Cleopatra -Episode 6

A story By Goldie Olamilekan Tijani

I woke up with hærd ache on my head, i couldn’t tell the hour of the day whether it’s morning or evening, i was tied up and layed on an iron bed in a dark room, i said to myself crying “why am i the one suffering”
i heard the sound of the metallic door opened, the bright light from outside pierced inward into my innermost retina, all i could see was someone dragging me with my hair, i was dragged to mitch’s front
“oh little princess, you must be very hurt” said mitch teasingly
“you know what? all this sufferings wasn’t meant for you, but for the lochness monster you call reign” mitch said as he banged his fist on the table, tears starts to slid down my cheek
“oh don’t cry, i already text reign the address of where you are, i told him to come alone, if he wants to see you alive” said mitch
Momentarily, i heard a familiar voice from outside “cleo!”, oh my God, it’s rain, he ran towards mitch and hurled him to the wall, he gave him punches, mitch then wrestled back at reign with his men.

Mitch’s men beat up reign and tied his both arms along two beams of pillar, they hit him in his stomach continously, his face was full of blood bleed, i couldn’t withstand the pain, “STOP HURTING HIM, please stop” i said in a loud voice crying, mitch ordered his men to stop, i was released but i can’t leave reign behind, i moved closer to him weeping, i rested just his head on my chest for some minutes
“ok tragedy over” mitch said as his men continue hitting reign

Tamara, let go of me, i need to save reign from mitch is gonna kill him
(kylie wept bitterly)

I’ m sorry dear, i can’t let go of you, take heart kylie

The FBI got the actual location of where they are, they took charge, jada and mason make attempted to go

Mason, jada, you guys can’t go, just stay behind
“no dad we’re okay we can go” said mason

I layed down, shivering in cold temperature, i could hærdly tell whether reign is still alive.

I was totally down, i couldn’t get myself in a right sense
“heyy cleo, do you eat snacks” asked mitch, i looked up to him, i thought of jumping on him and stabbing him to death, but he has a gun in his right hand which made me more scared, they suddenly, i heard a strange voice, “FREEZE”, i was so happy it was the police, mitch stood opposite my direction and pointed a gun at me causing the cops to take it easy
“a step more and she’s dead” mitch said in a p-nting voice
the cops fired at the building

I regained consciousness,i saw mitch pointing a gun at cleo, jada released me from the chain, i was so happy

“I’M GONNA SHOOT HER!” said mitch in a very loud coarse voice
Reign jumped towards mitch and a gunshot was aired
“(crying) i love you” said reign
“(crying) i love you too reign” said cleo

hmmm…. who do you think is shot between cleo and reign?

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I’ve never felt so strange as this, i never knew i’m gonna end this way, anyway, i’m just glad i did it for love, mason would have never done that for cleo
“i love you, and i’ll always love” reign cried
“stop reign you’re scaring me, please don’t do this to me” said cleo
“(chuckles weakly) you’re the best, have that at the back of your mind” said reign

I bursted out in tears, as reign released his hand, jada and mason ran towards where reign’s body is, things fell apart for me, i was totally down, i never knew when the ambulance came and took reign’s corpse to the morgue, jada couldn’t hold back her tears, she was weeping profusely, likewise mason, i never knew how i get into the car, all i see and remember was my mum and aunt shade hugging me, i felt like i was dreaming, i felt like i’m totally in another world, i was unconsolable

Jada, mason, including mr and mrs allen, were mourning, i felt guilty, i feel like taking all the sorrows away, it was like i killed him.

I stood by the well decorated pillar at the bar, i watched them as they wept, i felt guilty, it was all my fault, mrs allen gave me a terrible glare, she stood up towards me, i knew was she was up to already, she grabbed by my hair
“you this silly, you caused everything, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE” said mrs allen
“mom stop that, please stop” mason said protecting me from his mom
“oh you took her side now? you chose her over your family? i’m sure she planned with that bastard criminal to take my son’s life” said mrs allen
“no way ma, there’s no way for you to direct a false accusation towards me, i’d never do that to reign” i cried
“no i’ll make sure you rot in hell” said mrs allen
“honey, please stop this” mr allen said moving his wife away from me
“no derek, leave me, let me show this girl that she can’t go scot free, let me show her she’s a witch and a tweet”
“pls me mum just let her be” jada cried
“no darling, she’s moving out with her mother today, she’s leaving, final” said mrs allen.

“Guards guards guards” mrs allen yelled as i panick in fear with my mum and aunt shade
“trash them outside, don’t you let move 1km to this complex anymore” she ordered as the guard dragged us out, I looked straight in mason’s eyeball, but he looked powerless

I’m sorry cleo, but i can’t do anything to save you right now, i’ll come looking for you one day

Sorry cleo, but mum won’t just change her mind, i can’t go against her order all because of you, i still loves my family, eventhough we are no more complete

We were dragged outside the compound by some hefty security, i ran back to the gate banging it, sooner or later, my fists, start bleeding
“move away cleo, stop that” said mum
“cleo don’t hurt yourself please” said aunt shade

Aunty shade drew me closer to her as we leave the viccinity
“mom where are we going” i asked with my face full of tears
“home” said mum
“home, mum i”m going back to Nigeria, i’m not going back there” i said


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