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A brief romance with the devil batch 2



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– A tale of Bayo and Bunmi (Episode 3)


I was so much in haste to leave Bunmi so I can meet my lovely wife and my 2years old daughter, we had made out plans to stage a kidnap script in other to divert my wife’s attention for what the real deal has been. We had to put a call across to my wife in line with my rescue plan, a ransom of 2million was demanded from her which was an impossible figure for her to achieve.

I could feel the brokenness of my wife from her voice stating that she had been able to raise N270,000 barely which in no way could match the planned ransom demanded. In line with the execution of our plan, I sent my wife Bunmi’s number to claiming she was my secondary school classmates who I usually assisted with her assignments that she night be able to add a little to what she had raised.

Without argument my wife called Bunmi and introduced herself, she pleaded for support from her, without hesitation Bunmi who was a natural script writer and interpreter acted the role so perfectly. She sent my wife 1.3million claiming she is out of town. However, she instructed my wife to get a loan and assured her of paying back when she returns to town. With all assurance and excitement my wife had entered into the streets of Lagos to get an additional loan just make up the 2million audio ransom.

That evening my wife and my pastor followed the instructions to drop the ransom and I was released, immediately I saw my wife guilt ate me so deeply like the cankerworm because stress her shown all over her face, she became so dark, wretched looking and thin all because of worries of my sudden disappearance.

I got back home, she had made hot water for me, prepared herbs to drink and gave me a very sumptuous meal according to her they would have starved me so much (In pains I shook my head saying within if only you know where I have been you might not have opened the door to let me in). I had missed my daughter so much getting home she had slept off, I thanked my wife for everything she did and kissed her repeatedly.

I knew how much she had missed me because we are both s£xually hyper active, that we sometimes might almost want to pull down the roof. Immediately she dragged me to one of the single chairs, placed me to sit and began real penis lubrication with her saliva running through each of my active penis veins, I grabbed her ass but couldn’t feel any thick water mark stretch marks unlike that of Bunmi, immediately my s£xual appetite went down. I just kissed her and pleaded being tired and zoomed to bed.


(Episode 4)

Its been two weeks after my return from Bunmi’s custody though things are yet to normalise between my wife and I, because guilt has found its route to my conscience pricking me per second toriperi stories . My wife had refused me going to work on her argument that she wants me to heal fast psychologically from the trauma I went through in the hands of the kidnappers, if only she knew the exact.

In line with the script being plotted and acted by Bunmi and I, it was required I informed my wife that Bunmi would be coming from Europe the following day and would be nice if I go wait for her at the airport to show how grateful I am in respect to her contributions on my feigned kidnap. In all loyalty, trust and support my wife obliged as she requested to host Bunmi for dinner if I could convince her to come over to the house, I assured her I will convince Bunmi.

I took off from the house at about 4:00pm neatly shaved and well perfumed, in less than an hour I had arrived Bunmi’s private lodge. From the balcony she sighted me and beaconed “lover boy come over here”. She instructed I took my clothes off immediately on her claims that we have limited time to get the deal done. Aggressively she pulled me to her self and instructed I carry her on my arms, jezzz I just raised an item of about 113kg at easy with her gigantic [email protected] trying to strangle me pushing my lower jaw upward. Effortlessly, I carried her like an amateur heavy weight personnel to one of the jacuzzis and slowly dropped her and we swung into action of a four round waist movement fight.

At about 8pm we dressed up, several calls was already coming from my wife who was tensed over her meal prepared for Bunmi, my safety and our little apartment. I assured her that we where close but the traffic was much, finally at 9:06pm we arrived my house as I introduced my wife to Bunmi, my wife almost knelt down in appreciation, I quickly gave her a helping hand upward saying within ” if only you know Bunmi is the bad government who gives you crumbs to eat and end up eating the main share”. The devil truly always present himself in a lovable manner.

After eating Ewedu and Amala with lots of assorted meat which was my wife’s specialty, I was able to hit my hand on my chest that I married rightly. Bunmi broke the silence thanking my wife for being a strong woman and standing in for her husband in difficult times. She brought out some cash in hard currency amounting to about $5,300 equivalent to a little above 2million naira, in her order madam kindly offset the loans you took, get to cook another bigger pot of your sumptuous Ewede soup and start up a mini business so that you can assist your husband in difficult times. However, I will look around some of my businesses to fix Bayo in so that he can get stable in no time. I beg to take my leave now, she excused herself along side her 3 huge body guards.

My wife in her usual manner of getting w€t at the slightest celebration rushed to kiss me immediately Bunmi zoomed off. I felt her excitement but the pains was much because she had collected the forbidden fruit from the devil for the second time in the garden of Eden, hence I would have to keep tilling Bunmi’s soil before we eat. Forcefully, I ended up having the 5th round of s£x for the day, not with passion and pleasure but with pity and pressure.


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