Under Attack

Under Attack – Episode 11


Under Attack – Episode 11

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K.B and A Moment of Unfocus

“Sorry boss i had to do that,” Renard apologized to the man in charge after firing at Izukanji.

His hand on Renards shoulder, the man in charge softly said, “It had to be done. Let’s move past it.”

“Send me to get that K.B I’m pretty sure he knows something.”

The man in charge looked outside. He then moved away from Renard and walked through the hostages to the reception. Everyone was looking at him. He then climbed on the reception desk.

“What is he doing?” Calvin asked.

He then looked down on everyone at the reception. “Society has failed you all, in one way or another!” He yelled and went on. “Look at that person tied to you. That person has battles they are battling deep within but cannot open up for fear of being judged, laughed at or looked down upon. We are living in an era were people let wrong things slide by them. The system is broken from the time of our forefathers. No one has ever stand up to directly point at the wrongs of society and do something about it. Well, everything has a new start, ours start now. We are the Societies Sixth Sense. We are here to fix things.”

The hostages were mumbling and looking at each other confused.

The man in charge continued. “I don’t mean to bring any harm to you innocent citizens. You’re held up here because someone failed to provide some simple information to us.”

“What information?” An officer yelled.

“Right here is a serial killer. Right in this building. The ‘SSS’ came for him. We would have left a long time ago if we were given but that man who had just been shot,” The man in charge pointed at the elevator. “He risked his life and yours to protect that of a serial killer.”

“BOO!” The hostages yelled at everyone in uniform.

“You see, you and i want the same thing. We only want justice to be served.”

“Give them the serial killer!” One man yelled.

“You’re risking our lives for a serial killer?” Samanas mother shouted.

“Imagine!” Another woman shouted.

The man in charge looked at the I.G who was shaking because almost every hostage was booing him. The man in charge stepped out of the reception desk and walked to him.


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swear i don’t know anything,” the Daniel said almost crying.

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“Look at all these people, they are crying to you. Save them, be the hero. An angry mob is a dangerous and senseless one. Tell me where the serial killer is.”

“I don’t know. Maybe K.B does because he’s served at this station longer than a lot of us.”

“This K.B,” the man in charge gritted his teeth. “I cannot wait to have my hands on him. Renard!”

Renard came running to the man in charge. “Yes boss.”

“It’s time you get your revenge. Go and bring me K.B. I need him alive.”


got two other men and geared themselves up. Outside, it was now dark.


“He doesn’t look like a serial killer at all!” Christina was surprised while she looked at the cuffed serial killer.

“So this is the bas***d we are all suffering for?” The fluffy one asked. “Lets get him downstairs now.”

Emma wasn’t saying anything and so wasn’t K.B. She stared at him as if trying to figure out what he was thinking. All the while she had been watching and observing his actions. She had got to know a lot about him in the last few hours. Well, he wasn’t complicated. Only thing you needed to know about him was that he didn’t like people and loved silence.

“K.B!” Christina called him. “What happens now?”

The serial killer cut in. “Are you telling me that those people want me? The guys with guns?”

Christina looked at him. “Yes. Are you scared?”

“What do they call themselves?”

“The ‘SSS’ and they are here to right a wrong. I guess by giving you the punishment you deserve.”

“Don’t take me to them, i don’t want to die.”

Christina laughed hysterically. “Bitter pill of your own medicine. Didn’t your victims beg for their lives?”

The serial killer looked at K.B. “Old man, i know you’re a detective. That is a crime you cannot do that.”

“K.B uncuff him, lets take him downstairs,” the fluffy one said.

K.B nodded.

“Is that a NO?” Christina asked.

“No it’s not,” Emma responded. “He’s thinking.”

“Think fast we will all die please,” The fluffy one said.

K.B walked to the serial killer and uncuffed him and turned him around. Whilst thinking of what to do next, K.B’s phone rang and he lost focus, he was elbowed to the face by the serial killer he fell to the ground. The serial killer then pushed Christina she hit her back against the wall. The fluffy one tried to fight but his face was smashed against the serial killers forehead. Emma wanted to run away from him but was grabbed from the back and pulled. She was thrown on Christina and when everyone was figuring out what had just happened, Nana was in the serial killers hands.


stand down or i will hurt this baby,” the serial killer shouted.

K.B quickly got to his feet and stepped towards him.

“Don’t test me, have done this before. I will smash her on the floor!”

Nana was awoke. She looked at the strange figure holding her and wailed.

“Please don’t hurt the baby,” Emma begged.

The fluffy one and Christina were on their feet too.

The serial killer started stepping backwards. “If anyone dares make a move I’m breaking her bones.”

They were all still feeling helpless but not for K.B. He knew what the serial killer was thinking. He just needed a chance. The serial killer got to the stairs, looked down and went up. As soon as he was out of sight, K.B ran after him. He got to the stairs and looked up, didn’t see him but heard Nanas wails. He climbed up chasing after him.

“Lets follow him!” Emma told Christina and the fluffy one.

They looked at her.

“There goes our ticket out of here,” Christina said defeated.

“Come on, he needs our help.”

“I don’t think so, we are just civilians he’s a detective.”

“But that bas***d has Nana!”

“K.B will save her,” the fluffy one said.

“Who are you by the way?” Christina asked. “You seem concerned.”

Emma didn’t answer her. When she wanted to turn around to run to the stairs. Three men were in front of her pointing guns at them.

“The serial killer is here!” The fluffy one screamed kneeling down. “K.B has him please spare our lives.”

“On your feet all of you!” Renard shouted.

Emma and Christina got on their feet.

“So he has the serial killer?” Renard asked looking at Emma.

She only looked at him with contempt.

“Yes they are upstairs. He refused to take him down. We begged him!” Christina said.

“What the hell Christina?” Emma was astound.

“Take them downstair,” Renard told his friend. “Get that off,” he told the fluffy one to get the strapped bomb out of his body.”

The fluffy one removed it and handed it over to one of the men. Renard and the other man went upstairs to find K.B while Emma, the fluffy one and Christina were to be led downstairs to where the hostages were held.

Whilst walking downstairs, Emma was furiously looking at Christina. They reached the 2nd floor and saw a man in uniform still guarding the firearms department. They got onto the 1st floor. Their hearts started racing, especially that of Christina because she was going back to the very thing she was escaping from. She had said so many bad things about the man in charge and he had heard. What would he do to her? She could only pray.

On the 1st floor with a gun been held on their backs. They all walked slowly cussing the days they were born and then they heard a thud from behind. When they looked back, they saw Dominick banging the head of their captor against the wall. The captor dropped on the stairs unconscious.

“He’s alive,” Christina said. “I don’t know why I’m happy to see you.”

Dominick grinned at her. “I’m married Christina,” he laughed.


“How did you survive that shooting?” The fluffy one asked.

Dominick showed them his wound. “I got lucky. We have a new friend?” He looked at Emma.

“She’s friends with K.B,” Christina answered.

“K.B is still alive?”

“Of course he is. He found the serial killer and we let him go. He’s now after him.” The fluffy one said. “Good to see you man.”

“We have to help K.B,” Emma said. “The serial killer got Nana.”

“Nana is here, oh Thursday,” Dominick looked around. “We first need to get out of this floor,” he knelt down and picked the captors gun.

“At least we have a gun now,” Christina said.

“One is not enough though,” Dominick said.

“I can handle a gun,” Emma said.

“Who are you?” Christina asked.

“Well today was my first day, I’m a newbie who was placed with K.B.”

“And K.B agreed to having a partner?” Dominick inquired. “That bas***d!”

“We are atill working on that.”

“Lets get back up and find a way to get to the firearm department.”

“Two men have followed K.B up. We need to go up to him,” Emma said.

“With no guns we cannot,” Dominick argued. “And how did K.B let the serial killer get the child?”

“A moment of unfocus,” Emma said thoughtful.

They reached an agreement and went back to the 3rd floor. They hid in Dominicks office and started planning on how to get to the firearm department.


Reaching the 5th floor helplessly tired, K.B no longer heard Nanas cries. There was silence. Breathing heavily, he paid particular attention to any sound. Come on Nana, make some noise, he thought. He heard a door creak. The sound came from the roof door. He went up one more time and reached the door. He got into the darkness with city lights across the horizon.

“I’ll drop her,” the serial killer shouted.

When K.B saw him, he had Nana on the edge of the building. He had held her by her shirt and she was hanging with her legs kicking and fighting not to fall. When she saw K.B from the distance, she cried even more.

To be continued

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