Cleopatra -Episode 7

A story by Goldie Olamilekan Tijani

We boarded a bus to royal kesington hotel along the british palace, heathrow, london. It was quite cold, i couldn’t resist it, so i started shivering
“take heart darling, i’ll make sure we find another job when we get to nigeria” sai theresa
“well, living here for a year and half is quite an achievement” said aunt shade, i wrapped up the blanket all over my body, i had high body temperature, i wept as i remembered reign, i increased the rate of my tears, mom and aunt shade consoled me, mom sat on the couch in the hotel room and brought out her phone to schedule an immediate flight going to nigeria, it wasn’t my full intention of going back there, but i don’t have a choice, the past of going back to nigeria will haunt me, i’ll miss jada, mason and reign. Mom found out a flight going back to nigeria, we packed our luggages as we boarded a taxi to airport,tears continue slid down my cheek, it wasn’t the right time t leave, i thought deeply.

I looked backwards, as we boarded the plane back to nigeria. We have more than enough to cater for our needsg that’s why we never worried, i rested my heads backwards as i sat on the foamy seat, i thought of what had happened, it never left my head

Mason stood by the french window looking outside like he was expecting something, he couldn’t hold back his tears

Mr Allen clipped his ringing phone “what?! no way, stop kidding me, i can’t believe this, stop trying to console us with your lies, you know what i’ll be there in a jiffy” mr allen got up in a haste, he took his car keys, and turned back and said, he’s going to the hospital
“honey, where to again, i guess you gonna cancel that appointment, it’s no time for business now” mrs allen said, resting her back back on the sofa
“look guys, you won’t believe what doc gabe told me now” mr allen said
“what’s that?” mrs allen asked in curiousity
“doc gabe told me reign regained consciousness just now”.

It was quite a cool night in the flight, we got few hours to arrive at our destination, i remembered what happened and held my head scre-ming in pain, i woke everyone, mom drew me closer to her and held her tightly like my life depended on her

Mr allen is seee talking to doc gabe in anxiety
“yeah really doc gabe, i appreciate that” mr allen said smiling broadly at doc
“oh you’re welcome, we should just thank the Lord, cos, while we rushed him to the hospital in the ambulance, my nurse said his pulse was least active, so she had to inject him to suppress the pain pressure” said doc gabe

“Welcome to lagos, nigeria, we finally arrived our destination” the pilot said in a megaphone, we dropped at lagos, awww, suffering begins again, the country is hotter than before, we boarded a taxi that took us to a hotel, i looked everywhere in sympathy, the country is just getting uglier, oh i guess am i starting a new life already?

I woke early in the morning, my fever had decreased rapidly, i could still feel it a little anyway, i slept on the bed, mom and aunt shade slept on the couch. Mom i’ll make sure we don’t go back into our abject poverty, i’ll make us rise on our feet again, i bursted into tears, i saw that mom was about to wake up so i wiped off my tears
“oh cleo you arf awake”she said as she yawned and stretches her body
“yes mom” i replied pretending to be okay
“how is your health?” she asked worriedly touching my forehead
“it’s okay mom” i curved a smile
Aunt shade woke up that moment also
“theresa, are we gonna be living in the hotel now” she asked
“no aunt, we’ll rent an apartment at lekki, from there i’ll find something doing to cater for us” mom said rubbing my hair, she gave me a soft k-ss on my forehead
“houses at lekki are quite expensive, let’s just go back to agege” aunt shade said
“NO AUNT, WE’RE EVEN LEAVING THIS COUNTRY SOON” i cuts in, mom gave me a deep hug consoling me.

I thought deeply about cleo as i layed on my bed, or as she left for her country? no way, she won’t, i brought out my phone, i tried her number, but it was out of coverage, i became very worried

I deeply immersed in nightmare, i began to open my eyes little by little, at first everything was blurry and bright, could i be in heaven? i wasn’t certain, until i saw a man in a while sleeved coat, he directed some rays of light into my eyeballs, all he said was echoing
“oh i guess he’s awake now”doc gabe said, to himself, he went out of the ward
Dad, mum and i, were awaiting the doc, he moved out of the ward with a broad smile on his face
“congrats mr and mrs allen, your son is awake” said doc gabe
“oh thank goodness”can we say hi to him”i asked gladfully
“sure” he replied, mum and i, went in, dad and doc gabe stepped aside, maybe doc gabe have something to tell him, we opened the ward’s door gently.

Doc gabe called me aside, i knew it was something related to reign, i’m all ears
“thank you mr.allen for giving me this opportunity to speak to you, um… what i want to discuss, isn’t much, it about your son, reign, him being your son, you have an important role to play, devote time to your kids than your business, i checked him neurologically, i see he has a terrible past which you don’t know about, there’s something bothering, what he loves the most is his weakness, that’s why he ended up this way”
“thanks doc, i appreciate that” said mr.allen as they departed

I noticed something strange, not everyone is complete
“where’s cleo, mason and dad”i asked
“um… mason is home, dad is with the doc and cleo…” jada said glaring at mom
“where’s cleo?” i asked again
mrs allen cuts in “she’s banished, yeah darling, totally banished”


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