Short Stories

  • There is no easy way out

    Tittle; THERE’S NO EASY WAY OUT “You’ve been on the computer for hours Liam, it’s almost 8pm, go to bed”…

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  • The oath that binds us episode 1 – end

    ❀️The oath that binds us 1 ❀️ Princess dragged me back as I tried to walk away. ” Where do…

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  • The challenge episode 1 – end

    THE CHALLENGE #1 PART 1 Written by Amah’s Heart & Victoria Bassey (Read to the end) I only decided to…

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  • Magret’s decision

    MAGRET’S DECISION. A SHORT STORY. Written by Oluwaseyi. It’s another day in the life of a fair young lady named…

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  • The mistake of my life 1 – end

    😍😍 THE MISTAKE OF MY LIFE 😍😍 (a must read series) β˜†β˜† 22nd June 1989 6:30am I woke up from…

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  • Invisible Suitor episode 1 – end

    INVISIBLE SUITOR * Episode 1 * Obiagu had just concluded his traditional marriage ceremony. It was such a remarkable day.…

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  • My first hookup experience

    MY FIRST HOOK-UP EXPERIENCE 21+ Subtitle: Xmas special. I have always fantasize on hooking up with a girl and bang…

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  • Mmasinachi

    Mmasinachi (A short story) Mmasinachi who had finished washing the plates, seated and was waiting for her mother to return…

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  • Oja mmiri

    Oja Mmiri (A short story) Written By Ifeoma Isabella The concluding Part; “Nneka!! Nneka oo!!” Ngozi’s mother, Ujunwa, was seen…

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  • Obidiyaa

    Obidiyaa (A short story) Written By Ifeoma Okeke “It’s going to rain heavily tonight.” Mmasinachi told Ekene, her very good…

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