When Fate Strikes

When fate strikes episode 57 – 58

{ Destined Hearts… }

THEME: Roll Of Twist.

CHAPTER 57πŸ’ž 58

By, Lisa (A.O)



“Mum,when is Pearl gonna get discharged? I miss playing with her so much” Starr muttered as Lyric rubbed Pearl forehead with a small towel.

That’s how she has been keeping her clean since she can’t take a bath..

“Soon,I miss her too” Lyric replied.

“But when?” Starr held her hand.

“I don’t know son.. Let’s have faith like the doctor said” Lyric smiled and hugged him.

“What about daddy Leo? We haven’t seen him for a week. Why?” Starr asked when they broke the hug.

Lyric face expression changed immediately.

“Mum….” Starr called and Lyric looked at him.

“He’s on a business trip dear, he’ll be back soon…..” She assured.

Starr nodded.

“I wish she wake up soon,I want to visit grandma Bella place with her” He added and Lyric smiled.


The door suddenly opened and Pearl’s doctor came in.

“Doc…….” Lyric called as he began checking her vitals and signs. He finished doing that and faced her.

He faced Lyric.

“You still can’t say when she’s gonna wake up-”

“I’m really sorry ma’am…” The doctor said and Lyric nodded and force a smile.

He turned to leave but Lyric suddenly felt Pearl’s hand moved on hers.

“Doctor!” She called quickly and the doctor turned.

“Can you check what’s wrong? I clearly saw her moved her hand… Is she okay?” Lyric asked impatiently.

They stepped back for the doctor to check out Pearl. Lyric held Starr hand praying silently. This is the first time she’s did that after weeks that she had been comatose.

“God please,I don’t want to loose my daughter…” She muttered to herself.

The doctor finished checking her out and turned to them,his face brightening.

“Your daughter is fine now.. She’s gain consciousness…” The doctor announced and Lyric eyes widened.

“M-My daughter is back? She’s alive right doctor.. I didn’t hear that wrong right?” She asked emotionally.

The doctor nodded with a smile.

“Yh, I’m sure she’ll open her eyes soon..” He said.

“Thank you.. Thank you so much” Lyric thank him and rushed to Pearl side. She was already in tears as she touched her forehead.

Start stood beside her,smilling so much too.
The doctor left afterwards.

“Does that mean we can now play together now? She’s okay now right?” Starr questioned.

Lyric was about replying when she heard a faint voice..

“Mum….” Pearl called and Lyric look down at her.

“My baby.. You’re really back”


“And I won again, You’ve to fulfill my wish…” Mikaela pouted.

“What do you want?” Princeton asked.

“I’ll tell you later but now,I want an ice cream….” She replied smilling.

“Mint chocolate?” Princeton asked.

Mikaela nodded.

“Why do you like the the flavor so much,to me it’s tastes like toothpaste..” Princeton shook his head.

“Exactly why I love it” Mikaela replied pulling him along to the Ice cream stand. She got a mint chocolate flavor while he go with Vanilla.

“Just few weeks left to graduation.. Let’s get married after” Mikaela said as they pulled away from the ice cream stand.

Princeton’s eyes widened.


“Why? You don’t want to…” Mikaela pouted sadly.

“It’s not like that,I mean boss is yet to approve of our relationship first” Princeton said and Mikaela frowned..

“It’s doesn’t matter! He has no choice anyway.. I’m never breaking up with you so he should accept it” She rolled her eyes.


“I’m serious.. He’s just too stubborn,I have never been against his relationship even when he was still dating that witch Davina” Mikaela said hurtfully.

Princeton said nothing.

“Let’s stop talking about him” She added.

“His birthday is coming” Princeton muttered.

“Oh right,I won’t miss it.. I just need sister Josephine to be back so I can return to the mansion.. Leo will just ground me from seeing you” She said childishly.

Princeton nodded.



Leonardo was eating alone at the long dinner table and he couldn’t help but feel lonely and alone. He’s all alone anyway.

In just a month,he lost the love of his life,His friends, Mikaela left with Princeton when he refused to approve thier relationship and he can’t even see his children if he want to.

He suddenly dropped his fork and stood,he made to walk out of the house when the door opened and Josephine marched in gracefully.

Leo’s eyes widened.

“S-She Devil-”

“Hey! Tornado’s Legs…” She gushed and rushed to embrace him.

“I miss you so much and I know you feel the same way too…”

“Get off me!” Leonardo pushed her off.

“Can’t you be at least nice to me a bit? That’s aside,before you ask why I came back, they reasons are much. One your birthday is in three days and I heard all about the nuisance that’s going one,you disowned my poor baby cos she’s finally dating and the guy turned out to be your PA,why would you do such a thing? And you still haven’t patched things up with my second baby.. How dare you slack off? Do you even love her at all?” Josephine threw him questions.

“You made a mistake by raping her and to be honest,I was screaming widely when I heard about it. You both should be happy especially you, you’ve kids and they are even two.. I never believe I could be a grandma before I passed on.. gosh! I’m so glad”

“Is this funny to you?” Leonardo voiced out

“I never ask you to laugh. Leave this here..” She said dropping her bags aside.

“If you’re not going to do it, I’ll do it in your place..” She turned and walked out of the house.

“What! Wait… Josephine” Leonardo rushed after her.



Eclipse could be seen making her way through the hallway as she hold her books to herself tightly. She has resumed school since last week,she decided to forget about everything and moved on.

“Eclipse….” A voice suddenly called from behind and she turned to see a guy she recognize as one of their course mate.

“Hey!” She smile when the guy got to her.

“I’ve been looking all over for you..” The guy said.

“Why?” Eclipse raised her eyebrows.

“I’m Lance and I hope we can be friends…” Lance stretched his hand out for a handshake.

“Nice to meet you” Eclipse shaked him lightly.

“So,we’re friends now right?” Lance asked and She slowly nodded.

“Thank you and I’ll see you around” He winked and left. Eclipse stood on a spot,staring at him.

Why does she give her butterflies? He’s so handsome,she could swear that she feels her hearts skipped a beat.


She turned to see Mikaela and Lisa walking towards her.

“Girls” She waved with a smile

“We’ve been waiting for you in class but you didn’t show up” Mikaela pouted

“We were worried” Lisa pouted too.

“Seriously? You guys should grow up! I’m not a kid and stop acting like one” Eclipse rolled her eyes and they began walking to class.

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“That’s too mean.. We should really stop worrying about you” Mikaela said.

“I agree” Lisa added.

“You can’t…” Eclipse said dramatically and they all laughed.

“I’ve something to ask…” Lisa suddenly said.

“About Dylan again?” Mikaela chuckled.

“Aaargh!” Eclipse sighed.

“Please.. This is the last” Lisa blinked cutely.

“The same thing you repeated last night.. Maybe I should do a list about him for you” Eclipse shooked her head.

“Thank you!” Lisa smiled.

“How’s it?” Mikaela suddenly turned to Eclipse.

“Still the same.. I just hope she comes around.. You mentioned his birthday is coming…”

“Yh,I hope she forgives him” Mikaela said.

“Me three” Lisa chirped in and they all laughed.



Gianna finished applying her make up and she pouted to the mirror and smiled proudly as she admired her beauty.

“Good to go” She carried her bag and left the room, immediately she stepped out of the mansion,her smile fell when she saw Dean.

“What the f*ck are you doing here again Dean?!!” She snapped angrily.

Dean immediately went on his knees.

“I’m sorry Gianna please forgive me! I know I’m wrong and it’s true it was a bet from the start but believe me when I say I truly love you, I really fell for you unknowingly.. now I’m trapped,please forgive me Anna.. I want you by my side please!!” He begged and Gianna just stared at him, without a word.

It’s been week since he had been asking for her forgiveness,though she was truly hurt but he had proven he truly loves her like he claimed and he deserves a second chance but strangely she find his pleading cute…

“Take your leave Dean.. or I’ll call the cops” She said keeping a straight face.

“Please Anna, please.. I’m sorry.. What should I do for you to forgive me? I’ll do anything…”

“The only thing I need from you is for you to leave my sight and stop bothering me” She spatted and got into her car.

“Gianna.. Anna…..” Dean called but she didn’t wait,she droves off.



“Grandma!!!!!” Starr exclaimed and rushed to hug Bella happily. Lyric and Pearl was standing next to him.

“My boy” Bella smiled and kissed his forehead. She then dropped him and turned to Pearl who wouldn’t say a word.

That’s how she has been since she woke up,she talked less and don’t really play much now. Maybe because it’s there first meeting

“Sweetie,you must be Pearl?” Bella smiled and Pearl nodded.

“How are you?” She asked.

“I’m fine” Pearl replied simply, holding Lyric tight as if he was running away.

“I prepared something for you guys,come” Bella made to hold her but she refused.

“Don’t mind her mum,she became clingy since she wake up-”

“She’s right grandma.. She only talks and plays with mum. She said she missed her and dad the most but don’t worry she’ll soon be nice to you” Starr said they all laughed except Pearl.

They made thier way to the dinner table and took thier seats.

“I need to pee” Pearl suddenly told Lyric. Bella looked up.

“The bathroom is still the same, nothing changed since you left” She replied and Lyric smiled.

She was about taking Pearl there when Eclipse appeared.

“Allow me” She gestured but Pearl refused and went to hide behind Lyric.

“Why? Are you scared of her?” Lyric asked.

“Her? I thought he’s a guy.. You told us not to talk to boys” Pearl said and the rest broke into laughter.

“See why I told you to stop this tomboy lifestyle” Bella said and Eclipse rolled her eyes.

“Don’t mind her little cutie, I’m sure you’ll grow up to be like me someday” Eclipse smiled and Pearl finally allow her to hold her hand.

He led both her and Lyric to the bathroom,They both stayed by the door waiting for Pearl.

“Are you excited to see dad?” Eclipse asked and Lyric look at her.

“I’m not sure! I don’t think he’ll be excited to see me…” Lyric muttered sadly.

“Trust me he his,Dad is surely a pain in the neck and he act as if he don’t care but I know deep down that he misses you too,I caught him staring at your picture this one time” Eclipse chuckled and Lyric eyes widened.

“He did?”

“I’m shocked as well.. When I ask him,he said he found it” Eclipse added and they both laughed.

“Mikaela asked me to remind you her brother’s birthday is tomorrow…”

“I know,and I’m planning to surprise him” Lyric smiled and Eclipse eyes widened.



Leonardo car halted in front of the mansion and he got down, walking into the house tiredly,his jacket swunged over his shoulder.

Unlike usual when he never celebrate his birthday and it’s never bothered him,this was different,he felt so sad when he realized no one wished him or even call.

Not even Lyric,even if she’s mad at him,he never expect him to forget about his birthday,not even a single text from her.

Same with Josephine and Mikaela, Josephine greeted him this morning as if nothing happens. She never forget to wish him to,as if his life could get any worser.

As soon as he stepped into the mansion,he was stunned to meet everywhere dark and quitely.

Did the light got disconnected. He thought as he tried to switched on the light but it’s didn’t work.

All of the sudden,the light came up and his eyes bulged when he saw them all.

“SURPRISE!!!!!” The whole room echoed.

Josephine,Mikaela and Princeton,Dean and Pierce.. Gianna too.

Eclipse cake with Lance and Dylan with Lisa.

Some of his workers are also present including Mr Ling,Mr Brown and Mrs Howard,Sia too.

But he wasn’t really shocked untill his eye fell on Lyric standing gorgeously with a cake in her hand,Starr and Pearl were standing next to her,screaming happily.

He was almost in tears as Lyric got to him and raised the cake to his face.

“Happy birthday to you!”

“Happy birthday to you!”

“Happy birthday to you Leo!”

“Happy birthday to you!!”

They all singed but Leonardo’s eyes was focused on one person and that Lyric. His eyes was glued to her the whole time. He couldn’t believe it’s been a months since he last saw he and he missed her to much.

He was trying his best not to hugged her tightly as he want. He slowly bent to her level and blew the candle.

“Whoooooow!! Make a wish!!!” Josephine gushed and popped the coffet.

“Make a wish…” Lyric said but he was only staring at her.

“Make a wish daddy!” Pearl and Starr chorus.

“I don’t need to make one cos my wish is already fulfilled…” Leonardo said.

πŸ‘₯ Awwwn

“Glamour,is this really you?” He whispered and Lyric nodded.

He immediately pulled her into a warm embrace.

“I miss you so much…” Leonardo whispered emotionally.

“I miss you so much too,I’m sorry it took so long.” She sniffed and Leonardo broke the hug,like that he pulled her closer and claimed thier lips.

Pearl and Starr closed thier eyes dramatically.

πŸ‘₯ Awwn…



Lyric stood by the window watching the sunset. She’s in Leonardo’s room.

She suddenly felt a arms around her and she smiled inhaling his sweet scent.

It’s Leonardo.

She made to break the hug he held her tight.

“Let’s stay like this for a while…” He whispered and she smiled.

“Is that how much you miss me?” She grinned.

“So much that I feel like I was dying,please don’t ever leave me again…” He said and kissed her neck.

“Sure” Lyric turned and he held her waist.

“I’m glad I was able to make it to your birthday..” She smiled and kissed him shortly.

“Thanks for giving me a second chance,I won’t fail you this time.. you and our kids” He uttered promisely.

Lyric nodded with a smile.

“Aren’t you gonna ask why I did it-”

“Your sister told me everything already,she and your friends. She really care about you a lot-”

“They did?” Leonardo eyes widened.

“Of course,they mentioned you break up with them cos of what happened. Can you be friends again for me?” She pouted.

“Anything for you…”He replied and they kissed again,more harder this time.

He broke the kiss and Pearl ana Starr suddenly came in.



They both rushed to hug them both.

“Cuties…” Leonardo embraced them one after the other.

“I miss you” Pearl posted and Leo smiled.

“Me too”

“Happy birthday daddy” They kids smiled as they all say on the nearest couch.

“Thanks my loves” Leonardo smiled.

“We’ve a wish…” The suddenly said.

“Really?” Lyric replied.

“Yes,and you both have to fulfilled it tonight” Pearl giggles.

“Tell me what you what? Anything?” Leonardo assured.

“We want a baby sister….”


πŸ’œ 𝑻𝑩 π‘ͺ𝑢𝑡𝑻𝑰𝑡𝑼𝑬𝑫 πŸ’œ

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