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Cruel Billionaire Episode 5


Cruel Billionaire 💥

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Episode 5 💘

by Simrah ✍️

⭕ Aidan ⭕
I woke up with all my body aching me and also discovered crap! I slept in front of Aza’s door . She hasn’t even come since the incident happens now I have made her starve herself .

I know what I did is an unforgivable offense but I trust my Aza too forgive me soon . oh Lord please help me! what should I do ? oh yes maybe I should prepare her favorite food before she opens the door. yeah stir fried noodles is her best food and I got to know about it from her little sister some time ago.

I hurriedly stood up and left for the kitchen without thinking of how messed up I might look right now.
Gosh! I suck at cooking but I began browsing and saw some steps on how to make stir fried rice.

I followed every step and within two hours, I was done. Jeez! it was pretty hard and the kitchen was already a mess. how do Aza manage to keep the kitchen clean while cooking? it’s really amusing.

I tasted it and at least its good, I jumped in joy for cooking perfectly for the very first time in my life🤗. Don’t be surprised I was a rich spoilt kid right from time so I didn’t get to enter the kitchen.

I came out of the kitchen to go call Aza down stairs but she was already in the living room sitting down with crossed legs and operating her phone. The sight of her made me nervous, it was as if my tongue got caught off immediately I saw her .

I got nearer and clear my throat but she wasn’t sparing me a glance like I was some kind of trash! she’s changed much over the night. if not the Aza I know could have stood up as she saw me but no! she shush me off like I didn’t exit right now.

” h..hey” I managed to say to gain her attention scratching the back of my head .She stared at me blankly without saying a single word and went back to whatever she was doing on her phone. okay that hurts😢.

” uhm, I made erhm your favorite will you like to have a taste of it ? oh what I’m I even saying I should go bring it for you” I said in one breathe and rushed to the kitchen and returned with the food . I set it in her front in case she won’t agree to come to the dinning table. She looked me from up to down before bringing down her legs to to the floor, opened the food and took the spoonful of it..

” oh my God, did you want to kill me huh? what hell! too much salt and pepper, oh now I know your plans to let me die of ulcer right ? after what you have done to me you still wants to kill me but your plan won’t work you devil” she yelled and threw the food to the ground standing up on her fit but she almost fell thou I was quick to catch her by the waist but released her immediately I saw her angry expression. I sigh and held her wrist

” I’m sorry Aza , I really am. I wish I could turn back the hand of time just to correct my mistakes but I can’t please forgive me ” she look at me disgustingly and jerk her hand away from my hold.

” don’t you ever in your life touch me with again you rapist, don’t ask for forgiveness because I will never forgive you. The scars are still Very fresh and you ask me to forgive you? what a funny man you know what ! take your ass to the loo and ask for forgiveness Mr rapist fool” she said and walked up . I’m pained but I deserve it, she’s never gonna forgive me ? I won’t give up till she forgive me ..she even called me a rapist 😢 and on the long run, that’s the name that suit me . I need to bring back my workers because I’m seeing she will no longer do any of the chores again.
” yes I am a rapist’
” I am a monster
” I am a devil
” I am not a man to beat my wife ” I shouted and cried as I began destroying things in my room out of frustration. I sat down and began shedding uncontrollable tears 😥.I caused it and I have to pay for it, if it was me I wouldn’t forgive that easily, I will do anything to earn her forgiveness . I need my wife back .

” good morning sir” one of my employee greeted

” morning Jane ” I replied and smile lightly at her which makes everyone murmur . Oh yeah, I was that type of harsh boss . I don’t answer the worker’s greetings and this is the first time I’m doing so in years .So I won’t blame them to be surprised for their boss to change suddenly. I guess earning Aza’s forgiveness changed me . I have promised I won’t be a flirt any more and I won’t show the bitchy side of me again . I want to learn how to be friendly to people and learn from them how to be forgiven. I am ready to do anything for Aza to give me one more chance ..
I shook my head clearing the thought to concentrate on my work but it wasn’t happening. The door opened revealing my PA john ..

” good morning sir , you have a meeting in 30minutes ” he announced.

” you know what john cancel all the meetings for today and reschedule it for next week I’m not in a good mood” I said

” okay sir” with that he left . I need to clear my head right now ..

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” hey boss” Ann said entering the office.

” and who gave you the audacity to enter my office without a knock?” I yelled ..

” relaxed baby I’m …” I didn’t allow her to finish her word as I caught her off

” get the fvck out of my office right now slut in fact you are fired ” I snapped at her as she began shaking in fear ..

” I’m sorry sir don’t fire me please”

” get the fvck out of my office” I shouted and in no time she was out..serves her right 😅.

Aza’s POV
Jeez! can’t this sore pain down there just go away? it hurts really badly that I have been limping around since morning.. But that wouldn’t stop me from frustrating Aidan in this house.. It’s my number one mission to be accomplished. I won’t forgive not now not ever …
I know he will be coming home soon so I dress in a lingerie exposing my cleavage and hugging my curves so very tightly. yeah I’m forget my age is just 19, I grew up fast and I have the shape of a model. it’s been my dream to become one thou. I headed downstairs and sat on the cushion, put on the TV on Disney world.

” what should I bring for you ma’am ” Bella our house maid said .It’s better he brought the workers back because I am never gonna do any house shores again. Not possible..

” just water will do” she nodded and left reappearing with it..

” thank you ” smiled at her which she didn’t fail to return it back ..
I heard the car horn meaning Aidan is back. Good very good..

⭕ Aidan ⭕
I entered into the house and slammed on the couch very tired . Not that I over work but I over think , thinking of how to appeal my wife and guess what ! I even browsed some 😅 but it isn’t a welcoming idea , I mean I can’t even touch her let alone the damn plan! I just have to forget about it..

oh my God! tell me I’m dreaming right now! is this my Aza? hhaaahah, funny right I’m calling her mine 😄.

she is wearing a very short lingerie hugging her body and exposing her cleavage. damn! I have been with her for 5months but haven’t seen how beautiful she truly looks . She’s so hot and tempting, I just wish to smack her on this couch and have her right here .

She walked to the kitchen ignoring my presence swaying her butts ..what the! she’s turned me on and now I’m freaking horny . what is this lady up to? I kept looking at her retrieving back till she was out of sight… oops! I think my d**k is disgracing me , why is it budging out of my trouser. She came back this time taking a more slower and killing steps..jeez! I’m really dying! she turned backing me to pick God knows what only for me to see her perfect side view and she went upstairs without saying a word to me again.

This is the worst punishment I have ever gone through now I’m hard as rock .

I ran into my room because I was gonna release very soon , I ran so very fast to reach the bathroom and empty myself before it ruin my short.. Did she purposely did that to punish me? oh my I guess she did that knowingly but if she continues like this I might not survive it in this house 🤔.

our Aza just started, this one is just ordinary pepper no chilli yet 😂..
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