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Baby And Me – Episode 36

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BABY AND ME Episode 36

♡♡♡Seo Yoona♡♡♡

I had decided to take Yoo Ran’s advice and stop ₱ush!ng people away because I was s¢ar£d to get hurt, disappo!nted and all those oth£r crappy feel!ngs so I decided to let people !n one by one, !nclud!ng my fath£r h¡mself even though h£ was th£ reason beh!nd my f**ked upness. h£ had apologized and said all th£ th!ngs I wanted to h£ar from h¡m all those years ago. Even though I was all grown up and stronger than before, I realised that I still needed my fath£r, even at th£ age of 23 I still wanted and needed my fath£r, h£ wanted to make up for all those times I was alone and h£ wasnt th£re for me. I was not ready and I’m not sure I would ever be ready to be with h¡s family. Han Seo h£e and h£r son, were people that triggered my negativity so I wanted to keep th£m away from me as far as possible, my relationship with my fath£r was m©r£ than enough.

I had decided to keep th£ baby and muster up th£ courage to tell Blair Taylor ab©vt it, I hadnt gotten @r0vnd to that yet and I hadnt seen h¡m !n weeks too, I missed h¡m terribly, j√$t see!ng h¡s face

Fath£r “are you fvll?” We were at th£ Japanese restaurant hav!ng some lunch because I had been crav!ng th£ir curry all day and th£re was noth!ng major happen!ng at th£ hospital so I decided to go hang ©vt with th£ chairman

Me “can I order some for wh£n I get home? I have a feel!ng I’ll be want!ng m©r£ later” h£ chuckled

Fath£r “you really like th£ir food dont you?”

Me “I love all k!nds of food”

Fath£r “you were always like that” I laugh£d

Me “really?”

Fath£r “mm, s!nce you were !n your moth£r’s belly…$h£ would never stop eat!ng and $h£’s always blame you” I smiled fa!ntly, th!nk!ng ab©vt my own child grow!ng |ns!de me, h£/$h£ was do!ng th£ same th!ng to me, mak!ng me eat twice as much as I usually did. I called th£ waiter ordered some food for both Yoo Ran and I th£n dad paid

Me “we should get go!ng before th£y call me !n”

Fath£r “aahh th£ joys of be!ng a doctor”

Me “I love it ”

Fath£r “I am so proud of you”

Me “really?”

Fath£r “yes, everyth!ng you have achieved is from your own abilities, no h£lp from me”

Me “thats how I always wanted it to be”

Fath£r “I’m proud of you” I smiled and took th£ order, feel!ng happy that my dad was proud of me

We made our way ©vt of th£ restaurant but I stopped !n my tracks wh£n I saw Jude at one th£ table with J!nHo oppa, h£ looked at me too and I felt a pa!n my ch£st, I missed h¡m terribly and th£ baby |ns!de me made me love h¡m even m©r£. I did everyth!ng !n my power to stop myself from runn!ng over to h¡m and j√$t lett!ng h¡m hold me

Fath£r “everyth!ng okay?”

Me “oh…yes fath£r, everyth!ng is okay” I dragged my feet towards th£ door, bl!nk!ng [email protected]¢k th£ tears. My fath£r drove me [email protected]¢k to work, with a klzz on th£ ch£ek, I was ©vt of th£ car and walk!ng to my office.

Lucky for me, Lee Mi Ho was not !n th£re, I slumped on th£ couch and cried a little, I was hurt!ng over Jude and feel!ng stupid ab©vt my actions…I ₱u$h£d h¡m awau for someth!ng so stupid and little, I rejected h¡s love over noth!ng and now I may have lost h¡m forever because of my stupidity! I grabb£d my phone and called h¡m on impulse

Operator “th£ number you have dialed does not exist” tears welled up !n my eyes aga!n as I cut th£ call and s1©wly rem©v£d th£ phone from my ear. While still be!ng an emotional wreck !n th£ office, I got a call from th£ !ntern !n Ho, I was needed !n th£ emergency room. I stood up and wiped my tears, straightened my posture and walked ©vt to th£ world, like I was f!ne and not a complete wreck!

♡♡♡Jude Howard♡♡♡

3 days later…..

I was now m©r£ conv!nced than anyth!ng that Seo Yoona did not love me, th£ way $h£ looked at me at that Japanese place th£n carried on walk!ng as if I wasnt th£re, as if my pres£nce did not affect h£r showed me that I had been wast!ng my time. $h£ was done, $h£ was through and mov!ng on! I had to do th£ same, for th£ sake of my daughter and my peace of m!nd.

It was on a weekend, my baby and I were j√$t chill!ng !n thr house, $h£ was safely tucked next to h£r daddy watch!ng cartoons and laugh!ng h£r h£ad off. With h£r juice mug !n [email protected] and a beer !n m!ne, we were hav!ng th£ ultimate lazy day. Th£ cartoon were funny though and I was enjoy!ng th£m too. Th£ doorbell rang, I grabb£d my computer to see who was at th£ door, I couldnt see th£ person properly so I got off th£ couch and went to answer at th£ door

Me “who is it?”

Person “Brooks Gh£ller”

Me “what? How th£ h£ll did you f!nd me!!”

Brooks “please let me !n and we’ll talk” curiousity got th£ better of me so I opened th£ gate. I waited by th£ door and !n a few seconds th£re was a knock, I opened and th£re h£ was, a tall guy stood beh!nd h¡m

Brooks “may we come !n?” I stepped aside and th£y walked !n, what th£ f**k was happen!ng?! Did Chase meddle !n my life aga!n and tell h¡m wh£re I lived?

Me “so…shall we jump right !nto it th£n?”

Brooks “cant we even sit?”

Me “do whatever you like s!nce you wont be stay!ng long” h£ sat d©wΠ and th£ guy stood next to h¡m. I went to sit next to my door, h£r [email protected] were up want!ng me to take h£r so I put h£r on my lap

Brooks “I was told you have a daughter, th¡s must be h£r”

Me “how did you f!nd me?”

Brooks “your friend had told me but lately h£ didnt want to share any !nformation ab©vt you with me. Someth!ng ab©vt bro code, not want!ng to mess up your life and oth£r th!ngs…I can understand that so I got h£lp from people who can be paid to give ©vt !nformation but s!nce I already had your address it wasnt that [email protected]” I breath£d ©vt a sigh, at least Chase knew that h£ shouldnt meddle !n my life anym©r£

Me “so? What do you want? 24 years later, you’re h£re !n my house, all th£ way from th£ States…why do you want me so badly now?”

Brooks “you can imag!ne my shock wh£n I bumped !nto an old friend of m!ne ab©vt 2 months ago, at a bus!ness trip !n Europe, asked me how my child was do!ng, and wh£th£r Ela!ne gave birth to a girl or a boy” I looked at h¡m feel!ng confused

Me “what on earth are you talk!ng ab©vt?”

Brooks “your moth£r and I dated for a couple of months, I was sure $h£ was th£ ‘one’ but $h£ obviously had oth£r ideas, I was broke and work!ng odd jobs while study!ng wh£n $h£ left me for an older and much wealthier man….” th¡s suddenly felt like deja vu, Leila had done th£ same th!ng to me “$h£ left and never looked [email protected]¢k, I worked my a$$ off, tak!ng part time work, volunteer!ng at local radio stations…I had noth!ng wh£n I started Gh£ller productions, my abusive fath£r and drunk of a moth£r couldnt have ¢ar£d less ab©vt me or my younger sibl!ngs. It was up to me to make a change for all of us, to ensure that we got ©vt of th£ slumps, I did it for th£m and f!nally after my [email protected] work, blood sweat and tears, over years of try!ng and fail!ng, [email protected]||!ng over and hav!ng to get up aga!n, tak!ng a step forward th£n hav!ng to take ten [email protected]¢k, I became th£ Brooks Gh£ller everyone knows now…produc!ng thousands of films, tv shows, radio shows, movies and everyth!ng else” I listened to h¡s story attentively, want!ng to know wh£re I fit !nto all of th¡s…..

Brooks “at th£ age of 30 I got married, not for love but to grow my legacy, it wasnt much [email protected]¢k th£n but th!ngs were happen!ng and I knew that Gh£ller Productions would be big one day so I needed an h£ir to carry on with th£ family bus!ness. Two years after th£ marriage, my wife died while giv!ng birth to our baby girl”

Me “so you have a daughter?” h£ nodded

Brooks “$h£ is still a teenager though…but anyway I have lived my wh0l£ life know!ng that I have j√$t one child, unaware that th£ time your moth£r left me, $h£ was already pregnant with you but $h£ never told me and I only found ©vt ab©vt you, two months ago from th£ friend. I was angry at your moth£r for keep!ng you from me, so I tracked h£r d©wΠ…I hadnt spoken to th£ woman !n years! I found h£r married with two kids but none of those kids were you. I asked h£r ab©vt my child and $h£ told me that $h£ had put h£rself !n th£ adoption process so wh£n $h£ gave birth to a h£althy baby boy, $h£ gave you away !n a closed adoption”

Me “oh…..”

Brooks “Jude…I spent an entire month look!ng for you, putt!ng my best people on th£ job, from th£ hospital you were born !n…f!nd!ng ©vt that your adoptive parentd died, your records of my child, my son…bounc!ng @r0vnd !n th£ foster home system, you go!ng to NYU….th£n f!nd!ng you after NYU was th£ [email protected]…but what was even m©r£ [email protected] was f!nd!ng ©vt you died with your daughter while on Holiday !n Italy”

Me “you tried that [email protected] to f!nd me?”

Brooks “of course son, your moth£r took away someth!ng very precious from me, though $h£ did not love me, $h£ could have atleast let me raise you”

Me “how were you go!ng to do that? You said it yourself, you were broke and struggl!ng, desperate to build an empire, f**ked up parents and sibl!ngs to take ¢ar£ of, what were you go!ng to do with me?”

Brooks “I would have found a way Jude, I never would have turned my [email protected]¢k on you, your moth£r robb£d me, $h£ robb£d us! You have no idea how happy I was wh£n your friend approach£d me, h£ar!ng you were still alive made me weep with joy but you hurt me by ₱ush!ng me away” I didnt know what to do or say, it felt good to know that my fath£r never abandoned me, guess my daughter both had th£ bad luck of hav!ng f**ked up moms

Me “I h£ar you and I’m sorry I came off so cold”

Brooks “your friend told me everyth!ng and I understand…I j√$t had to meet you my son” I smiled fa!ntly and looked at Reign as $h£ snuggled up closer to me….I guess it was a good day!

To be cont!nued…

©Samuel Boateng & Michael A Michael

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