Fae flew higher. Darius leaped towards me,only to have another Fae fly into him throwing him back to the ground. We continued our trek in the air,too high now for Darius to reach me from the ground,but I wasn’t done fighting. I would rather die while hitting the ground than letting the Fae have me. I curled my body, bringing my legs up,trying to kick free. The Fae rolled in the air I wanted to scream from the pain in my scalp but I still tried to bit back my agony, kept a death grip on his wrist and kicked again,this time I pulled him down enough to connect with his head. He dropped me – that bastard really dropped me!

I fell free the air pushing past me at an high speed, the sound of wind rushing in my ears. I wasn’t sure if I would survive the impact but I would rather land on my feet than my head then I twisted to Orient myself looking down as the earth rushed to meet me. Suddenly my movement altered from downward to sideway. The impact on my body was fierce. I grunted in pain. Strong arms and legs wrapped around my frame. The beat of wings loud above me)


(The Fae voice purred in my ear. I buckled in his arms, shoving my elbow into his chest using my teeth to any part of him I could reach. My jaw connected with his cheek caused him to hissed angrily. His arms wrapped around my shoulder and neck. I felt sharp piercing pain. I cried out and then went limp in his arms.

“What did you do?!where are you taking me?!”

(I panted feeling conscious but immobile)

“I need you Redhead”

(He snarled – Horror rushed through me,waves of heat,harsh and fierce. The last things I heard was Darius roar beneath me,echoing through the night)

“No!No!No!Oh No!”

(I wasn’t going to face the Fae alone!)



Darius POV

I roared when the Fae leader caught Kira again when she was almost in my arms. I expected the Fae to head to their estate which I know must be very close to this wood but he didn’t. Instead he flew the opposite Directions. What was that Motherfvcker doing? Wherever he was headed I would follow. I can’t let him have Kira!

“Let go!”

I said to Kian and we jumped into motion. I tracked the Fae movement,listening to the beat of their wings, fantasies of many ways I wanted to end them,running rampant through my head. Forty minutes in,I was certain of one thing the Fae leader wanted me to follow him there was no other explanation for it cause he flew low and slow enough for me and Kian to easily stay with him. Another three hours pass by and they flew in separate directions the leader heading north while the others headed towards the south side

“Where the hell are they going?”

(I snarled at Kian cause he knew the East side wood better than I do. His forehead creased and he responded shortly)

“I don’t know why they are heading in different directions and I don’t know any location he would be confident to keep her in”

We followed the Fae until we reached an horizon. There were lights,a city just as we reached the border,The Fae descended from the sky. I growled in frustration. Kira was close but I couldn’t dare to attack him since Kira was trapped in his arms. She didn’t appear to be fighting him anymore. What had he done to her? Most Fae have amazing gifts but I am not certain with his type of gift. Then abruptly,he shocked the hell out of me,when he angled down sharply and called out

“Hey catch protector!”

And then he dropped Kira right into my arms! This Fae is crazy! My arms banded around her,holding her tight to my chest. Her eyes were wide as they met mine. She looked surprised then she clutched my shoulder pressing herself even closer to me. I struggled to control my trembling body as relief rushed through me

“I only took her for a while to avoid some New Dark creatures on the East side from taking her away from you! Try not to lose her again protector!”

(The Fae words drifted through the air,as he spiraled upward. I couldn’t see his face but the amusement in his tone was unmistakeable and it left me speechless

“What the hell just happened?”

(Kian said)

“He just wanted to talk with me”

Kira breathed and my eyebrows shot up

“Why did he say?”

“He wanted to know who and what I am and he asked me about my history. I told him everything, he listened and whispered to me to sleep”

(She yawned)

“I fell asleep.. I’m surprised I was able to fall asleep like that. How long were we flying?

(She looked around)

” where are we?”

“Hold up – you said he wanted to know what you are?”

(I asked and she shocked her head)

“He was specific… So I told him I am a red haired witch and from the lineage of powerful witches of white witches council”

“So what did he say?”

“Nothing he just looked at me and smiled. He asked about my parents and where I came from. I told him and then I fell asleep”

(I wasn’t surprised he had been able to force her to sleep. I just don’t understand his line of questioning. Dark Fae are unpredictably)

“We need to go”

(Kian spoke up)

“Yes before some dark creatures we can’t handle come after us again”

(Kira interjected anxiety lacing her words)

“Can you mask our scents?”

(Kira glanced up at me with a surprised look)


Kira POV


I snapped my head in Darius’s direction. I haven’t tried masking my own scent before not to talk of masking three. Well I have no choice but to give it a try our lives depend on it. I gave Darius a hard nod and focused my concentration. These past weeks with Darius I’ve been doing things been without having to use my spell – all I do is picture it and concentrate and it works out fine.. Just like what happened with the Vampires. The three of us Scents were stronger and more powerful so I pushed power out from my body masked mine,when I was secured,I huffed and gradually it reached Darius and Kian. It was the best I could do and I hoped it would be enough to slow down any creature trying to track us. And then I was back in Darius arms,we continued our journey at an insane speed. The creatures in the forest were silent,hiding. They knew more fearsome human lurked in the woods tonight.


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