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A brief romance with the devil batch 3



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– A tale of Bayo and Bunmi (Episode 5)


Congratulations to you Mr. Bayo Fadipe on your well deserved appointment as our new Procurement Manager, the Board Chairperson will like to have a word with you in her private office “he shook my hand and directed me to her office”.

The environment was super dope as I had wished to work in a corporate environment’s as cozy as this with extremely neat ambience. I adjusted my tie and walked majestically towards the elevator as I did self admiration of my sharp look, stylishly touching my neatly shaved beards, observing my broad shoulders and not exempting my powerful Italian perfume which I took from Bunmi.

In couple of minutes I had arrived the sixth floor to meet the Board Chairperson of my new company, I took redress again and had a deeper breath to build my confidence because I wanted to live a positive impression with my new boss. Shockingly, I stepped into the office and had my mouth opened requiring special assistance to close it, this was because Bunmi and two others where seated.

Good day young man, kindly have your seat ” Bunmi said”. I had lost my confidence again as I stammered to say “Thank you”. Congratulations once again for joining the B-Stones Nigeria Limited the No. 1 Jewelry Hub in the whole of West Africa ” Bunmi said and shook hands with me”. She immediately requested they offer me black tea, cream and cracker. She immediately rounded up her meeting with the two persons who where initially seated with her.

Bunmi you are so cunning in your dealings, you sent me a link to apply for a job claiming its one of your friend’s company “Bayo said”. Hahahahaha nothing good comes so easy Bayo “she laughed and tapped me on my shoulders”. How does it feel to be under an interview panel? Imagine Bayo telling me he is busy studying for a test ” She said and laughed profusely “.

I stood dumbfounded watching Bunmi demonstrate are acting skills yet again, you truly amaze me Bunmi ” I said with a huge sign of relief because the job take home package was too cool to be true”. I closed my eyes and rested my head on one of the executive chairs as I had lost some pounds of blood within the shortest space of time. I raised up my head again only to see that Bunmi had taken off her suit left with her bra which is over flowing off already from her [email protected] cup.

Not here Bunmi please “I said”, before I could say another word, she had taken off her mini shirt left with her s£xy blue pant, my penis gave a standing ovation in appreciation of physiological performances as her waist bead waggled up and down on her very fleshy water stretched mark ass in a beautiful demonstration.

She pounced on me using her foretool to attack me, her [email protected] kept pushing my head to the direction that pleases it, I wondered how she moves with these gigantic buildings called [email protected] Indeed this is the [email protected] of life who ever sucks from it shall never ever get tasty again ” I said in satisfaction” while I had her repeatedly in her office.


(Episode 6)

Thank you for all you have been to me, showing total belief in my abilities in the midst of nothing and giving unalloyed support to every course I embark on. Words are quite few to thank you enough for the sacrifice of carrying my little princess in you from the prenatal stage toriperi stories and on your back after delivery, trekking unimaginable distances under the skin burning sun just to lend a hand of support and cushion the financial burden saddled on my shoulders.

I possibly would not have gotten to my desired spot but I wish that some day I will be there, so that I can stand on a very high podium and tell the world how true, loving and supportive you have been as a wife “I held my wife closely and kissed her, while I gently massaged my daughter who was sleeping on my wives back”.

Irresistibly, my wife who has a stream of tears on her eyes had started pouring down hot, passionate and emotional tear rain. ” Swiftly she hugged me and prayed for me in her usual manner”. I took off her native coral beads and wore her a 24 karat gold, knelt down again looking at the steel ring which she was wearing looking so dark and ugly, could this be the reason every rich guy who comes across my wife wants to have her? I took her hand to my self, pulled off the old and ugly ring and wore her a new gold ring. The sparkles and glittering sent a fresh and renewed message of love piercing deep into my heart. Truly, every good woman deserves to be treated nicely.

The hour had come to explore my wife, because the feeling was almost the same as it was on our first night. I carried my daughter who was fast asleep from my wives back and laid her in her bed because I know this episode would be too adventurous, hence would need absolute concentration, strategic moves and much experience to conquer the battle before me. My wife who is a lead character in this movie and a strong s£x combatant won’t hesitate to give me several s£xual combos that will lead to my penis brutality.

Much as I predicted, she had unhooked her bra, with her n!poles pointing at me like a police rifle, I quickly too cover by opening my mouth to consume her [email protected] which was already spitting fire, she m0aned at my first attack which was heading towards wrecking down her v—-a ship to get flooded with fluid. I fingered her and licked it. This will be a clash of the Titans “I said”.

(((Grrrrrnnnnn))) My phone rang and vibrated simultaneously, I ignored. My wife who was getting distracted picked the phone to put it off behold it was Bunmi, babe its your boss ” She said and stretched the phone to me”. I took the call to know and reduced the volume, but Bunmi been too smart would always play a fast one. Sorry for calling this late but our South Africa partners just brought in some of the procured items, your presence would be needed immediately along side the stock keeper to take inventories before they leave. I dropped the call in frustration because I knew Bunmi’s game. Hey babe, what’s wrong? “She asked”. I told her we need to monitor some procurement right away, the poor woman who understands me at every point quickly urged me to go after preaching sermons of how this job came in as a way opening.

My facial expression was still stoic as I couldn’t express my true feeling because guilt had hit me had knowing I wasn’t treating my wife fare enough. I took of key and drove out with my official car, I arrived Bunmi’s house she was already [email protected] and drunk with strong wine. Why have u chosen to make life miserable for me, you have s£x with me at will not considering my wife and self happiness ” I yelled”. I receive a quick reply to keep my my shut with a back hand slap on my cheek, you are such an ingrate Bayo, how dare you raise you voice at me, do you know how much I have lavished on you and your family just to put you in check? “She said and poured her drink on my face”.

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Am sorry, “I said bowing down”. But… I think I still deserve to treat my wife right!. Ssssssshhhhhhhh! She placed her index finger on my lip sending a symbolic message to keep shut as she kissed and romanced me passionately, after I had finished banging her and making her squirt repeatedly. She brought out a menu and handed it to me, I looked at it with keen interest behold it was a weekly s£x roaster for the new month.


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