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This thing called Valentine


Can I ever forget my Valentine’s ordeal ? Will I really be able to let go of that torment within me? Anytime Valentine is approaching my heart skipped, as a replay of what I did in my past keep recurring in my mind.
I’m Rebekkah, a well devoted Christian girl. A strong fan of s£xual purity. I vow to keep my virginity till marriage. By his grace, I kept my promise.
I met Isaac at a prayer conference. We became friends. During the period of friendship, I saw that Isaac upholds s£xual purity more than I do. He is so bent on preaching and practicing it. As a matter of fact he told me he is still a virgin and will keep it till marriage.
He is so pious, he doesn’t miss church activities, he prays and talk scriptures. I was swept off my feet when he said he has confirmed that I am his wife. I didn’t bother to pray, I accepted because he’s God fearing and charming.
** = =FAST-FORWARD = * * * *
We entered into a relationship, for a whole year, Isaac never mistakenly kissed nor touched me, even though he has introduced me to his family and friends. At a point, I asked him if he was impotent, he said no. He said he loves me more than s£x. I became madly in love. Does this kind of man still exist? I was so grateful to God. The bond between us became stronger in my heart.
: *…….*THE TWIST*… *
Lately, Isaac started coming closer, he started by hugging and then a goodbye peck. On this fateful day, He called me over that he wants us to have s£x. I was shocked, but he began to quote scriptures that love covers all sin. Since we both love each other, having s£x is not a sin.
I flared up… Why are you twisting scriptures to suit your flesh? You know it is not true!!! He flared up as well and said.. “Scriptures aside, Why are you so selfish? Are you the only virgin here, eh? Don’t I have virginity and reputation too? I have stayed with you for a whole year, I have always done what you wanted, why can’t you just give in to mine? Get out of my house, ungrateful holy Mary! I am not Joseph! I cried and ran out of his house. I couldn’t sleep that night, I cried all my eyes out for the fear of losing him. It was the 12th day of February, 2 days to Valentine.
The thought of his words ran across my mind, I began to see reasons with him. I put scriptures aside. The next day I called him to get ready. He was so excited. He told me that he will make it more memorable by waiting till Valentine’s Day.
The day came, I visited his house, it was like a love garden. The decorations were mind blowing, everywhere looks so enticing, I felt honored. But, something in me keeps telling me not to do it. I should go back, but I refused to listen.
To cut the long story short, Isaac deflowered me. It was a painful pleasure.
Immediately after s£x, Isaac looks changed. He told me to dress up so we could talk. We went to the parlour, he sat me down. He apologized ahead for what he is gonna say. I was curious at this time, my heart is already pounding like the sound of a pestle pounding yam. He said he is not what I think he is, he did all that just to get me. He loves deflowering ladies, it gives him joy. He has deflowered a lot. After deflowering, he just develops sudden hatred for them, he can’t have s£x nor a relationship with me again. He has gotten what he wanted. He is very sorry.
It’s like my 5 sense organs went off and am trying to reboot like a computer. I couldn’t find my tongue, I felt so used and so foolish. I didn’t even know the right words to use. While I was still looking for my tongue, Isaac said, “You church girls are so foolish, you throw God out of the equation because you are blinded by emotion. How can I lead you so far in deception and you couldn’t discern? I wonder why your heart is so loving to me that you forgot the Holy Spirit. Just get out of my house!! Valentine’s Love indeed!
His last words sounded like a hammer on my head. It was like a wake up call on my foolishness. He is right, I refused to seek God about him. I rose up and dragged my feeble legs out of his house. I gave my pearl to a pig. How Can I really give myself (crying)
Many youths do all manner of stuff because of the fear of losing their partners. Whereas, the fear of losing a partner is the beginning of loss. It is the beginning of doing foolish acts.
Valentine is here again, the original meaning of if has been turned into something else.It has been a license to s£xual immoralities. Many had already booked for hotel rooms, and other special preparation for s£xual immoralities
Just like Rebekah in the opening story, some people enter into your life with an intention of taking what is valuable to you. When they are done they quit. No matter the love they profess, check their words if it’s in line with their actions
The last time I checked St Valentine’s history, he was not killed for s£xual immorality. Rather, he wedded couples to avoid premarital s£x. But, overtime, many people have seized this day to promote premarital s£x and adultery. It has indirectly become, WORLD s£x DAY. People commit all manner of s£xual sins which often end in regret.
Valentine is a day of massive evangelism for Satan. He will surely have more converts than we can ever think of.
*Will you kiss God goodbye on Valentine’s Day and be a convert to Satan’s crew all because of 5minutes pleasure?*
: Just like Rebekah in our story, Many have been cajoled to give s£x on Valentine’s Day in order to make it more memorable, but the aftermath of that s£x is to kiss them good bye. You just don’t have to give in to that s£xual hormones pleasure. You need not to give that s£x, it’s might turned out to be an action you might regret all your life. Some can’t stand Valentine’s Day it always reminds them of the awful pains of the past. Don’t join that list.
Love is pure, this thing called Valentine shouldn’t make you give a deaf ear to God’s word. Love cannot be s£x and s£x cannot be love. Be Wise!
Philippians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.
© Josephine Aremo

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