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Amaya’s destiny episode 8


Episode 8
Written by author Nath

Rachael’s destiny remained unknown even to herself. She was the epicentre of the questionable surrealism revolving around her schoolmates and disciplinary master. Though she didn’t know about it, but, as a human, she began to suspect everybody, even her parents.

Nonetheless, Mr Kim sat down on a chair inside his apartment after, speechlessly decoding Jimmy’s drawing. However, Jimmy had remained standing, also wallowing in a confusing thought. His rudeness could be seen on his posture: side-bend with a hand rubbing his head haphazardly as if the silence in the room irritated him. Of course keeping quiet, especially at the condition he found himself wasn’t part of his personality. So he approached the master like a rough nigger.

“Sir, we should meet Rachael’s parents oh. This is getting out of hand!”

Mr Kim’s critical educative voice automatically calmed Jimmy’s rough charisma to let him understand, not only the value of education but also the important of critical observation and analysis on a matter like that. “No, master Okenagba” he began. “Come to think of it; whatever that is happening, why is it that we are the one experiencing it?”

Jimmy watched as he stood up again, taking a few step to the door then turned as he continued critically.

“Master Henry’s encounter with the shadow is very clear that it was as a result of the kiss between him and miss Ojile. But I have never, never thought of having an intimacy like that with her neither have you, I presume. So why are we involve in this mystery?” he paused to see Jimmy now thinking like an enducated adult. “Do you get the point now, master Okenagba?” he asked.

“More than ever, sir.” He replied.

“That’s my boy. Your approach to a situation like this does not only define you as a man but as an educated man.” Mr Kim could see Jimmy smiling for the lecture which hardly come by.

“Sir, I have more Ideas; Kris’ encounter is totally different from ours. He didn’t see or hear anything like yoke or yolk while we do. So I think, the person or god showing us this sign is different from the shadow Kris talked about.”

“Bingo!” Mr Kim walked closer to him. “You’re more than accurate. But we still don’t have an idea who Amaya is in order to tackle this mystery.”

“There is only one way to know, and it’s not by meeting Rachael’s parents but by going to the museum for inquiry.”

“That, master Okenagba is the right approach. High five!” Both smiled looking at each other.

“But you’ll be going alone.” Jimmy sadly said.


“My mom needs me at the shop. I’m sorry, sir”

“No problem, keep your head low. I’ll feed you with the details when I come back. Have my phone number.” The master handed his card to the young boy who ran out immediately.
The Sun had begun to nourish humans with it’s vitamin D that Saturday morning when Mrs Okenagba was serving her customers. The restaurant had the features of a fast food joint, neat and sparkling. At the entrance, above, lies a large sign board broadly written ‘Okenagba’s Yummie Kitchen’ with rich images of different African dishes.

The poor widow occasionally stretched her neck from inner bar, hoping to see her son, Jimmy. Just as she anticipated, she sighted two people who entered into the restaurant. They appeared like husband and wife. Not only did their faces look strange, they were also approaching her instead of taking a seat like other customers, wearing natives with the same pattern of design. She paid attention to them when they approached.

“Good morning oh, how may I help you?” the poor woman asked them.

“We want to see your son” the man replied.

“My son?” The woman swallowed hard. What business does her teenage boy has with married people? She thought. “Please, who are you? I hope there is no problem?” she asked.

“We’re Mr and Mrs Ojile” the man replied.

Just then, Jimmy entered to see the mother pointing at him. Mrs Okenagba gave them executive seats at executive department in the restaurant. She watched from a distant how Jimmy sat opposite them, twisting his fingers. Looking at the faces of Rachael’s parents, Jimmy’s heartbeat accelerated coz he thought their daughter had reported to them about his troubles. Nevertheless, he greeted them in his best polite manner then said immediately, “I’m sorry. I’ve even apologised to Rachael for whatever I must have done to her.”

The husband and wife glanced at each other, wondering what he was talking about.

“We don’t know what you’re talking about my dear” Mrs Ojile said. “All we know is that my daughter said you want a relationship with her.”

“And you called her Amaya” the husband added. “How did you come about that name?” he asked.

Jimmy swallowed hard. “It was a slip of tongue” the boy suspected that they didn’t come for the relationship issue alone but something deeper.

“Tell us what you know. Have you been experiencing anything lately.” Mr Ojile said.

Jimmy looked from him to the wife then back to him again. “Rachael is Amaya, isn’t she? How did the name come? And why are you hiding it from her? I’m not even sure if you’re her real parents!”

“Quiet, little boy!” Mr Ojile rebuked him. Even Jimmy felt the gravity of his voice then startled.

“This boy is even rude.” the wife whispered disdainfully.

“We’re here to warn you never to mention to her about anything you’re experiencing or call her by the name ‘Amaya’ again!” Mr Ojile warned. “Let’s go.” he tapped the wife.

“I wanted to consider you as my daughter’s best male friend, but I can see you lack manners. So I don’t want to ever see you around her again! No wonder she hates you.” She hissed then followed her husband up.

“But why are you people keeping this strange thing from her? Who’s she…!” Jimmy never stopped talking as he watched them leave the restaurant. The mother rushed in to have him explained to her what the problem was.

“They warned me to stay away from their daughter. That’s all.” Jimmy explained on a nutshell.
The weekend didn’t go well for the students especially Jimmy who never heard from Mr Kim again. His number was switched off totally, he never found him at his apartment again.

However, Rachael visited Antonia where she complained to her about Jimmy’s sudden change of attitude. She never hesitated to feed her with their last encouterer at the public refuse-bin.

On the same hand, Festus visited Kris, spent the weekend happily and never failed to confess his love for Antonia to him.

Now, Monday which should be a bright day in Ghene High School became a sad day. Students surrounded an ambulance whose trunk was opened and a white casket resting in it. The principle of the school ordered for the casket to be opened with tears in his eyes. Immediately the order was carried out, students busted out in a thunderous cry. Some females even fell on the floor when they saw the corpse inside the casket. Kris and Festus was shedding tears at a corner, far from the ambulance, while Rachael and Antonia cried with the crowd.

Jimmy wasn’t in school, as a matter of fact, he just arrived to see the scenario, wondering when the school turned to a burial avenue. Like a hare, he ran from the gate to Kris.

“What’s going on?” he asked him.

“They brought Mr Kim’s corpse, saying the burial is urgent. He had a fatal accident on his way back from Ghene museum yesterday. He was rushed to the hospital only for him to die last night.”

“No, it’s not true!” Tears engulfed in Jimmy’s eyes as he was running to the ambulance. Already, the casket had been closed. Jimmy pushed through the crowd to open the casket by himself, but men blocked him. “Please, I want to see him, it can’t be him. I beg you in the name of God!” the tears finally began to pour like rain. Out of pity, the men opened the casket again. Jimmy saw Mr Kim lying dead in it with white cotton in his nostrils and his head badly wounded. He screamed! His voice became a catalyst for other students to cry the more.

Jimmy knew one thing; anything that must have killed Mr Kim was about the information he got from the museum, and he would be the next online..

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