Called By Jesus

Called By Jesus – episode 9

Episode 9
The next day was Sunday and I was already getting ready for church and talking about church I haven’t step my feet in the church since that night I sang. I quickly wore my clothes and went downstairs for breakfast. Angel Michael was there standing staring at my television.
It’s called a television not magic.
Everything created by man is black magic
(I laughed) OK I have heard you. Come let’s eat breakfast I’m late for church.
are we still eating the food we ate last night?
Its breakfast we are having, and it bread and tea rice is too heavy for breakfast you might end up sleeping in church if you eat that kind of a meal.
Open your heart so you could see what the lord is going to show you. And let your heart be free from doubt.(he said changing the subject)
Alight but I hope I don’t end up embarrassing myself
embarrass yourself? God’s blessing isn’t an embarrassment teresita.
I’m sorry I said that. Can we have breakfast now?
He didn’t say anything but walked to the dinning room, I bless the food and I took a bite on my own bread, he stare at me before he took a slice too and turn it left and right before he said.
What is this called?
Bread and that’s tea, you take a bite on the bread and sip the tea before nor to burn your l-ips is very hot.
He bite the bread and sip the cup of tea
this is good too.
I smiled and continued my food, what he said about opening my eyes to see what God wanted to show me borders me a lot
Around 7:00am on the dot we were already in church, I opened my car door and carried my hand bag before getting down I went to the other side and opened the door for Angel Michael. Right from the entrance people were already staring at me, some ran to touch me I was shocked when my pastor came to greet me I was already feeling embarrassed, I greeted them all with a smile on my face before we walked into the church. I went to sit at the very end where I always like to hide myself till the service ended but our pastor came and told me I was a special person and the lord has prepare a sit for me on the podium stand. How can I leave Michael to go sit else where he was suppose to guide me through this service isn’t it?
Daddy, I’m grateful but I would prefer to sit back here with my guest
(He shook hands with Michael) welcome my son.
I couldn’t help but chuckles if he knew who he had just called a son he wouldn’t have said that.
Michael told me to follow him that where I was sitting wasn’t my sit so I got up and follow the pastor to the podium stand to sit.
” what I’m I suppose to do now sitting with this new faces” I thought inwardly.
” just be calm and everything is going to be fine” he said. I relaxed my body on the sit I was offered I dip my hand in my bag to bring out my Bible then it hit me.. Wait a minutes Michael is far from me how come he spoke from there and I heard without him using a mic? “Should I just leave here and come sit with you” I asked in my heart “if you are trying to confirm your guess? Then it’s confirm cause we are communicating with out heart” immediately he said that my Bible fell from my hands and my eyes pop opened. Oh my God I think I’m loving this.

To be continued

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