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Twins battle episode 11 – end


. short episode😓😓

BY: success
. lisa POV

Wesley dragged me out of the hall

Why are you dragging me wesley, am not lina am lisa; i said

He stop walking and let go of my hand , you’re lisa how is that possible because the last time i checked lisa is dead; he said

No am not dead Wesley; i said

He stare into my eyes he moved back a little i guess he was afraid

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Lisa how did you survive and where is Lina; he said

It was by miracle am still alive, and lina have not seen her you better go look for your wife; i said and walk away

Am still angry at Wesley and lina cause i trusted them, yet they betrayed me

I walk back into the hall searching for Jayden and jaylen, i saw them coming out from the ladies restroom with lina beside them

I moved over to them, i noticed that lina was crying

Jayden and jaylen look at each other

Lina rise her head to see me starring at her, she moved back with fear written all over her face

I smiled at her, how are you my dear little twins sister; i said still trying my best to smile fighting back the tears that was about to escape my eyes

I can’t believe this is my sister lina she look so slim and unkept, like someone who has not eaten for ages
A tears escape my eyes

L i s a; she said with a shaking lips

Jayden and jaylen moved to my side leaving only lina to stand alone

L i s a am sorry; she said and fell to the ground crying

You’re telling me sorry lina, do you know what i passed through
You abandon your own sister in the hospital without caring about my body

You betrayed me, you almost took my life all because of that jealous inside of you and here you’re telling me you’re sorry

Is sorry going to cover up the time you abandon me in the hospital, is sorry going to cover up for almost killing me, is sorry going to cover up for betraying me huh; i said

She was crying are face was all red

Am sorry lisa please forgive me;she said

No am not going to forgive you for all the pain you have coursed me you still expect me to forgive you
Never i won’t forgive; i said crying

Jayden and his brother was just looking at us without saying a thing

Lina honey is time to go home; i heard a familiar voice

I turn back to see Wesley and my mom, what are they doing together

I don’t want to go with you ; Lina said crying

Ain’t you married to my son, so my baby is time for us to go home; my mom said looking at lina

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Is Wesley your son ; i said
Oh my dear lisa is alive, yes his my son ; Susan said

I look at lina she was still crying on the floor

Wesley moved to her and dragged her up

Lisa please help me i don’t want to go with them ; lina said crying

Am confused why is lina crying saying she don’t want to go with them or are they treating her bad

I can’t help her even if i want to help her cause she’s illegal married to Wesley

My sister is in great pain,Wesley dragged her on the floor through the back door

Susan smiled out me and left, i just stood there crying

Jayden hugged me from behind

Jayden she’s in pain,they’re treating my sister bad, look at the way she’s so thin ; i said crying

Is okay we are going to look for a way to help her out; jayden said still hugging me

BY success
Lisa POV

We got home that night, i couldn’t sleep, i was so restless thinking
about Lina

Am so sure that lina is going through so much pain in the hands of Wesley and Susan

What am i gonna do to help my sister, i know she has done so many bad things to me in the past

I already forgive her cause we are sister

Lisa you better take some rest, is almost morning; jayden said touching my face

I can’t sleep jayden i don’t know if lina is sleeping or not ; i said and a tears dropped from my eyes

Is okay lisa don’t cry, he said cleaning my eyes

He Cuddle me and i fell asleep in his arms


I opened my eyes to the sweet
aroma am perceiving

Breakfast in bed ; jayden said smiling

He placed the food on the bed i smiled

He prepared toasted bread with chicken and orange juice

I devour the food like an hungry lion
I guess you’re really hungry;jayden said

I nodded my head cause am enjoying the food i don’t want any disturbance

My phone is ringing; i said with food in my mouth making jayden to laugh

Please can you help me with the phone jayden ; i said

He brought the phone and it was an unknown number calling

I reluctantly pick the call

Hello i said over the phone
Hey lisa how are you; unknown said

Susan why are you calling me;i said
So you know my voice; she said laughing

I said nothing

If you still want to see your sister alive come to the this address am about to send for you she said and ended the call without waiting for my reply

Jayden is Susan she said i should come to the address she’s about to send me if i still want to see my sister alive; i said

And i instantly ran to the bathroom to bath

I took my bath, put on a jeans trouser with white shirt and yellow sneakers

My phone vibrate, i took my phone and it was a message from Susan
I looked at the address

Has she send you the address; jayden said

Yes she has ; i said taking my bag

We are coming with you jayden said
There is no need for that jayden you have work to do

Don’t worry i can handle it she’s my mom ; i said dropping my phone and bag i went to the bathroom to brush my teeth which i forgot to brush when i took my bath

I ran out of the house, i stop a taxi
Please am going to this address; i said giving him my phone

He looked at it and started driving the car


Wesley dragged me to a big empty hall he tied me to a chair

Today is the day you and your miserable sister will die, lets wait for your sister to come so that i can start the show; she said laughing

What do you want to do Susan, i don’t even get the reasons why you’re after our lives

What have me and lisa done to you that you want us dead, like i don’t really understand your problem, what have we done wrong; i said with tears in my eyes

I don’t like twins ; she said
That’s not a better reason for you to want us dead; i said

Is because you’re the daughter of my husband mistress, i killed your mother and am ending your life right this minute she said crying

Your mom took everything from me she took my husband from me, she made me kill my own husband the man i cherish with my life

So you and your sister will die by my hands and…. She was saying but got interrupted when Wesley brought lisa into the room

Lina; lisa called my name and run to hugged me

Please forgive me lisa, i was so stupid to do all does awful things to you, i said crying

Is okay lina i already forgive you,
Which you never did what you did i would have been the one suffering;she said

We hugged each other crying

Enough of the sister bounding ; Susan said

We look at her direction, Wesley was standing behind her, she pointed a gun at us

Susan what are you doing please don’t kill us, we are your child;lisa said

You’re not my child; Susan shouted like an insane person

Wesley just stand still without saying anything

Drop your gun someone said
We all look to the direction to see police and the twins boys that was with lisa yesterday

I said drop your gun ;the police man said

Susan was slowly dropping her gun when she fired the gun at my direction

Nooooooo!!! Lisa shouted and used her body to cover me the bullet hit her on her back

Tears was already coming out from my eyes

Lisa please don’t die on me, don’t leave me lisa, why did you take the bullet for me ; i said crying

She smiled a faint smile, lina i love you so much and i don’t want to see you in pain, i rather go through that pain than for you to go through it; she said and cough out blood

Lisa stop talking; i said crying
Lina is time to say goodbye, i was brought to this world to die for you is my destiny my fate, so please stop crying she said

Please call an ambulance ; one of the twins boys shouted at a police man

He tore his shirt and turned lisa to his side, he used his shirt to stop lisa bleeding

My queen please don’t leave me, who am i gonna spend the rest of my life with; he said crying

Jayden and jaylen please stop the tears you’re embarrassing me ; she said trying to make them laugh

I love you so much jayden please look after my sister for me when am gone; she said

Don’t say that lisa you will survive; the other twins said

Jaylen i don’t think i can make it, the pain is unbearable; she said and a tears slide from her eyes

She stop talking and her breathing stop

LISA LISA LISA!!!!! We all shouted

I was crying really hard this time around the ambulance came and took lisa

The police man untie me, i looked at Wesley and Susan they just stand still

A police man handcuff Susan, he was about handcuffing Wesley but he stopped him

Wait please grant me this chance to say something; he said

He look at Susan and spat 😂 on her face

You’re a wicked mother, you ruin my life, you cut my life short you made me do things i never which to do

I was even sleeping with you, for you to stopped me you encouraged me to do it mom, you’re a disgrace to womanhood and i hate you, i course the day you gave birth to me; he said

Susan was already crying

Now am gonna spend the rest of my life in jail all because of the stupid woman i called mother;he said crying

He put his hand in his pocket and brought our a gun, he fired two bullet at Susan and she fell to the ground

Before the police man could stop him he shoot himself in the head


By success
Author POV

Wesley and Susan die instantly

Lisa survived the accident, it was jayden that operate on her



it has been six months Wesley and Susan past away and we have been leaving a peaceful life

Jaylen and lina are now in a relationship and am very happy for lina that she find someone we truly love her

Me and jayden relationship has been going smoothly and i most say jayden is the perfect boyfriend

Am back honey ; jayden said smiling
Welcome home sweetie, how was work; i said

Work was fine ; he said joining me in the bed

Go get ready lisa am taking you out he said

I happily stood up from the bed and ran out of the room, i bumped into lina in the hallway

We hit each other and we fell to the ground, we laughed at ourselves

Why are you running; we said together and we laughed

You go first; i told her
No lisa you’re the eldest you go first; she said and i smile

Well jayden said his taking me out on a date, and i think his about to propose to me; i said blushing

Wow that’s what jaylen also said to me, i think they’re about to propose to us ; lina said smiling

Then let’s go get dressed; i said

We stood up and ran to our separate room

Me and jayden took our bath together, i dressed up so with jayden

We walk out of our room to see lina and jaylen already at the sitting room waiting for us

We went outside, me and jayden sat in the back seat while Lina and jaylen sat in the front seat

Jaylen drove off

We got to a really big and fancy restaurant

Wow me and Lina said together

The restaurant was empty we got to our reserved table

Me and lina sat together while jayden and jaylen sat together

The waitress served the food and a music started playing is not ordinary music but love music

We ate our food talk about some funny things

Later on we dance to the soft music playing

The music stopped playing, so we also stopped dancing

Jayden and jaylen went on their knees they brought out a small box from their pocket they opened it

And it reveal a beautiful diamond rings

Lina has started crying, i smiled

I know am not perfect for you, and i know i might offend you in the future
My life is meaningless without you

That’s the reason i want us to spend our lives together to build up a beautiful family together, will you do me the honor to become my wife ; jayden and jaylen said together as if they practice the speech

I was already in tears

I will marry you, yes yes yes; me and lina shouted

They slid the ring in our finger

I grab jayden and gave him a passionate kiss

And they got married they leaved happily ever after

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