Alpha Kaden's Mate

Alpha Kaden’s Mate episode 15 – 16


{ His To Claim }🐺

By, Cisca. H.


I sat at the sitter of my window, staring down at nothing in particular. The evening was slowly approaching, and the moon was almost leaving it’s nest, ready to bless our night with it’s fullest blessings.

Everything about this place looked totally different from the human world. I try to get adapted to the environment but it’s still difficult for me to.

Sleeping was another difficult task for me right now, cause my eyes isn’t ready to accommodate it either.

I sighed heavily.

The rest of my day after Mrs Green spoke to me remained in thoughts. Somehow I was wishing this could be nothing but a dream.

Hoping someone will wake me up from this endless nightmare. Where I will have to open my eyes and then, everything is gone for good. Even the fact that we left Mandeva will all turn out to be fake.

I just need someone to talk to. Someone to give me a better explanation on why it has to be him I am fated to? Why can’t I be mated to a human being?

Why does it have to be to an animal, a wolf for crying out loud? Why does fate hate me this much? What have I done to deserve this wickedness?

All of my life I have wished for one thing. Happiness. Will I find it here?

Was mother doing the right thing by depriving me from this fate? Why do I still feel unsure of myself?

Can I ever get the chance to love him? Will I? Can I?

I sighed again, and again.

All this questions in my head and not even a single one of it am I able to give an answer to. Then Mrs Green’s words reflected to my mind,

” You don’t have to force yourself to fall in love with him or try acting like you’ve understood what kind of person he actually is. I only told you a hint of him, the rest is up to you to find out yourself. ”

What more am I to know about him? Does he have a painful secret no one knows? Is there more I need to know besides his step mother?

Has he ever fallen in love before? Is there somehow he had a broken relationship or something? Damn, I’m overthinking!!

Each time I try to picture his face in my mind, the one I keep seeing the most is that I saw in the woods. I can’t stop imagining how scary those eyes looked.

How horrific it felt staring into those eyes, that I felt like it was the devil I was staring at. I can’t forget those night horror bumps, and I keep wondering if I can ever fall in love with someone like him.

On the other hand, Mrs Green is right about another thing. Something I still ask myself if I am ready to accept. To believe.

” I know how much you fear him, but I assure you that one day, you will find a thousand reasons for you to trust him. He’s worth being with, trust me, soon you will get use to him. ”

Don’t blame me, the wh0le mating stuff are just to heavy for my mind to interpret.

I stared down at the environment, few guards only patrolled around. One thing I love about this place is how safe it felt. Unlike the human world where your eyes has to be alerted for emergency cases.

I am complicated, I get it. And it’s totally not my fault either.

I threw myself on my bed, waving my legs on it. I loved the cold feelings on my skin, I was beginning to wish for winter to approach so soon.

I dialed dad’s number, there wasn’t a clear network to transfer my calls. Having a cell phone here was as good as not having any. But I’ve seen alpha Kaden with a cell phone.

Hold on, did he do something to my cell phone? Oh, damn no! He didn’t hack it, did he?

I remember keeping it in my jean pocket, did he put his hand under my wedding gown? Oh, Jesus, how dare him do that to me?!

I angrily got out of my bed. I left the room, heading for his room. I just realized how stupid I am to parade the entire building looking for a room I don’t know where it is.

I went to the kitchen, and luckily Mrs Green was just about leaving. She was shocked to see me, but I assured her with a smile that everything was alright.

” Where are you going? ” She asked me, locking the kitchen door.

” I’m looking for the Master’s bedroom. Can you direct me to it? It’s so stupid of me not to have known where he sleeps. ” I grinned.

” Don’t blame yourself, you’re still new around. Well, his room is a bit far from here. ”

” What?! ” I exclaimed. ” Sorry, did you just say far from here? ”

” Yes. ” She nodded her head. ” He stays at the other quarter of the castle. ”

” Oh, shit. ” I caused. ” How long will it take me to get there? ”

” Ten minutes or so, that’s depending on how fast your movement is. ”

” Okay. Thanks by the way. Guess I have to check on my footsteps now. Good night. ” I waved at her headed to the other quarter.

On a second thought, I wanted to give up and forget that he did anything stupid to me. And on a third thought, I needed to know why he had to sneak his hands under my gown to hack my cell phone.

Now I’m standing at the second quarter, looking stranded like a rejected daughter. There were many rooms with the same colour of doors which made me look stranded the more.

I’ve read a lot of novels that describes The Master’s bedroom to be different from the other rooms. But here, there isn’t anything like that.

I will only look like a crazy clawn if I have to knock on each doors.

” Excuse me, Miss. ” I heard a masculine voice ask from behind. I turned to look at who it was, ” Are you looking for someone? ”

” Yes, ” I nodded. ” I’m looking for The Master’s room. Can you please direct me to it? ”

” Yes. Please follow me. ” I followed him to a room, indeed it looks like a Master’s bedroom. It’s door looks wider and totally different from the rest of the doors I saw a while ago.

” This is it. ” He pointed. ” The Master is inside. ”

” Thank you. ”

” A pleasure, Miss. ”

He turned to go, when I stopped him. ” Can I know your name? ”

” My name is Elvis, ma’am. ”

” Just call me, Illiana. Nice to meet you, Elvis. ”

” You too, Illiana. ” He left.

I took a deep breath, holding it for long in my lungs. I exhaled heavily. ” Don’t be scared, Ana. Don’t be scared. ” I acknowledged myself.

I knocked once, my heart raced and I almost did the same. I was beginning to feel the fear, running in my vains. Geez, Ana, he isn’t Jesus, okay?

My hand was halfway to the door when it suddenly opened.

” Oh, My God…. ”



{ His To Claim }🐺

By, Cisca. H.


My eyes couldn’t get off him as moved them on his bare chest. Even to swallow was so difficult for me. I didn’t want him to notice so I made a face like I had forgotten something.

” Oh, guess I might have missed my way. ” I grinned, ” Well, I was just leaving. ” I turned to leave when he said.

” You can come in, I’ve been expecting you. ”

I widened my eyes. Did he just say he has been expecting me? Like what? Like seriously?

I waved off the surprise look on my face as soon as I turned to look at him. ” Really? ” Honestly, I didn’t know when the word escaped my mouth.

” Sure. ” He smiled, and those two sided dimples gave me a goose bumb.

Oh, damn! Where the heck did he come from?

He opened the door wider for me to enter. ” So, would you mind for anything? ” He asked cheerfully as I sat in one of the chairs.

” Yes… I… I mean no. ” I stared around the well furnished room. Even the White House was no way compared to his room. I mean, the dark red shade of colours and the golden attachments.

Damn, is the Heaven or something?

He smiled again, sitting on one of the sofas. ” Did some one hurt you? ” Now he was sounding more like my father.

I looked at him. ” No, no one. I mean, I didn’t come here to complain. ” He only rose an eyebrow at me and for damn sake! Why does he find pleasure in suppressing me? Can someone just tell him to stop?!!

” I… I wanted to know what happened to my cell phone because I can’t make any call. Am I restricted from making a call to my father? ”

” Your sim card doesn’t function within the territory. If you wanna make any call, I can order for a new one by tomorrow. What do you think? ”

” I… I… I think that will be great. ” I hated myself to have thought he sneaked his hands into my pocket.

” I didn’t. ” He said.

” What?! ” Excuse me, did he just read my mind?

” Even if I knew you were putting on a p-nt, I wouldn’t do that. ” He said softly.

” I… I… I was only being curious. ”

” It’s okay for you to think I did any thing stupid. ”

” I… I… ” I couldn’t get my eyes off him, and I just realized I have been stammering since our conversation began. ” I think I’ll just get going. G… Good night. ” I stood up, heading to the door. ” I’ll be expecting the new sim card by tomorrow. ”

” Of course. ”

Why is his room so far from mine? Was the last thing I thought to myself before exiting his room.


Okay, I’ll admit, I really f-cked up last night. I can’t imagine how lost I was staring at him. And stucked in a conversation with him in that Heaven of a room, made me feel like I was directly talking to God.

I remember staring into those eyes for three good times in my life and they all appeared to be the same thing. Horrific and scary.

But just last night, those horrific eyes turned out to be the sweetest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. Was he putting on a len or what? Or was it an effect of the hat he always put on?

Those green eyes are damn so pretty to describe.

Let’s not go into that now.

How is that even possible my sim card doesn’t work here? Is this place some kinda different world or something? Why do I keep feeling so weird about this place?

Is this place really weird, or am I the one over thinking here is actually the weirdest place I have ever been?

Before nature could come calling, I asked myself this one question I did ask myself while leaving his room. “Why is his room so far from mine? ”

And I just discovered that the only person who can give me an answer to my question is… Mrs Green.

★ ★ ★ ★

I yawned heavily, feeling so excited of what again? Nothing. I looked around the room, and again it was well arranged.

I won’t have to complain this time, I’m gonna turn lazy just very soon than I expect.

I didn’t wanna have a taste of the dish on my table. I carried the tray in my hands, returning it back to the kitchen.

” Good morning, Mrs Green. ” I greeted.

” Hey, good morning, My lady. How was your night? ” She asked.

” Mine was fantastic. What about yours? ” She asked back.

” Splendid. ” She frowned when she saw the untouched food in my hand. ” You didn’t touch your food? ”

” I don’t want this food, I want the same Mrs Green is gonna eat. ” I said, dropping it on the counter.

” Come on, Miss Walker, this food is cooked specifically for you and The Master. ”

” The Master? ” She scoffed. ” How can I eat the same food with The Master when our rooms are far from each other. ” I murmured within myself.

I’ll admit, it hurts a lot. Even if I’m yet to have any feelings for him, that doesn’t mean we need to share a different bedroom, miles away from each other.

What kind of mate is he? So cold, innocent, kind but selfish. Does he even care about my feelings? Even a human husband yet to be married, doesn’t sleep in a miles away room from his wife to be.

And they always say Alpha kings are the sweetest thing you can ever have, now I am seeing the bitter part of them. It f*cking hurts , okay?

” You see that quarter over there, where The Master stays? It’s called the Royal Quarters. ” She told me.

” The Royal Quarters? ” I asked.

” Yes. ”

” What does that mean? ”

” That’s the quarter built for the royals alone. That means, The Alpha’s and their Luna’s, the Beta and Omega ranks. Also, members related to the Alpha king. You must be wondering why you aren’t there yet? ” She just read my mind.

” That’s because you aren’t married to The Master yet. Once you and The Master are joined, and he has successfully claimed you to be his, then you are entitled to sleep with him in the quarter.

Not that he cannot permit you to the quarters but, that has been the law since The Moon Stone Pack came to existence. And… seeing how you still aren’t adapted to The Master yet, that’s a lot more difficult problem. ”

” I don’t understand. I mean, what’s that supposed to mean? ” I asked, confused.

” You’re still scared of him, aren’t you? ”

I made no comment.

” That’s another major reason The Master fears to bring you to the quarter. ”

” Why? Does it matter? ”

” Yes, it does. You might end up getting scared of him the more, who knows? Look, sweetheart, it’s time you push the fear aside and accept the real truth. Alpha Kaden isn’t as scary as you think he is. Give the fears up and try understanding what kind of man he is. ”

” But… But do you think the distance can grow up the entanglement between us? I mean… I don’t know. ” I rolled my eyes.

Mrs Green laughed. ” Of course, it can. All you just have to do is to give out a time you can spend with him. I’m very sure this is what he wants from you. ”

” Mrs Green. ” I grunted.

” Yes, child. ”

” Do you think that’s easy… for me to? Oh, shit. ” I grunted frustratedly.

She gave me a suspicious look. ” What?! ” I quickly took off my gaze from hers.

” Did you later meet with The Master last night? ” She asked.

” Yes, I did. Why? ”

” Hmmmm. ” She hummed.

” What? What happened? ” I asked, a bit confused.

She laughed. Yeah, it’s getting a lot complicated than it should be. ” Mrs Green, are you gonna talk to me or are you gonna keep laughing? ”

” Oh, don’t mind me, Miss Walker. I just can’t imagine how naive you are to your feelings. ”

” My feelings? Hold on, what feelings are you talking about? ”

” You are just too scared to understand that fact that you are developing a feeling for The Master. ”

” What?! No, no, no, no, I am not. ”

” You might not have noticed it but, I think it showed last night. You know, I think whatever reason it was that you desperately wanted to see him last night, I think it’s fate doing. Don’t you think so too?

Now you just met him, and you found out that his room is quarters away from yours, you feel a bit bothered about it. You feel like even if you don’t like him, you want to be close to him.

Look sweetheart, I get it, it’s your feelings speaking. You still don’t understand, I’ll explain it. Deep inside you, you wanna be close to him, you want to feel his nearness but outside of you, you seem not to care about it.”

” Yeah, you’re right. You know, you always read my mind and you know exactly what I am thinking of. I’m still scared of him, that’s first. And second, I don’t think I can withstand him beside me. I mean, I feel this uncomfortable and, I don’t know.

When I left his room to mine last night, I just couldn’t stop from thinking about him. ” I shut my eyes close. ” I am not going insane, am I? ”

” No, you’re not, Ana. You are beginning to understand the feelings. ”

I sighed. ” Is there any way I can… you know… I don’t know. ” I rubbed my face, ” I don’t even know what to say again. ”

She held my hands. ” You want me to teach you on how you can lure him? ”

I slapped my forehead. ” How can I lure him to myself when I haven’t even fully understood my feelings yet. ”

” Don’t worry, sweetheart, we won’t have to rush the lessons. ”


To Be Continued…

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