Dangerous Liaison

Dangerous Liaison – Episode 3

Dangerous Liaison Episode 3

Yvonne invited them into her office to commence the discussion.

Yvonne decided to go straight to the point and not beat about the bush. She knew the deal she was about to offer was a fair one and acceptable.

I believe you are Ray, Francas ex. Yvonne started

Yes, you are right. Ray answered.

Good! I am not interested in whatever you have against her that made you do such unlawful thing. I have the mind to press charges against you and place you behind bars but I am a good person.

Ray got scared and knelt down to beg her.

Get up before you make me angrier than I already am. You are lucky her father, the minister is not aware of this and if this issue escalates, it could ruin his political career. That is why I called you here. I am giving you 24 hours to take all traces of the video off the internet. The harm has already been done, but do this or you have yourself to blame. Yvonne offered in the deal.

Ray: Consider it done madam, I am sorry. It wont happen again.

Yvonne: Secondly, Ray and Desmond; I am going to pay you two #500,000 each to keep your mouths shut about what I am about to tell you.

As soon as they heard the amount involved, their interest was piqued. What information could she have thatd cost that much? They both wondered.

Franca is coming back to school but as a different person. I am telling you this because you have been the closest people in her life on campus. She will be back on campus as a new person. She is suffering from amnesia and does not even recognize or remember her own family, talk more the video. I need you two to keep your mouths shut about her situation and also make sure that she doesnt ever come across the tape

Yvonne said and quickly wrote out a cheque for each of them. But to her amazement, Desmond refused it.

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Desmond: I am sorry madam, I cant accept this. I want Francas wellbeing and I dont need to be paid for that.

Yvonne felt embarrassed by Desmonds actions. It was getting late, so she dismissed Ray. All the other workers had also signed out of work.

Yvonne and Desmond continued battling each other over the money until Desmond asked a question.

Desmond: Madam, I really dont understand why youre giving out this money. If I may ask, what is the relationsh¡p between you and Franca?

Yvonne: If you must know, she is my client. I am Francas lawyer.

For whatever reason, Yvonne had lied.

It was getting late into the night and the weather began to change. It looked like it was going to rain.

They then decided to let the matter rest and continue some other time. As soon as they stepped out of the interior office to the reception, the rain began to fall. Yvonne asked Desmond to join her so she could drop him off at his place since it was raining.

They both rushed to Yvonnes car and sat in. The rain was so heavy that they both got w-t in that short time it took to get from the office building to the car.

Unfortunately, as Yvonne started her car, it didnt respond. She tried several times but the situation remained the same. They then had no option but to go back to the office.

Again they got out of the car and ran into the office. By now, all their clothes were dripping with rain water.


Again they got out of the car and ran into the office. By now, all their clothes were dripping with rain water.

They were making a mess on the office carpet with the water dripping from their clothes. Yvonne quickly took off her shirt leaving her b-ra and skirt. The nicely rounded b-obs in her b-ra got Desmonds attention.

For a moment he lost concentration and gazed at her br-asts They looked firm in her soaked b-ra and they seemed to be beckoning to him.

Lust set in. Desmond tried taking his eyes off but he was too weak. Yvonne noticed his gaze and for a moment everything stood still as their eyes met.

They kept starring at each other eye to eye until Yvonne broke the silence.

Desmond, Im feeling cold said Yvonne. She didnt wait for Desmond to respond, she went and hugged him right away.

She held on to his body for a while, taking in the warmth.

They were both wondering who would make the first move. Desmond couldnt help it, he rubbed his hand around Yvonnes back and got hold of the clasp of the b-ra.

He took the bold step to unclasp it. Yvonne had never felt that sensitive before. She held on to his body tighter than usual.

Desmond gently took off one hand of the b-ra and slowly made his way to her n-pples. He began fondling them You could hear his deep breath and Yvonnes racing heartbeat.

She was breathing fast now as Desmond tickled her n-pples.

He got comfortable when he noticed that Yvonne was responding positively.

They quickly got out of control. Yvonne dragged him into her office and cleared her desk to make room for them.

Desmond then came on top of Yvonne who was by then braless. He k-ssed her all over body, from her neck to her br-asts. He spent time s-cking her n-pples; they appeared to be the most sensitive part of her body.

He then gently took off her p-nties and threw it somewhere in the office.He was ready to enter her. Yvonne looked straight into his eyes and said:

Desmond, please be gentle. This my first time. I love you

Desmond didnt respond He penetrated at that moment. Initially, it was a painful but he was gentle and Yvonne began to enjoy it as time went on.

They both fell asleep after the s-nsational s€×, till the following morning.

They were woken up by several knocks on the door that led to Yvonnes office.

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Who could that be?

Yvonne asked herself as they hurriedly got dressed

The person kept banging the door until Yvonne went to open it.

It was her father.

She was very nervous when she saw him. She invited him in.

Her Father was also very surprised to see her in the office that early, with this unknown guy.

He had been trying to reach her since the previous night but her phone was turned off.

He had already gone to her place but didnt meet her.

Desmond excused them and went home.

Yvonne where have you been? Her Father asked. I have been trying to reach you. I called your phone several times.

Yvonne: Im sorry Dad, I have been a little busy at the office. I am sorry.

Father: Yvonne, your sister will be discharged today. Ill need you to pick her up as I have a meeting to attend.

Yvonne: Ok Dad, I will do that.

She still looked nervous and her Dad got suspicious.

Father: Yvonne, what is it? You are acting strange.

Yvonne: Dad, I am ok, just a little stressed up.

Father: Anyway, you havent told me about the progress of the investigation. I want to know the people behind what happened to Franca.

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Yvonne began to fumble with her words and just as she was about to answer him, her father saw Yvonnes p-nties lying on the floor next to the office desk.

She was in such a hurry to dress up when she heard her father knocking, she gave up on finding it. The silly p-nt was just lying there now.

Yvonne, what is this? Your p-nties on the floor in your office What have you been doing here? Tell me, who was that guy I met here? He asked her.

Desmond on the other hand was wondering what had happened. He just had s€× with Yvonne. He began to regret his actions and hated himself for allowing lust control him.

He had no feelings for Yvonne but what bothered him was that he was the one that broke her V-rginity.

The only decision he could arrive at, was to avoid her going forward.

Back at the office, Yvonne had become unusually timid. She was not that type.

You could see that she has been transformed. Yvonne was a different person. Her father hadnt seen this side of her ever since she was born.

He skipped the questions when he realized this unusual attitude. He walked out after reminding her to go pick Franca up.

Yvonne went to the hospital not long after her dad left the office. She got to the hospital and saw that Franca had already packed her stuff and was waiting for her.

Yvonne was happy to see her sister looking well. She gave her a hug and walked her to her car.

Immediately they set off to the house.

All of a sudden and out of nowhere, Franca popped a question.

Who is Ray?

. To be continued

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