Amanda batch 19

Amanda season 2
Episode 13
He fetched his phone ready to tell Morg-n his best friend everything that had just happened, when his door bell rang a second time.
He rushed and pulled the door open.
‘Wendy’ he parted the door and welcomed her in.
‘Greg…I don’t have much time but you must forgive me’ she fiddled with her hands.
‘Forgive you? I don’t understand’ he folded his hands across his chest. What was happening? First, it was Trudy, now Wendy?
‘Take a seat; you look nervous’ he pulled a bottle of water from the fridge and offered it to her.
He didn’t know if this was a good time, but he felt like hitting the nail straight on the head; he liked Wendy only as the mother of their unborn daughter Lucy and he was done being dishonest with her and himself.
‘How is our daughter doing’? Greg smiled.
‘About that…’ Wendy licked her lips, she needed to fix this, and she quickly reminded herself.
‘Are you okay Wendy’? He moved closer to her.
‘Did something bad happen to the baby’? He swallowed.
She nodded her head and burst into tears ‘I am so sorry Greg’.
He encircled her in his arms and pressed a soft k-ss on her hair, he felt her pain and the news hurt him too. It was more hurting than his father’s and Nathan’s betrayal.
‘I was never pregnant Greg’ she blurted out.
He was too stricken with grief to hear her; he thought about Lucy and all the plans he had for her.
‘I was never pregnant Greg, I lied’ she pulled away from him and then jumped to her feet.
‘Excuse me’?
‘I lied. I really wanted us to be together at all costs; I am sorry for everything. I am not longer interested in getting married to you’ a tear slipped from her left eye.
‘You lied to me? You’re despicable’ she he exhaled. Wendy was more than a devil; how could someone cook up such an expensive lie?
‘Amanda is not a Kleptomaniac, I cooked that up because I saw you picked interest in her and I felt jealous and insecure, but all that is over now. Here’s your wallet’ she dropped the piece on the table.
‘Did you break into my house’? Greg’s mouth fell open.
‘No. There’s no proof. Have a nice life’ she wiped her face, straightened her gown and left for the door.
‘I can’t believe you Wendy; you faked a pregnancy and you broke into my house and accused some innocent person, I can’t let it go’ Greg moved to stop her.
‘Don’t act like you are a saint Greg; I know you never really wanted that marriage; you were just acting up same as me. You only cared because you thought I was carrying a child, your child’ she jerked her arm away from his’.
‘Is that all you can say’? Greg asked.
‘Look into my eyes Greg and tell me that everything I just said was a lie’ she asked.
Greg felt slightly guilty as he had wanted the marriage for selfish reasons; he had planned to divorce her once he was able to cover the 10% her parents put into Beecroft.
‘I know I was wrong, but breaking into my house? Wendy, you went too far’ he was disappointed in her.
‘I am sorry once again, I really have to go now’ she hurried out of his house.
Greg was stunned, so many things ran through his mind; how was he going to face her now? He had almost believed Wendy that she was a kleptomaniac.
‘Who now’? He almost scre-med as his doorbell rung a third time.
‘I am sorry Greg but my trackers were not able to find anything substantial, I am so confused right now’ Morg-n rushed into the house.
‘What are those’? He paused and scanned the empire of files that lay on the table.
‘Come, I have a lot to share with you, I am getting my company back’ Greg moved to the table.
It took Greg thirty minutes to explain everything that had happened during Trudy’s and Wendy’s visit.
‘Sounds like a movie to me’ Morg-n whistled, this was unbelievable.
‘Which of the stories’? Greg asked.
‘Both. Those women are crazy, especially Wendy. She is such a liar and a b—h. I told you I didn’t think Amanda was a Kleptomaniac’ Morg-n laughed.
He felt more relaxed now that his friend was absolved; his humor had returned.
‘So what are we going to do next’? Greg stared at all the files and the voice recorder.
‘We’re calling your lawyers right away, you’re getting back to your seat and your brother is going to jail’ Morg-n’s voice was laced with a high dose of confidence.
‘I’ll be fine here’ Amanda said to the cab driver as the car came to a halt.
‘Are you sure ma’m’? He asked.
‘Yes. Thank you’ she fetched the bunny and stepped down from the car.
Her eyes were glued to the glorious mansion before her, she had never seen a house as beautiful as this; it was enormous; its architectural design was every bit unique and classy.
‘Let’s get on with it Lucy’ she blew the bunny a final k-ss. She had come to deliver it back to Greg along his pity money, which she didn’t need.
‘I can do this’ she sighed and pounced the door with her fists.
There was no answer; she suddenly felt nervous and wondered if this was the right time; he had just been deposed, what if he was not in the mood to see someone?
‘Here we go again’ she raised her fists ready to knock again, when the door flung open and she stood face to face with him.
Episode 14
Their eyes were locked in that moment.
Her blue glazed with yearning and desire, she realized she longed for him.
His brown were dull, unreadable and neutral, she couldn’t say what was on his mind.
‘Good morning, I came to return this to you’ she raised the cage.
‘Morning, Ms. Atkins’ Greg steadied himself.
He was hesitant at first when he had heard the knock as he had been heading to his lawyers but Morg-n relaxed and encouraged him to see who it was.
And there she was, looking so simple in a pair of faded jeans that matched her eyes and a cream top that revealed her curves; she was not wearing any make up.
He noticed her blonde was back; the light golden curls swayed as the gentle breeze fanned them; her nostrils flared as he stared at her; she looked so simple yet so sophisticated. It took him great strength not to grab her into his arms and k-ss her breathless; there was nothing stopping him now, nothing weighed on his mind.
Wendy was gone; Nathan would soon be and everything would rivet to normal.
‘I told you to keep it’ he collected the cage nevertheless.
‘And, I don’t need your money’ she fetched her phone.
‘I came here to do a transfer’ she worked on her keypad.
‘Is that all’? Greg raised his brows.
‘Yes’ she blushed. Wasn’t he going to say anything? She felt slightly disappointed that he would just let her go.
‘Goodbye Ms. Atkins. I have a lot of work to do inside’ he forced a smile and shut the door to her face.
Her face was burning; why was Greg such a rude brat? He acted like she didn’t exist; she sighed and rushed out of his premises.
‘Thank God I am over with’ she muttered to herself. But she felt like a liar, she would miss seeing his face, she would miss working for him.
‘You can stop staring at her ass’ Morg-n spanked him lightly on the back and he jerked away from the window.
‘What? She’s cute’ Greg laughed.
‘Why did she come’? Morg-n asked.
‘To return the money I sent her and this’ he raised the cage.
‘Oh Lucy? I think Alex has shown me a picture of this bunny’ Morg-n said.
‘Lucy? Who named the bunny’? Greg frowned, that was his mother’s name for heaven’s sake.
‘Hey, not me’! Morg-n chuckled.
‘I think she is an honest person’ Greg relaxed in a chair. Only few people could return such amount of money, it was really huge.
‘So do you like her or not’? Morg-n asked.
‘Why do I have a feeling you’re setting me up’? Greg avoided the question.
Seeing her there had unsettled him; he had felt like k-ssing her again but he held himself; there was an aura that radiated her; she was very different from the other women he had been with.
‘You like her then, but you’re just scared, because you have never felt that way for anyone not even Wendy’ Morg-n decided.
And he was right, but Greg was stubborn ‘No, I don’t. Can we see my lawyers now’?
‘Sure’ Morg-n trailed behind him.
‘He is such a rude person, he couldn’t even show gratitude’ Amanda complained to her friend about Greg.
‘For caring for Lucy’ she quickly added.
‘Whom you named after his mother by the way’ Alex laughed, Morg-n was filling her on everything that happened.
‘Can you drop that phone and focus on me’? Amanda sighed and dragged the phone from Alex.
‘I am sorry darling’ Alex raised her hands in the air.
‘And why are you grinning’? Amanda snorted.
‘You are smitten by Greg Mandy, you like him. You’re mad because you expected something spectacular to happen, like a k-ss or him begging you take back the money but nothing did and that’s why you’re mad’ Alex said to her.
She realized her friend wasn’t far from the truth; she felt disappointed when Greg had shut the door to her face.
‘And he called me Ms. Atkins, can you imagine? He called me Amanda the other day’ she chipped in.
‘Don’t worry, you two are perfect for each other’ Alex grinned. Morg-n had also shared the part where Greg was ogling her friend’s ass.
They would be a perfect match.
‘Whatever, I have to take this, you can have back your phone’ Amanda fetched hers which was buzzing.
Her eyes widened as she stared at the screen.
‘What’s up Mandy’? Alex moved closer.
‘He sent the money back’ Amanda replied.
‘Not funny’ she turned to her friend whose face was horribly twisted as she tried to contain her laughter.
‘I am sorry but I can’t help but laugh’ Alex chuckled.

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