Baby JJ my Sunshine episode 21 – 24




🎈 CHAPTER 21&22🎈



welcome back home Mr JULIA the taxi driver greeted I hope nobody find out that I’m coming home today because I want to make it a surprise visit to them Mr Alex ask ”

no ,what you’re my buddy forget the cause of the problem you’re trying and you always told me that I should forget the fact and that is what I’m forgetting right now you call me your friend and I am willing to hide any secrets just to make sure that I favour you , the taxi driver said

welcome back home Alex I really miss you thank God that you decided to come back home I guess is because of baby right you miss your baby sister,he said

I haven’t seen her for a very long time that’s why I came back home, including my parents ,you and for the fact that I miss home Alex said

hey come on man slow down slow down you came back with private jet so slow down nobody will notice that you just arrived side your crazy fans won’t found out ,I make sure of that ,

the taxi driver said hurrying to catch up with him you know all this model they walk very fast

as soon as he said that Mr Alex turn and look at him and said come on buddy I trust you Andrew okay just hurry up you’re supposed to understand it my fans are very very crazy when they find me here bet me am going to faint Alex said

you are crazy man Andrew said and they laughed

they entered the car and drove off successfully without attracting any fans .




good morning Nanny baby greeted”

how are you nanny ask?

I’m fine and how is my mum and dad have they gone to work this morning I bet they left because this is weekend baby muttered and her nanny smiled

no they are home she replied ”

so nanny what are we having this morning because I’m so so hungry you know I am miss foodie ,I am starving ,I don’t ever ask you about that I’m really hungry and I need to eat baby pouted ”

calm down baby ok don’t worry I’m preparing breakfast Already just go over there and sit nanny said ”

okay nanny she said slowly before walking away ,

Door bell

ding ding ding ,

who is that baby thought ,

she stood up lazily and walk to the door

she opened the door and was shocked to see someone she wasn’t expecting to ever be there what !!! am I dreaming ?

she rub her fingers on her eyes to make sure that she’s not dreaming and when she open her eyes she still see the person there and immediately she shouted happily and hug the person ,big brother !!! she yell jumping on him

her brother look at her and smile rubbing her bum gently my baby you have grown so big oh my God and I believe you eat too much that’s why you get so big ,come on let’s go in,side he said and drag her in

nanny nanny baby keep on yelling big brother is back he’s back I’m so happy he called us yesterday I don’t know that he was trying to surprise us mum and dad will be so surprise as I am she shouted happily

the nanny walk out from the kitchen and was surprised to see him and Alex smiled and rushed to her and gave her a warm hug Nanny you haven’t look old even a bit you are still as I can still remember vividly he complimented ”

making mrs kate to blush ” awwn

Mr and Mrs Julia who was hearing the noise from their room went downstairs to know what is happening and was surprised to find out that their son is back what ! how come? am I dreaming Mr Julia said and his wife turned to him honey is real Alex is back Julia said and hug her son I miss you so much son she said”

I miss you too son she replied and smile , come and sit down ,she said

Alex turn to his dad ,my buddy ,my man I f×¢king miss you ,he said and his dad laugh before hugging him

but that was interupted when nanny gave him a knock , and he turn ,

what was that for nanny ,he ask faking a painful m0×n ,

language don’t you know your sister is here ,she asked ,

making Alex look at baby but she wasn’t looking at them she was scattering his bag ,

big brother she called immediately ,

and he answered ,

what did you buy for me ,she ask because she couldn’t find anything ,

Alex smiled ,come here , darling ,that bag over there ,he said referring to a very big bag fulled with some stuffs ,

it belongs to you baby j he said scattering her hair and she hug him immediately thanks brother ,

you are welcome I got all your favorite snacks ,foods,clothes ,shoes , and the others he said , making her smile more

I will be back she said and turn to her nanny ,

nanny help me please I need that in my room right now she said clamly while her nanny nodded and follow her with the heavy bag ,

Come and sit son mr julia said

no mrs julia said and glare at her husband ,

before turning to her son

please son don’t mind your father he is a block head ,let’s go to your room I will prepare your bath and bring your food after eating then you rest okay ,

she said and drag his bag upstairs why he smiles and follow , feeling so happy to be home

home ,home home sweet home he mumbled ,

as they walk in,side ,

while mr julia rub his head before smile

my boy is know all grown ,big and responsible what else could I ask for ,he said and smile .

🎈 CHAPTER 23&24🎈


So dad you want to tell me that you want baby to get engaged to the so call boy because he is cold hearted Alex ask very angry

please son forgive us is not a force oooh ,if she see him and she doesn’t like or want then is fine by me I won’t force her mr julia explained

and Alex sign

okay just invite his family with the boy and we will just tell her that we want them to get engaged and live together for sometime if she disagree then nobody should bother my baby j Alex conclude ”

exactly thank you son atleast the family will know that I have done my own part ,thank God you came back home I have missed you ,mr julia smiled

I miss you too dad ,I miss everyone I have been very busy and that sweet sixteen years old baby j is whom I missed most he said ”

so you choose that good package of trouble than me and your mum mr julia ask and frown playfully

making Alex to laugh out loud

common dad you know I love her so much I can do anything for her ,I just love her ,her cute face so adorable and her being naive is more beautiful Alex said and wink imagining baby face laughing

and that made his dad to give him a knock

And he stopped immediately smiling

let me call him now mr julia said


phone calls **

hello Mr Julia the voice greeted ”

hi I just wanted to tell you to come with your son tommorow so my daughter can see him so when I tell her about the engagement if she agrees your luck ,if she don’t ,then is not my fault I have tried my best for you ,just for you mr julia said

oooh mine thank you man thanks I will forever be grateful the man said and mr julia nodded as if he is seeing him before cutting the calls


bob whatsup carter ask his friend who looks all moody ,

nothing actually but my dad said I should come back that he has something important to discuss with me ,bob answered ”

Hmmm then how is that a problem ?

meaning ?

don’t say that to me I mean how is sending you over to talk a problem ,carter ask with a scoff

well I just feel like he just wants to disturb me with all his commands again Bob said and look away

while carter bursted into laughter ”

why are you laughing at me ,you are not a good friend bob yell

making carter to stop laughing and look at him for a while ,

listen I told you to wise up ,if he tells you anything prove to him that you are a man and can’t be controlled ,my father or mother wouldn’t try this nonesense with me ,when they tried it the last time ,they got it hot from me ,carter said boostly ,

while Bob was just staring at him speechlessly,

so what do you think I should do bob ask ”

good question carter exclaimed ”

I want you to. ………..but that was interupted when his phone rings

and it turns out to be his dad and he frown

hello dad he greeted

hi son ,how are you,I want you to come to the house tommorow we are going somewhere and remember to dress and and act like a college student ,his dad said ,

okay whatever dad he replied and hang up ,…

and carter face bob ,

why would dad said I should come tomorrow and dress well that we are going out ,carter ask loudly ,

is that what he said ,bob ask ”


what ! that’s exactly what my dad told me when he called bob said and silence follows

they kept quiet and was lost in their own worlds of thought.


baby ,can I come in Alex ask ”

sure big brother you don’t have to knock you are always welcome into my room baby said while he smiled ,

I heard some voices who are you talking to Alex ask as he walk in and smile on seeing what he brought for her scattered on the bed I guess she is checking them out he thought

yes brother I was chatting with my friends through vedio call I was showing them what you got for me And they were so jealous ,sawyer even said she would steal my clothes but am going to hide them no way baby pouted and explain happily ”

don’t worry she won’t take it ,I am here I will protect you okay ,he said and k×ss her forehead and she smiled

brother I use to watch you almost everyday in your movie ,you are so handsome ,hot and talented ,all the american citizens loves you brother and I can’t wait to burst about that in school and you will take me to school because you are back now baby said in a commanding tone .

making Alex to laugh and nodded I will baby j anything for my baby , come let me take you out , maybe to see movie or anything but you know am using mask he said and wink

yes brother thank you she said happily smiling and jumping

while Alex shake his head because of her childishness.


dad see am not coming why can’t you just let me be ,Angelo yell over the phone while eddy just stare

you don’t have any right to tell me that just let me be that was the exact reason why I left home so why bothering my life angelo said , glaring at the cupboard in his room

Angelo just calm down please we want you to do that okay ,his dad said

what ? and his dad said something to him and he shouted ”

what !!! and his phone felled and drop on the bed making the call to cut

he was speechless and eddy wondered what exactly was going on .

So mr julia already told Alex

And Bob was called by his parent

carter was also called at home

then what exactly does Angelo parent said to him

who do you think the boy would be

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