Childhood Crush

childhood crush episode 1 – 2

😱Childhood Crush😱
Written by Authoress Kamara
Episode 1👍
😘Elsa POV😘
“Get up”. My mum’s voice rang out.

I gr0-ned standing up putting on my floppy slippers heading to the bathroom.

In a few minutes, I was out of the bathroom feeling refreshed. I went to the wardrobe to pick out a cloth to wear. I decided on a black crop top, black shorts and tied a red and black flannel shirt around my waist before wearing my White and Black Adidas Superstars.

I took my backpack heading downstairs and met my mum setting the table.

“Good morning Mum”. I k!$sed her cheek.

“Remember you are staying over at the Smith residence”. She reminded me.

I rolled my eyes. “You’ve said that countless times”.

“But do you listen?”. My younger brother came in the living room.

“Can you be less annoying for once?”.

He snickered sitting down.

“I need both of you to be good while you are there”. Mum said as she placed our breakfast before us.

“Mum, relax, Beverly is my best-friend and i’ll be fine over there”. I took a pancake. “You should be worried about Tristan”.

In 10 minutes I was done eating. I packed my plates and went over to the Kitchen dropping my plates in the dishwasher.

“I’m off to school Mum”. I told her.

“Take your timetable from the principal’s office”.


I ruffled Tristan’s hair. “Bye little bro. Have a nice first day at school”.

I grabbed my car-keys from the table and went out of the house heading to the large garage. I got into my car and off to school.

I was happy coming back to SpringCity High because of one person. My crush since all this years. Kyle Vegas.

I’m Elsa Reyes, 17 year old teenage girl. I have black curly hair that tumbles past my shoulders and brown eyes. Boys have often taken a liking to me but I wonder why Kyle never notices me.

I still remember the first day I met Kyle. He was ten and I was nine so I decided right away that I was gonna marry him.

At age 15, Kyle wasn’t even the least interested in me which was his only flaw and I had to forgive him. Although, I was in his group of friends. My best-friend Beverly was friends with him so automatically i became friends with him. Just friends.

By the time, I finished Junior High, my family had to move bit now I’m back to spend my last year of Senior High in SpringCity.

In less than an hour I reached the school, and parked my car in the parking-lot. I went in drawing attention.

“Sup Elsa”. Beverly ran up to me in her cheerleader outfit.

I glanced at her. “You look great this morning”.

“And so do you. Showing off those tanned legs”. She complimented me.

I laughed. “I really miss you, bestie”.

She wiggled her eyebrows. “Me or Kyle?”.

My cheeks flushed. “Stop it”.

We walked over to her locker.

“Seriously? Elsa, you still have a thing for Kyle?”.

I shrugged. “Well yeah. Any problem?”.

“Seems like you in for a competition because every girl in school is drooling over Kyle Vegas”. She explained.

“He’ll notice me, Beverly”. I assured her.

“He’s coming over”.

“Who’s coming over?”. I asked confused.

“Kyle”. She whispered.

I widened my eyes and gasped.

A sweet cologne filled my nostrils and I immediately knew he was here.

I turned and smiled at him.

He smiled. “Hey Beverly”.

Wait!! The smile was for Beverly?

😱Childhood Crush😱
Written by Authoress Kamara
Episode 2👍👍
😘Elsa POV😘
A sweet cologne filled my nostrils and I immediately knew he was here.

I turned and smiled at him.

“Beverly”. He smiled. “Have you seen Kim?”.

Wait!! The smile was for Beverly?
That breathtaking smile?

“Hi Kyle”. Beverly replied. “Kimberly went off with her friends after practice”.

Kimberly Howell, Head cheerleader of SpringCity Senior High according to Beverly. Kimberly never liked me for once, I wonder why.

“Okay thanks”. He walked away.

I was disappointed, he didn’t even look my direction.

“Well there goes my luck”. I said sadly. “Do you think he remembered me?”.

“Yeah why won’t he? I mean most people might not remember you but I’m sure he did”. She assured me.

“Why was he asking after Kimberly?”. I asked confused.

“Apparently they are f–k buddies, its that simple”. She replied.

My heart drooped. “He didn’t even say Hi to me”.

“Come on, Elsa, he noticed you, maybe he was just shy”. Beverly soothed me.

I smiled. “You always know what to say”.

“Besides there are some other hot guys staring at your ass”. She said.

I looked back and saw a guy staring at me, he winked immediately.

I scoffed. “Oh please. Not my type”.

She rolled her eyes. “I don’t get what you see in Kyle, i know he’s cute but he’s a no-go area”. She warned.

“Oh come on Beverly, you said it yourself, he’s cute and has girls constantly all to himself”. I said giggling.

“Well yeah and thats why he treats girls like dirt, he’a f–king playboy like all those his dumb friends”. She explained. “They are like a crew or something, five of them”.

“And they must be all cute”. I added.

“You must be kidding me”. She muttered. “Good thing you are staying over at my place so I have to brush you up on all these things”.

“Tristan is staying over too. Can you believe that?”. I said annoyed.

“I like Tristan. He’s like a sweeter version of you”.

Tristan? Sweet?
I’m sure Beverly got hit in the head with a frying pan. My younger brother is no way near sweet.

The bell immediately rang and students trooped the hallway rushing to their classes.

“You remember where the Principal Office is? Right?”. Beverly asked.

I nodded. “Yeah. Don’t worry about me, just head off to class”.

She smiled and held her backpack walking off to class.

Beverly Smith, my best-friend in the whole world. Probably, my only friend, i’m like a deserted person. Beverly was the one who always dragged me to the social circle.

She would easily fit in, she was a gorgeous stud back when we were growing up and even now. With her blonde hair and hazel eyes, she had guys attention. Maybe thats why she was easily accepted into becoming a cheerleader.

Most people don’t even know I exist because I rarely engage in conversations, i left when I graduated out of Junior High. And even back then, I was the least popular but maybe all that is gonna change.

I heaved a sigh glancing around. Okay then, the Principal Office. I opened my backpack and brought out a map reading it.

I walked through the hallway glancing at the map. It was immediately ripped from my hands.

“Hey!! What the hell”. I protested.

“You are walking with your eyes glued to a map? How stupid are you?”.

I couldn’t even talk, my tongue was stuck due to his cuteness. Kyle Vegas was talking to me, he’s in front of me.

“I was .. umm”. I stuttered mesmerized by his gray eyes and his dark hair that curled to the front of his forehead.

“Do you even talk?”. He asked.

“I was heading to the Principal’s office”. I finally answered.

“Well the Principal instructed me to show you around as the School’s President”. He explained.

Yes! A dream come true. Kyle and I together. Walking and talking, a great step.

“I’m Kyle Vegas”.

“Elsa Reyes”. I replied nervously a tingling feeling in my stomach.

“Welcome to SpringCity Senior High”. He said.

I was confused, We were classmates ever since the first grade. Does he not remember me?

“Remember you? Heck!! I don’t know you”.

Oops. I kinda said it out, i was heartbroken by what Kyle just said. I often used to envisage Kyle and I walking down the aisle together but I guess thats never gonna happen.

“Here’s your locker number with its combination and also your timetable”.

I took it from him silently staring at him.

“Since all this is done. Have a nice day”. He said and walked away.

School’s President indeed!! Isn’t he supposed to show me around, yet he left me like I was some piece of trash. I was tempted to cry but I couldn’t. Elsa, you are more than this. At least Kyle talked to me.

I glanced at my timetable. I have Arts. I took a last glance at my map before I folded it into my bag.

I walked over to Arts class looking at each door. Everything seems different.

I finally got to Arts class so I took a deep breath before walking in.

The teacher stopped and looked at me including the students. Gosh!! I feel so nervous.


“I’m a new student and this is supposed to be my first class?”. It sounded like a question.

“Hello. I’m Miss Shannon, Arts teacher”. She smiled at me. “Introduce yourself to the class”.

I turned to face the class. “Hi. I’m Elsa Reyes”.

“Who cares?”. Someone shouted at the back and everyone laughed.

I gripped my backpack tightly holding my stance. Keep it together, Elsa, its not like you can do anything.

“Apparently people with brains care unlike you who think with your decayed ass”. I retorted.

The whole class vibrated with laughter at what I just said.

“Miss Reyes, I don’t condone talks like that in my class. So can you please go sit quietly?”. Miss Shannon said calmly.

I nodded and searched around for an empty seat. I went over there and sat down for the rest of the class.

“Now class back to our lesson”. Miss Shannon said.

She continued talking and I kept on tapping my foot impatiently waiting for the class to end. Some girls were giving me death glares but I just ignored it.

“So today In Art class, we will be focusing on Painting”. Miss Shannon said. “So who would like to please give a definition?”.

Only like a few hands shot up.

“Let our new student try, Miss Reyes?”.

I looked back and looked front at her. “You mean me?”.

“Yes she means you, bitch”.

I rolled my eyes at the girl. She was the one giving me death glares.

“Miss Yates, language”. The teacher scolded her. “Miss Reyes, definition”.

I stood up. “Arts is like a human creative skill which majorly involves Painting”.

She smiled. “Nice definition. Please sit”.

I smiled sitting down, then after a while, the bell rang immediately.

“Well I need all of you to go paint something, anything, be creative”. Miss Shannon said. “Its 10 full marks”. She said and walked away.

Everyone stood up heading out the door, i followed them going out and walked to my locker. Locker 98.

I got to my locker opening it, i brought out my books putting into the locker. But someone immediately hit it to the floor.

I gasped. “Are you out of your mind?”.

“Am I out of my mind? How dare you ask me that question?”.

I looked at her. The girl giving me death glares.

“You called my ass decayed”. She said.

She totally look like a barbie doll with her pink tiny skirt and flashy stupid clothes.

“You were all up in my business”. I replied.

She scoffed. “Look Elsa, you are a nerd so don’t try to act all tough because you are just a loser”.

I remained quiet looking at her blabbing her mouth. Thats me!! I don’t usually talk too much or maybe I’m just scared.

“I warned you”. She glared at me before walking away.

I sighed and knelt to pick the books when someone picked them up before me. I looked up to see him holding my books.

Oh My Gosh!! I think I just met an Angel because the face I’m looking at right now is so heavenly.


I opened my mouth to reply but nothing came out of it. Why is my tongue always tied around cute guys?
Authoress Kamara

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