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Accidental pleasure episode 1 – 3


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It was around 8am in the morning that she checked in and at around 3pm that same day, I was in my office when my intercom buzzed and I picked it up. Angela was on the line and requested to speak with the hotel manager. I told her she was speaking with the manager and she said she would like to see me privately.

I asked if there was any problem in her room so I could send someone to fix it and she told me there was no problem but she needed to make some private enquires from me which she would not be able to discuss through the intercom. I told her I would be with her shortly and she hung up. When I got to her room, I found her in bra and panties only and smoking cigarettes. The odor of the cigarette mixed up with her cologne produced a unique smell in the room that was neither offensive nor appealing.
She was a woman of mixed race in her early or mid-40s but her tall, slim figure made her look quite young. She wasn’t bad looking at all in her bra and panties. Her tummy was flat and her b**bs seemed firm not to mention her tight, cute ass. I tried hard to control my emotions but apparently failed as I got an erΒ£ction that grew gradually out of control in my pants.

She told me she had an event to attend at an art gallery in Lagos Island the next day and wanted to find out the kind of taxi services we had. I explained to her and she asked about our cuisine and I told her what was on offer in the hotel’s restaurant. She asked other peripheral questions before she asked me if I could get her a gigolo.

β€œYou can do that for me, can’t you? Get me any good guy and I’ll pay for your services.”
I actually had a list of girls that I call on to service horny guests in the hotel but I had no male hustler (gigolo) on my list. Reason is that I had never had a female guest making a request for a prostitute. It had always been the men and I was at a loss on what to do.
After pausing for a while to think, I explained to her that it would not be an easy thing to get a professional gigolo in Lagos but I could arrange for any fun-seeking guy for her.
She didn’t respond to what I said immediately and I observed that her eyes were fixed on my crotch and embarrassingly for me, my crotch was visibly swollen and was still growing. The sight of her almost [email protected] body and her plea to help her get a professional male prostitute had gotten my pen*s erΒ£ct beyond control.

She laughed and moved closer to me. β€œI bet you want to get the job done yourself? You want to screw me right? Lucky for you, I need it so badly.”
I smiled hesitatingly. This was going to be fun but it was not an ethical thing for a hotel manager to do. I could get a query or even booted out by management if I’m busted for this.

While I remained there undecided, she held me and kissed my lips. I opened my mouth slowly to receive her invading tongue. Her tobacco filled breath was not complimentary but I liked how she teased, bit and sucked on my lips.
Her wandering hand soon got to the flap of my jeans and she grabbed it enthusiastically.
β€œSeems, you have a big d*kc!” she purred. β€œMy pu**y is dripping already. I can’t wait to feel your big c*kc entering my pu**y!”
She quickly undid my belt and my jeans dropped to my feet and I promptly stepped out of it.


Please kindly ignore this story if u are under 18

she pushed down my boxers and her jaw dropped as she looked in awe at my bloated, throbbing c*kc that was dripping pre-cvm.
β€œThis is huge!” she exclaimed and began to caress it with the tips of her fingers. She broke into a smile, looked into my eyes and all I could see when I stared into her eyes was undiluted lust and desire.

Before long, she went on her knees in front of me, opened her mouth and took my c*kc in.
The rhythm of my breathing changed instantly as waves of s8xual pleasure coursed through my being.
I was impressed with the way she worked on my d*kc-head with her w€t tongue before she started taking my shaft in, inch after inch.

Soon, she had me fully deep-throated in a way that no other woman had done to me. The sight of her head, bobbing up and down on my d*kc was awesome and I felt like exploding but struggled to control my ejaculation.
Meanwhile, I reached for her bre*8ts, uncupped them and had a field day grabbing, squeezing and cupping them in my palm. Her n!pples were stiff and I tweaked and fine-tuned them all the way.

Moments later, she stopped fellating me and rose to her feet.
β€œDo we have a condom here?” she asked.

β€œYeah there should be condom in the room,” I said moving towards the wardrobe to check for the condom. As a rule, we keep a packet or two of condoms in each room. I checked and found a packet that I presented proudly like a trophy to her.
Pleased, she took it from me, unwrapped one sachet and expertly rolled it down on my long shaft.
She took off her panties and I beheld her bald pu**y. It was so cleanly shaved, glistening and tantalizing.
She lay on the bed, had her legs spread out and asked me to: β€œPush that thing on me, baby. All of it!”
I climbed on the bed, got on top of her and began to ease my d*kc into her slowly..
Jacinta’s pu**y was w€t and welcoming. She gasped and shuddered as my d*kc plunged deeper into her.

When I was sufficiently deep inside her, she had her legs wrapped around my waist firmly and began twisting her waist and hips under me.
β€œF**k me!” she yelled. β€œCommon, f**k me!”
β€œHow do you want it, hard?” I teased.
β€œYeah f**k me hard! Very hard.”

I shoved my d*kc into her love canal deeply but she wanted it even deeper. She raised her body and succeeded in easing a pillow under her ass and in the process, propping her hips upwards.

β€œYeah baby, fill me in,” she m0aned. β€œDig it deep. I like it deep.”
Responding, I nailed in my shaft to the deepest point possible. β€œLike this?” I inquired.
β€œYeah baby, but you can go deeper. You got the length so dig it. Go beyond borders, baby.”

All of my ten inches was fully buried in her but the way and manner she thrust her hips upward indicated she wanted more of c*kc meat in her.

I started banging her hard. Harder than I had ever f**ked any woman and not surprisingly, I was breathless in a couple of minutes and had to slow down to catch some air.
Her pu**y continually oozed love juices and she screamed ecstatically. I observed that she was getting close to cvm and I summoned all the strength in me, changed to a higher gear and started banging her hard as before which she apparently liked. Her screams got even louder as I noticed her eyes rolled in the back of her head. Her [email protected] muscles had a momentary grip on my shaft as she informed me that she was coming.
As soon as she came, I reached my climax and exploded, filling the condom with my man juice.

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I collapsed on her, breathing like a marathon runner that had just bre*8ted the tape.
β€œThat was so good!” ANGELA acknowledged.
A couple of minutes later, she asked me to go down on her and I was so glad to do that. Nothing excites and arouses me more than feasting on a w€t and used pu**y .
I promptly got myself in-between her legs and lowered my head to her love altar.
I spent some time inhaling and sniffing on the aromatic wafts from her precious altar, making sure my lungs were filled with that c*kc hardening aroma.
But ANGELA was impatient for my tongue on her. She grabbed my head and pushed it against her juicy vulva while thrusting her hips up to demonstrate the urgency of her needs.
I seized the moment and plastered my tongue on her marshy vulva, licking it from north to south and vice-versa. She was quivering and I intensified my leaks. My tongue craved for a rest but Ididn’t oblige it. I pushed myself to the limit, eager to please her. I wanted to give her something that would make her not only to come back to Nigeria but to still lodge my hotel. Call it customer service and you’re on point.
β€œYes, suck me! Ah … lick that pu**y … mmm…” she chorused. β€œDon’t stop; mmm … don’t stop, huh … huh…”

β€œI won’t stop until you come,” I thought.
I paid particular attention to her stiff cl!t and she writhed with pleasure and squealed in delight.

Not done yet, I stuck my middle finger inside her w€t hole, turned it 180% degree and curled it on the rebound in search of her G-spot. When I found it, I tickled it and that was when she lost it and yelled so loud, I was afraid someone would hear her and come banging on the door to find out what was amiss.
Thankfully, that didn’t happen. What happened was that ANGELA climaxed heavily into my mouth in the next few seconds. Some of her juice trickled down her ass cheeks and created a small lake of cvm-juice on the bedspread.

We rested briefly before I got up to dispose the condom in the bathroom.
On my return, ANGELA reached out to me and started sucking my c*kc till she got me fully erΒ£ct again and I fixed another condom on my c*kc and started f*kcing her in a doggy position…

Angela stayed in the hotel for five days and for each of those days, I screwed her a minimum of three hours a day. And guess what, she β€œtipped” me generously for my services. Indeed, she couldn’t have paid more to a professional gigolo. But as she equally confessed to me, no gigolo had given her that much in terms of quality and quantity of the f*kc service I rendered her.
She promised to be back in Nigeria next summer and I am already looking forward to that with great expectations.


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