Broken Home

Broken home episode 8

(Unknown Fate)

……While in the plane, I could barely enjoy the flight ,and the joy of flying in a plane for the first time wasn’t there, I wasn’t comfortable with the journey for some strange reasons, couple with the fact that my sister wasn’t with me….my mind went to Grace, how would she live alone without me, my sister wasn’t use to not having me around, who will be her friend, sister and mother, knowing fully well our Mother wasn’t the best of mothers….
Again my mind flashed to dad, it’s been months and he hadn’t checked up on us, what could have been the reason, what could have happened, was he angry at mom, but even if he was angry at mom, he still comes to visit I and Grace, I prayed all was well with dad.

Again I imagined what my life will be in Europe, how would Madam gold treat me, I pray she doesn’t maltreat me like aunty Sarah did, oh no, she looks nice, I encouraged myself… I tried to relax and enjoyed the journey, I was alre-ady on my way, there was nothing I could do…..
Having stayed such long hours in the air, we finally arrived Europe. Well it is a beautiful place indeed,,but I somehow felt those who come to Nigeria and told us tales somehow exaggerated things,,it is a beautiful country, but I still preferred Nigeria if I were to chose,,, ,or maybe I failed to see the beauty of the country because my loved ones were all at home in Nigeria..
Some minutes after our arrival, a beautiful white car c@m£ and took us to madam gold house, the house was beautifully furnished, and had about 20 girls living there.

Nikky, madam gold called
yes madam, the beautiful girl answered
take this apple to your room, referring to me
apple oya follow me,,,I didn’t know why madam gold referred to me as an apple, I just thought probably she had forgotten my name, I was to share a room with three other girls, making us four….
“Find space put your things”,Nikky said
is this my room I had ask and she responded “no be only your room, this is our room, you are just coming, that makes you a squatter”, I looked at her, but didn’t know what to do… I was able to secure a space, and then I dropped my bag..I had my bath, I was given a plate of foreign food, I ate and sle-pt….
When it was morning, I observed that only few of the girls were around, others started coming back one after the other…
The girls ate, had their bath and slept, obviously they were exhausted..
Soon it was 8pm, the girls started getting ready to go out like the previous night, madam gold asked me to go and change into something finer, that I shall be going out with them,, I did went in and changed, oblivious of where we were going…

“What is this you are wearing?” Madam gold roared, she had changed into a completely different person, from my mother’s supposed friend into a beast, come on will you go and put on something S-xy and beautiful, she shouted
ma this is my best cloth ma, genuflecting as I spoke
“what nons-en-se, do you think are we going to church?… She asked

I stood there, not knowing what next to say…
Spicy, madam gold called another girl, get something good for her from other girls,
okay ma,the girl said and left, she c@m£ back later and handed me a bomb sh0t which was more of a P@nt, And t©p with was more of just a br@.
Ma, I can’t put this on, I am almost n-ked,,,I politely declined but that’s the idea,you should look almost n-ked, totally n-ked if possible, so that good men will st©p for you…
Men, men, I don’t un-derstand ma, what are you talking about, I said
“yes,men,,good men, you are a pros-ti-tute, and so are others, you sleep with men to make cool cash, you have to give your best,so that they keep coming for more,,and you are to pay me the sum of 9million for everything I spent bringing you here”
What?? I exclaimed what are you talking about madam gold?, this wasn’t what we bargained for,you told I and my mom that I coming here to work in a supermarket, that was why my mom allowed me in the first place…..
Supermarket??…Madam gold bur-st into laughter…. The one your mother or your father owns here right,,,my dear st©p the acting, you may not know, but your mother knows, I told her everything you were coming here to do, and she agreed, i am not one of those sponsors who lies and deserve girls here, but i am different, I tell you just the way it is,if you can no problem, if you can’t ,no problem…
But ma,I can’t do this, plea-se I beg of you,I am just a child,,, I pleaded,
my dear Bella,am sorry there is nothing you can do about it,my money can not go to waste,,,, she said…
I shall pay you ma,plea-se I shall look for a job, and pay you every kobo you spent on me,,,,I said
so you think this is the street of Benin that you will be walking anyhow looking for job, who will give you a good job without your papers and educational qualifications, by the way why all these drama,you and I know you are not a vir-gin.this isn’t your first time,I mean,if someone was able to repeatedly have you for free and you didn’t speak out because you enjoyed it, why won’t you allow those that will pay good money have you.?

When she said that, I felt dead, I couldn’t believe mom told her about the r@p£, even ma-king me the guilty one….I starred at her as she kept talking…
Bella, you wouldn’t want to fall on my bad side, I will frustrate you, kill you and nothing would happen, you wouldn’t want to mess with me,,she had said….. I could see the seriousness in her voice and eyes,I nodded my head affirmatively that I understood all she had said….
So just relax and sit, you are my VIP, new ,young and fresh, even though you are no longer a vir-gin, that place is still fresh because it hasn’t been used so much,,,, come here she said, unZi-p your short let me see your vjj, referring and pointing to my pri-vate p@rt,,,
excuse me ma?
excuse you what, she said, the client coming for you, is one of my VIPs customer, he likes there neat and clean. But ma, trying to remind her that there were people there, two guys and a girl, and so she said, pu-ll off joor, I slowly did, feeling so ashamed,,,
Good job Bella, you p@ssed, you are a very neat girl, she said smiling..
Minutes later, a tall hvge man c@m£, and I was asked to follow him then I heard him say
“woow madam gold this is new and fresh, he said”
Andy I told you I have a special package for you, specially designed for you,VIP
sweet potato, no problem, let me go and do justice…
Carry go, she’s yours..

We got to a room I supposed is his,he quic-kly undressed himself, and was doing same to me, my head taken me back to the night uncle Clement deflowered me ,the pains and all, It was affecting me psychologically,
plea-se Sir, I can’t do this, plea-se, plea-se,,,

“Oh the stubborn ones, just how I like them”, he said smiling to me,,,he dragged me to the be-d, r0ûghly re-moved my clothes, held me by my hair and was f0rç£fully having his way.
Although I was not a vir-gin, but its been two years after uncle Clement deflowered me, my b©dy system was still not so open, did I say I felt pain the day uncle Clement defiled me, ohh it was nothing compared to what I felt that day, I died and c@m£ back to life,,,
I cried,I cried,I cried until there was no tear left in my eyes,I wished I was never born,I hated my very own life… My pleads and tears fell on deaf ears,my wailings were actually sweet melodies to him.. It’s been more than 50 minutes, this man was yet to get off me,I was almost dying,I couldn’t breath well, the pains from him pu-lling my hair was one, his weight on me was another, and his r@p£ was the worse, I was helpless and knew I could die if I didn’t do anything,,
I cried for help, but nob©dy c@m£, luckily for me,I was able to reach for a bottle of wine and hit it on his head,,,,he screamed in pains,fell off me,and blood was gushing out,,,,
I got up from the be-d in panic, not knowing what to do next…

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(Agonizing Moments)

..Looking at Andy in pains, I didn’t know what to do,I couldn’t leave either, I do not know anywhere around..,.I reached for his phone,and searched for Madam gold’s number,I called her and she picked, I told her Andy was in pains,,,,,she obviously knew where we were,she was with us in no time, in company of two guys,,he was rushed to a medical center,thankfully it was a minor injury,,,,
Madam Gold was very mad at me,I was beaten by one of the guys, after which,the other guy was made to r@p£ me in the pres£nce of everyone in the house, some held my hands, others held my leg wi-de open like a woman in labour room, he had me until he was satisfied, I cried in aguish, it felt like my heart st©pped beating,I p@ssed out,,,

oh I was happy I had died,that the pains were over at last,not until I was revived, oh how I hated to be alive….I was like a person shouting alone in the wilderness, the more I asked for help,the more broken I was,,,I begged madam gold to call my mother,I had honestly thought I would die, I just wanted to hear Gracie’s voice before my last breath,,, she obliged, and started telling mom,how disappointed she was in me,that I almost killed her VIP client, mom asked to speak to me, I was very happy, that a word of comfort will console my weeping soul, but immediately mom was on to me, she started shouting

“Bella,what’s your problem, why have you chos£n to cause me pain,are you a baby,what’s S-x,that you can not handle, S-x that girls less your age enjoy, you turn yours to a problem, if it’s to do it for free and keep quiet you can, now that you are to do it to make money and better our lives, you are acting like Mary the mother of Christ,see let me tell you, if Madam gold brings you back to Nigeria, I swear,I will kill you with my ba-re hands,rubbish, useless child”.
she ended the call,she didn’t even hear me out,the only word i said was hello,I didn’t even talk to Grace, it was obvious I was finished…

Days later, Andy was back again, asking for me,getting to his house,he chained my hands to the be-d,and started to ride on me like an horse,there wasn’t anything I could do,so I just allowed him have his way I was completely numb all through..

Madam gold was the one feeding and housing me,I wasn’t collecting any money from the clients, they paid directly to her,,, Not too long I made a friend amongst the girls.

Itohan was two years older than me, she was 18,she would always encourage me, she had come freshly when she was 17,apparently a year ago,her parents weren’t even aware she had left home, she only called to tell them were she was some months after she had arrived, meanwhile her parents back home were looking for her, and had declared her missing,, she just finished her waec according to her, and she was somehow linked to madam gold, and decided she wanted to come to Italy,,, I was just starring at her as she spoke, indeed life is a misery, what one person so much de-sire,is what another calls rag…So you mean you had a perfect and complete family, your both parent living together, you just finished high school, your parent were ready to s£nd you to higher institution, yet you chose this path,,,I asked in surprised

“of course yes,,,this is having fun and ma-king money too she had replied me,,,I managed to fake a smile,

well my dear, what you had was perfect,, even in my imperfect life, I didn’t chose this path, my mom did,,,,

Well ,you are here already,you just have to deal with it, you been stubborn will do you more harm than good, madam gold is a rootless person,if anything happens to you here, you will have yourself to blame,…

Thanks IT, that’s Itohan for short….
I soon had my own phone,and the first person I called was dad, but his number wasn’t connecting, I was really worried this time,it’s been months, what could be going on,I called mom,who happens to be very proud of me this days,madam gold was s£nding money to her every now and then
“have you heard from dad-has he come visiting,?”I asked

“No ohhh,that one, I have always told you he is good for nothing, he doesn’t love us, he doesn’t care either, plea-se forget him,and focus on your sister and I, we are the only ones who truly and really love you”…

Those words of yours are not true mom,and you know it,the only persons that loves me genuinely are my sister and father,for dad to have stayed this long without coming to check on us simply means something is wrong,you only claim to love me now because money has been coming your way,,,please give the phone to Grace I said.

Gracie are how you doing?

“Bellaaaaa,am fine,how are you, I have really missed you,mom told me you are doing great there, that you work in a big supermarket, you live like a queen, Bella, come and take me too, I want to be there,,,,”

Oh mother,I thought within,she has painted a Paradise picture of my life in Europe, making my baby sister wished she was here,oh if only she knew the hell I was living in….

Gracie, I managed to speak,don’t believe anything mom tells you about Italy, it isn’t as exciting as she is ma-king it sounds,,,plea-se,don’t think of coming here,just focus on your studies, I will work h@rd,just so you can go to any university of your choice,and study any course you so de-sire, promise me Gracie, plea-se promise me you will work h@rd and make me proud,you are my source of inspiration, you are my drive, I endure all pains just so I can put smiles on your face,plea-se Gracie, be the woman I wasn’t able to be,,

One more thing,do not allow any one t©uçh you like uncle Clement did,I may be far from you,but i am close to you,your big sister is always here to listen whenever you need someone to talk to,just flash me,and I will call you back plea-se Gracie,,,,

I was alre-ady in tears, so was she,it felt like the time I was leaving for Europe,,, my sister was my all…..
I have alre-ady resigned to my fate and destiny, I was slee-ping with different men,at least five a day,on some good days as we called it, I could have S-x with 8_10 men a day, doing all sought of things, the pains was still in me, despite how I tried to come to terms with it, I knew this wasn’t the life I planned, and it was heart breaking living a life I didn’t intend to, no thanks to my mom…..

I am a beautiful girl, at least so they say, my beauty attracted so many men to me,its been 18months,and I was doing well in my payment, I had gone far in paying madam gold,I was also a very good girl,I would take care of the whole house, sweep,mop,clean and cook especially during weekends,I hadn’t lost my respect either, these and many more,made madam gold loved me,she decided to reduce my payment to 6millon,but it was between me and her,she had taken me like a daughter (scoffs a sex slaved daughter)

“You are a good child, with such an amazing personality, you don’t deserve all these,your mother is Just too greedy to see the blessing she has as a child” she said one day. Thank you very much madam gold….I responded with a scurry look


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