November 29, 2021

Alexa episode 39


(His Soulmate)
Episode 39

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Written by:- Racheal Dennis.


Writer’s pov πŸŽ€

King’s office….! 12:45pm…!

“… there will be news soon about it!” Alpha King said.

The elders nods in agreement… they’re talking about the alpha Derek’s case.

Since he was put on probation, news haven’t got back if he’s really changed.

“I will send someone to check if…”

The alpha King was cut off at the opening of the door, his beta king walks in.

*Beta King!* the elders greets with a small bow.

He waves them and walk straight to the alpha King.

“Alpha!” He bows.

“Armando, you’re late!”

“I wasn’t, alpha, I was receiving an invitation!” Beta King replies.

He stretches out the invitation card to the alpha King.

“What’s the invitation about?”

“Alpha Dimitri of savannah pack is hosting his birthday next week and he is inviting you… he wants to know if you can make it before he starts inviting other alphas!”

Alpha King glances through the invitation card, if he doesn’t go, other alphas won’t go too.

He sighs and keeps the card aside… He does a little thinking, while beta king walks round and stands behind him.

“I can’t make it, I’ll send the prince instead.. what do you say, elders?”

They whisper among themselves briefly and nods in agreement.

“Besides alpha Derek’s pack is along the way, the alpha prince can personally check on him too!” An elder suggest.

The alpha King nods.

“Yes, that is killing two birds with one stone!”

There’s a brief moment of silence, until an elder clears his throat.


King, there’s another thing we want to know!”


“We want to know when the. prince will take the staff of authority… And also when the Luna princess’s induction will be held”

Then murmuring arose among the elders after this question… The king faces his beta and signal him to speak on his stead.

“Silence!” The beta calls everyone to order… as if they’re in court.

“The Alpha just meet his mate and they haven’t had their first mating yet… We can’t rush them!”

“So we have to wait?” Another elder asked.

“Yes!” The beta replies.

“But we need the prince to get the staff of authority, or how else will be assume office after the alpha King retire….. ”

The elder was cut off by a loud bang from the alpha.. they all fell on their faces immediately.

“What are you implying?! I’m still the Alpha King and I haven’t retire yet! Are you planning on forcing me to retire?! Huh?!” The king roars angrily.


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alpha King!*
*We wouldn’t dare, alpha!* They said quickly.

“Alexa haven’t learn about how the induction is held! She doesn’t know the basic skills of fighting yet!”

*We are deeply sorry, Alpha!*

“The prince and his mate will take their time in mating.. no one will rush them and I’m not retiring anytime soon!”

*Yes, Alpha!*

“Get out all of you!” He growled at them.

They nod and slips out in a hurry, their heads bow until they’re out of the office… None dare gossip with the other.

The alpha massages his forehead and sighed.


Alexa’s pov πŸŽ€

I frown as I see some elderly men runs out of the king’s office with a scared expression… I turned to Xander but he doesn’t seem like he’s surprise.

He’s glaring at them rather. I tug his shirt gently to get his attention.

“What’s wrong, Xander?” I asked him.

“Nothing! Let’s go in!” He replies simply.

He places his hand on the small of my back and leads me into the office.

“Dad, we’re back!” Xander said.

His father raised his head and smiles at us.. though he look so stressed out.

“Did you find any useful information?”

We nod.

“Let’s hear it!”

I narrated everything I found out and also told him about the things I noticed about the kids’s behavior.

He turns to Xander and raised an eyebrow.. asking for his findings.

“Oh, she’s said all I wanted to say!” Xander said.

The king nods.

“You’ve both done well, I’ll send for Diane tomorrow morning and see what I can do about her!”


there’s silence, indicating there’s nothing left to say.. Alexa nudge Xander and gestures towards the king.

Xander clears his throat.

“Dad, if there’s nothing else, we’ll take our leave!”

“Alexa, you can go back.. Xander you stay!” He said.

I guess he still have some assignments for Xander, I nod and head out.

I puff out some air… I need a cold bath, I have been feeling an internal heat since we left the orphanage and I don’t know why.


Writer’s pov πŸŽ€

“Xander, I think it’s high time you mate with your mate!”

“Dad, you can’t rush us…. ”

“I’m not rushing you, the elders are!! It’s more than a week since you found your mate and you are yet to mark her!!” His dad said in anger.

“Dad…. ”

“Don’t dad me! Try to mark your mate soon, we’ll fix a date for her induction soon!”

Xander’s mouth opens slightly.


“What’s wrong?”

He blinks his eyes rapidly.

“Dad, let’s put that on hold, I need to tell Alexa about it first. She needs time to process it!”

His dad bangs on the table and faces him with angry eyes.

“What’s there to process?”

“A lot, dad! I mean, I can’t just tell Alexa that day that I’ll have sΒ£x with her publicly! I must tell her ahead time!”

“You’re not having sΒ£x with her publicly, it’ll just be the seer there!”

Xander scoffs and sits on a random chair.. throwing his right leg on the table in front of him.

“One person is an audience! How can my mate and I be making love with someone watching us?!”

His dad wants to speak but he beats him to it.

“No! Alexa, won’t agree to this!”

“He won’t be watching you, he’ll stay outside the room and only come in when you’re done!”

“No, dad!”

The king shakes his head and sigh.

“Xander, I perfectly understand you… I was also like you but the truth is, this is how it has been done for ages.. w€ther you like it or not it must happen!”

“We can change it!”

“No, we can’t… Unless you mate with her before the induction!”

Xander gets up.

“Fine! We’ll mate before the induction, just give us a week!” Xander said with determination.

Even though he knows that with Alexa, this is a mission impossible.

“I’ll take my leave!”


Alexa’s pov πŸŽ€

Xander’s mansion…!

I close my eyes and lay back on the bathtub, m0aning in satisfaction as the cold water pours on me.

Just then my phone rings, I reach for it and sees Miss Damien flashing on the screen… I quickly receives it.

“Hi, Alexa!” She said.

“Miss Damien!”

I hear shuffling in the background.. like she’s moving.

“Are you free, I wanna go shopping!”

“Like right now?” I asked.

“Yeah, are you free?”

Shopping?! Well, it’s not a bad idea, after all I have nothing to do.


“Good, get Eleanor and Joyce too, I’ll come get you girls!”

I nod but remember she won’t see me.

“Ok!” Then we hang up.

I got off the water and wrap my towel around my chest.

I sent a quick text to Joyce, telling her to get Eleanor and come over to Xander’s..I also inform her of the shopping.


I smiled as I look at myself in the mirror, I’m dressed in a knee length, pink flowered gown.

I comb my hair down and wear a pink hair clip.. just then I hear the doorbell ring and I rushes towards it.

“Oh? Jenna?” I said.. surprised to see her with Joyce and Eleanor.

“Why are you all together?” I asked.

“We met on the way!” Joyce replies.

I nod.

“Are you ready?” Miss Damien asked.

“Yeah, let me just go get my purse!” I said and rush back in.

I took my purse from my bag and check it to see if I have my credit card in it… It’s there.


hold it in my hand and smile.

“Today, I’m gonna use you!” I said to it.

I have this card since I was 16, Will have been transferring money into my account every month but I haven’t used this card once… so I guess it’s loaded by now.

“Alexa!” I hear Miss Damien and Joyce call me from downstairs.

“Coming!” I yell back.

I keep my credit card back in my purse and rush back to them… Joyce grabs my hand.

“Let’s go before Xander gets back, remember he forbids you from going out!”

I nod… but she releases my hand and frown.

“Why is your hand so hot?” She asked.

Miss Damien and Eleanor turns to me with a question stare… I feel my temperature with my palm.

“Maybe I’m having a fever!” I said.

“Fever?” Miss Damien steps forward and feels my temperature. “I don’t think this is fever.. are you cold?”

I shake my head.. I’m not cold, which is strange. I’m normally very cold when I’m having a fever.. but this time is different.. I’m feeling heat instead.

“Tell me, how are you feeling?” She asked.

“Hot! I’m having this inner heat, inside me is very hot.. even my breath!” I take her hand and breathe on it to prove my point.

“I think you’re going into heat!” She said.

“Heat?” I asked.

She nods. Joyce frown and tilts her head.

“Wait, are you sure Miss Damien?”

“What do you mean?” Miss Damien ask back.

“I mean heat comes with pain and it hurts more than menstruation cramps.. and Alexa would feel the pain even worse as she’s the Luna.. but from what I can see she ain’t having any pains”

I nod.

“Yeah, I’m not having any pains, I’m just feeling hot!”

Miss Damien thinks a little and shrugs.

“I guess I’m overthinking!”

“Yeah” Joyce said.

Miss Damien clears her throat and claps her hands.

“Alright people, let’s hit the mall”

“Yay!” Eleanor and Joyce yells.

Wait… Eleanor?!


“We’re here!” Miss Damien said.. she finds a spot in the parking lot and parks her car.

We all rush out of her car and runs towards the mall.. but just as I step foot in, I halt abruptly and couldn’t take another step.

A great pain erupt from the pit of my stomach and I suddenly find myself on the floor… a painful groan leaves my mouth.

The heat inside of me increase as if someone just ignited a fire in me.. I feel sweat forming on my forehead… and I suddenly want a male’s touch.

Am I being horny now?!

“Alexa, are you ok?!” Joyce asked in a panic voice.

I couldn’t speak, I’m just groaning in pain. I can hear whimpering in my head, I guess that’s Scar.

“Are you ok?” I hear Eleanor ask.

I simply shake my head.

“H-help.. me!” I manage to whisper.

Miss Damien quickly tries to help me up but I scream immediately she touches me… her touch seem to burn me.

I manage to look around, small crowd has formed… she tries to touch me again but I still scream.

“Don’t touch me!” I yelled at her angrily.

I tried to get up by myself but it seems like, I’m paralyzed.. I can’t move.

“Hot! Hot!” I murmured.

Miss Damien sniffs the air and her eyes grows wide.

“She’s in heat!” She gasp out.

“What should we do now?! None of us can touch her!” Joyce panic.

“Mind-link Xander, tell him Alexa is on heat!” Miss Damien tells Joyce.

“What about me? What should I do?” Eleanor asked.

“Ask someone for a bowl of water, let’s see if it will help!”

Now I understand what Joyce meant, I’m really in a devastating pain… I feel like I can die from this pain.

Soon I feel water sprinkling on me but it doesn’t help, it seems to increase the pain even more.

“G-get it.. away.. from.. me..” I said weakly.

Just then, I hear doors banging open and a loud growl erupt from behind me… I couldn’t turn but I could tell it’s Xander.

An unexplainable joy fills my heart… another growl.. a more powerful growl erupt from him and everyone around move away from me.

“Alpha!” Everyone chorused.

He carries me in his arms and just like magic, the pain and heat are gone.. like his arms is my safe haven.

Though it’s not completely gone but now I feel like I have some energy.

“Xander…. ” I whisper with a weak smile.

“You’re fine, I’m here now!” He tells me.

I nod and rest my head on his chest, groaning quietly.

“Close your eyes!” He said.

I close my eyes and I feel the wind blowing pass my ears furiously.. he must be running!


“We’re home, baby!” Xander said.

I open my eyes and notice we’re back in his room.

“I’ll lay you on the bed and get some ice pack to help cool down the heat, yeah?”

I nod. He lays me on the bed but a greater pain envelope me immediately he lets go of me.. a scream leaves my mouth and he quickly sits on the bed and holds me in his arms.

“Sorry, baby, I’ll just stay with you!”

I nod. We stayed this way in silence, me biting my tongue to numb the little pains I’m feeling.


“Yes, baby!”

“I want it to stop, make it stop!” I cry.

He sighs.

“I’m sorry, baby, I can’t do anything about it!”

“But you… how many days am I gonna bear this?” I asked.

“It should be five days I think!”

Five days?! I’m gonna die, I’m gonna die!

“I’m so sorry, baby!” He said.

He rubs my stomach.. drawing imaginary lines on it and I sigh as the pain decrease greatly.

“Is there really nothing you can do about it? Is this how we are gonna be hugging each other for the five days?” I asked.

He stays silent for a moment.. he kiss my hair.

“There is only one way to make it stop but I’m not sure you’re gonna agree”

“What way?” I asked quickly.

He remains silent.

“Tell me!” I urge him.

I really want this pain to stop, I don’t think I can survive another with it.

“Mating!” He said.


“Yes! It will only stop after we mate.. that’s after we make love!”

I sit up but quickly regretted it and rests back on him.

“Then let’s do it!”

“Huh?! Are you sure?!” He asked unsurely.

“Yes, let’s do it!”

“Are you really ready?! I don’t want you to feel pressured or feel like this heat is forcing to mate with me, I…. ”

I grab his head and lowers it a bit, I lean forward and crash my lips on his briefly.

“I’m ready, Xander!”

To be continued.

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