Chronicle of a Teenager


“What’re we gonna do now” Diana mumbled to Fiona and Brianna who paced around aimlessly.
“I’m so scared..please someone think of anything..something” Jessica said as she entwined her hand tightly with Jillian’s breathing heavily..
They heard the growling again, it was getting nearer which means just one thing..Jessica clung more to Jillian as she felt the tears on her l-ips..
it tasted salty.
“Easy Jess” Jillian said patting her..though she was scared but she was more concerned for Jess..she had phobia for loud noise, they seem to tingle something in her..
Jess whimpered..she hadn’t expected the turn out to be this crucial..she didn’t know this was gonna be her last day on earth..she didn’t even k-ss her mother goodbye..she looked over at the NAttys from Jillian’s shoulder, Brianna gave her a little nod..assuring her that they’d think of something.
“What do we do now?” Diana asked once they were away from Jess and Jill..
“Ugh..this is so frustrating!” Fiona exclaimed..hitt
ing her forehead with her palm.
“I knew this was gonna happen but I just didn’t believe it..this is all Anna’s fault” Fiona added.
“’s it my fault..none of us expected it to turn out this way” Brianna defended.
“Yeah..right, but coming here was all your’s all your fault” Fiona yanked.
“Hey miss..I didn’t drag you here, you agreed to come on your own so you’re not gonna put the blames on anyone” Brianna said earning a glare from Fiona..
“Okay girls enough of the blames..we’re looking for a way outta this mess not the other way around” Diana said stepping in their midst..
“I’ve got a plan” she added with a little smirk and they both faced her.
Actually this really hadn’t been the plan of the NAttys..they never expected it to turn out this way.
their plans had been to throw them both in the river when they’ll drown and probably die..they never saw this coming.
yes, they knew this forest was evil and surrounded with ghosts but they also knew that those ghosts appear late at night not by this time..They just landed themselves in a big mess..a big bad mess.
Jessica watched as the NAttys came toward them..she sniffed and disengaged from Jill’s arm then they both faced them..
“We’ve got a plan that’d get us out of here” Diana said..gaining the full attention of Jillian and Jessica.
“What plan?” Jillian asked.
“We’ll first try to get me out of here, then together we’d help Brie out as well then Fiona and after that we’ll assist you both out..we’ll be able to pull through together” Diana said with an evil secret smirk..
Jillian and Jessica exchanged glances then looked back at Diana.
“Deal” they chorused simultaneously..
They all gathered and used their boots to make little h0les in the wall of the tunnel..Jillian lifted Brie up and made her leg stand on one of the h0les..they kept pushing her until her second leg reached the next h0le and through series of difficulty she jumped out.
“Oh crap..I’m gonna puke, my head’s spinning!” Brianna exclaimed within heavy breathes as she dusted her jacket.
The girls gathered once more and successfully helped Fiona out then Diana.
“Common girls..let’s go” Brianna said nudging the girls forward.
“Wait..what, you’re supposed to help us out as well..” Jillian said with a confused expression.
“Yeah that was the deal” Jess added.
“Oh really… well I don’t remember making a deal with you bitches” Brianna yanked giving them a mockery smile.
“But that was the initial can’t just leave us here alone” Jillian said as her heart rate increased.
“Oh..well we can, and we both can go to hell…no one cares” Brianna paused “And Jill that’s for stealing my boyfriend..too bad your friend had to get involved, she trusts so easily” Brianna said.
“No buts bitch…
They had the growl again and Jess shut her ears as tears slide down her face..Jillian wrapped one of her arm around her in comfort.
“Bye bitches..see you when next I see you..come on girls” Brianna marched away and Fiona and Diana followed after giving them one last mockery smirk..
Jillian hit her forehead in abject frustration as she pushed her hair backwards and sighed..
“We’re gonna die won’t we?” Jessica asked..
“No Jess..we’ll not die, we’re gonna find a way” she assured her.
Jillian remembered her mother’s warning, she shouldn’t have embarked on this journey in the first place…
if only she had listened to her mother’s in the first place, but it was too late..she remembered her mom pleas and warnings which fell on deaf ear
she remembered the concerned motherly look and tears..she was just too blind to see it because she had listened to others, she had refused to see the love her mother had for her because she believed no one could ever love her..according to her classmates she was no better than an animal and not everyone like animals..
she had believed her mother never loved her because she never had time for her when she was little..where the impression of hatred came from was unknown…maybe she built it in her because she thought it was true now she had realized it.
she hoped it wasn’t to late too correct her mistake..she hoped it wasn’t too late to engulf her mother in a long hug and apologize for being so stupid and selfish..
All her mother has ever done was for her happiness, she had worked tirelessly,both day and night so she could provide most of her wants even tho it deprived her of other thing she had always wanted was jillian’s happiness..Jillian knew it but she just couldn’t admit or believe it..and now that she has, i
t was almost too late..
She knew she wouldn’t make it but she just wished to see her mother (Mrs Selene) before she goes..
She quickly wiped the tear that rolled on her cheek..she was supposed to encourage Jess not discourage her and she’d do matter how scared she was..
“Common Jess..let’s find a way to get outta here” Jillian sniffed as she slowly pulled Jess away and went to work..
The NAttys walked for over 45 minutes, severally encountering the places they had once passed..they pushed dried leaves and piercing stems as they passed..keeping their eyes and ears alert and clinging onto each other.
“Where the f-ck are we going guys..we’ve passed her like the fifth time now” Fiona broke the silence that enveloped.
“I’m so confused Fiona” Diana said with a sigh..
“We just have to keep trying…no backing out now” Brianna said scanning her eyes through the forest..
“Keep trying you say..for f-ck sake Brie, we’ve been going in circles for close to an hour’s like we’re in a creepy maze” Fiona yanked.
“No buts Brie..Fiona’s right this time” Diana cut in.
“Listen guys..we just have to keep trying” Brianna said “Come on” she added.
Fiona rolled her eyes as she followed them.
almost like a flash one of the bodiless scary monster appeared before them with a frightening growl..
they all scre-med in horror and parted ways..Brianna went eastward, Fiona westward and Diana southward
Diana kept going wherever her feet led her, daring not to look back for fear of what she might come across..her heart was racing as much as her feet, she kept running until her feet became weak, her knuckles were white and her boot had scratches on them..she held a fig tree beside her as she gasped for breath..She looked around her with a fearful expression, hoping not to come across any zombie..
she felt the tears coming and she gulped..she shouldn’t have followed brie’s idea in the first place..they were in a big mess now and only a miracle can save them..
Diana jerked up when she heard a growl, she couldn’t identify where it came from, she stood alert and made to run forward but a zombie appeared right before her..making her suddenly go dumb as she watched it floating toward her..her legs grew numb and she moved backward slowly.
The so called zombie came toward her and threw a sharp axe to went straight to her forehead and gave it a deep pierce…Diana stood still as the blood strolled through her face, her heartbeat decreased and finally stopped..she fell to the ground lifeless..the bodiless beast floated toward her,removed the axe that stood on her forehead and licked the blood on her..
it gently dug his finger into her chests and pulled out her flesh,making a huge h0le round her chest it dug it’s hand into the h0le and pulled out her growled in victory as it munch the heart hungrily..once it was done it bent to her neck and bit it then s-cked her blood until she was completely dry then left to find the other preys.
Jillian pulled Jessica out with her scarf..the forest was really cozy, good thing she wore baggy and comfortable clothes..She threw the scarf up to Jessica.
“Try to reach the scarf to me!!” she yelled at Jess..hoping she heard it.
“Okay” Jessica replied as she threw down the scarf..Jillian gripped the edge tightly and lifted one of her leg to the h0le..Jessica pulled from the other end with all her dexterity..
Jillian successfully climbed to the next h0le and kept digging more as she climbed up..she reached to top of the tunnel and Jess stretched her hand toward her while using the other to hold the scarf, Jillian stretched and caught it then Jess helped her out..
once they were out
They started running going left and right and intervals and keeping watch..their hands we’re clutched together and they kept running consistently..not looking back..
It was late in the night already, probably 11:00 or 12:00..the moonlight was the only thing that illuminated and gave light to the forest making it bright..
Fiona kept running taking a long narrow path and looking back even tho she was extremely scared..she ran toward a tree and was about heading to the left when she bumped into something and she fell scre-ming hærd and tumbling, she stopped, stood up with a heavy sigh and slowly marched toward what she had hit..she came closer to the thing that looked like a dead body..
“Oh my God..Diana!!!” She yelled once she reached her..she almost puked at the sight..
Diana’s body laid lifeless on the soil, she was completely dried like a fish steak..a big h0le was in her chest and little blood was on it’s top..her forehead had a huge cut and a slash h0le..she could barely recognize her if not for the customized gold pendant on her neck and her hairdo..Fiona hand slowly went to her mouth, preventing her from scre-ming..
“D..di..Diana” She breathed slowly bending towards and taking her tattooed palm as tears strolled down her cheeks..she was sweating badly despite the cozy environment..
she couldn’t believe her friend was gone..gone forever simply because of a simple task..
She wept for her as she remembered all the fun times they had..
Fiona hastily got up and faced back, a zombie was right behind her with a long rod..She gasped and breathed heavily with trembling l-ips.
The monster took steps toward her and she shifted back at each step it took..
She turned to but the zombie threw the long rod to her her, it caught her back and slide into it then came to her front..making a slight h0le in her left br-ast..Fiona gasped painfully as she fell on her knees then sideways and died..
it went to her and dug out her heart from her chest ate it and s-cked her blood..satisfied enough it slowly disappeared.
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