November 29, 2021

Billie And Harmony Episode 13




Billie was trembling in fear as they waited outside the surgery room where his Dad was. His mom had few injuries and had been taken care of. But the doctor had told him his father’s condition was far more critical as he had broken his legs and a iron metal pierced into his heart.

The surgeon said it was 50/50 percent that he’s going to make it alive or not. It made him scared, he just didn’t want to loose his dad yet, even though they fought a lot he is one of the best people in his life he cherished and could do anything for him to be safe.

Harmony who was beside him, saw his hand shaking and laced her fingers with his squeezing them lightly in a way to remind him that she was there and will always be. That he has a shoulder to cry on whenever.

Billie gritted his teeth clenching his hand not realizing he was hurting the poor girl until she couldn’t take it anymore, she voiced out. He looked over with worry written over his face.

“I’m so sorry ”

“It’s fine it’s not your fault ” she cuts in and smiled at him, Billie returned the gesture but it didn’t reach his eyes.

He was clearly disturbed, sad and scared.

“You need fresh air, standing here won’t help you. ” Harmony said.


can go, I’ll stay “he replied not looking at her.

“I only suggested because I felt it my help ease of the tension a little bit. “she sighed.
“Dad’s gonna be Bill “she patted his shoulder.

“Mom might be awake, let’s go “he said and step away leaving the vicinity, Harmony followed him.

An hour later
“Mr Wellington, can I have a word with you in private ” the surgeon enter his mom’s ward and called out for Billie.

He stood up immediately and followed the doctor out of the room.

Harmony looked over to Aurora and said to her smiling. “I’m glad you are okay, Mom ”

Aurora smiled and muttered a thank you.

“please tell me my Father is okay ”

“He’s fine, the surgery was successful but I have a bad news. ”

He was relieved but he couldn’t help but worry wondering what the bad news is.


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heart his very weak, I’m afraid he can’t last than a month”

His heart dropped, he can’t last than a month?

“Thank you Dr ”

“My pleasure “the doctor said and left him alone in the middle of the hallway..

He walked back to his mother’s room dejected.

“What did the doctor say? ” Harmony and Aurora asked in unison.

“He’s fine, the surgery was successful. ”

“Then why are you sad? ” his mom asked

“I’m not sad ”

“You can’t lie to me, I know you so well ”

“Mother please, don’t stress yourself over that.You need rest ”

“But… ”

“Mom, he said he’s fine don’t worry about him now but worry about yourself, the Doctor said you need rest. ”

“Okay, okay you should quit the lecture I’ll rest when I want to. ” she huffed at the couple.

Three Days later
His parents were discharged from the hospital, but his Dad had check up everyday in the house.
He was place on a wheel chair as he couldn’t walk properly yet.

During these days, Harmony and Billie stayed with them and hadn’t gone home.

“Billie you forgot your phone” Harmony shouted as Billie was about to enter the cab. He was going to get them food to eat since both of them can’t cook and Billie mom isn’t strong yet.

“Thanks bunny “he collected his phone and kissed her cheek smiling at her.

She blushed as she watch him enter the cab. She walked back inside, meeting Aurora by the door.


two….did something happen? “she smirked raising her eyebrows.

Harmony cheeks turned red and her thought flew back to the previous night.

Harmony laid on the bed pretending to be asleep while Billie was on the sofa doing something on his phone. Probably talking to one of his clients, she knew not.

Billie had sold more of his paintings to pay for his parent’s hospital bill and had been working hard to have more done before they ran out of cash.

Harmony was getting angry now and she tossed and turned around on the bed.
Billie noticed this and chucked to himself. He dropped his phone not before putting it off and walked to the bed.

He grabbed her wrist. “Hey I’m here now “he smiled. Harmony opened her eyes and deep blue eyes bore into hers.

Billie leaned in and kissed her nose. “What do you want Bunny ”

“You ” she blurted out.

“Oh you want me for dinner, I see “he teased, Harmony hit him on chest.

“I want you to cuddle with me ”

“Well I want something else if you don’t mind. ”

“What? ”

He climbed the bed and played with her hair. “I want to make love to you. ”

He waits for her response. She surprised him by saying. “I’m not wearing any clothes see “she removed the duvet off her body leaving her [email protected]

“Wow nice ” Billie smiled. “Now you have to take off mine too ”

Last night, she felt like she was in heaven. Her screams were loud, she was surprised Aurora didn’t hear her.

“Well I’m going to have a baby soon “she said and Aurora gasp.

“What? Are you pregnant? “Her Mom who was just entering but heard her shouted as she walked to them.

“Mom!!” she squealed and ran to hug her.

“I miss you “she beamed.

“Me too, now tell me young lady will I be a grandma soon?”

“I don’t know, but Billie says I’ll be pregnant because we had s£x yesterday ”

“Oh dear, you don’t say those out. They are supposed to be between you and your husband. Do you understand? ”

She nods at her mother. Her mother walked to Aurora hugging her saying she is glad she’s okay.

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