Dark Night

DARK NIGHT (Episode 9)




Forcefully Rebecca was driven away, she was so confident that whatever goes up will surely come down. More than an hour their car never stopped, she has been handcuffed and blindfolded (they tied cloth on her face ). Pls officer, is station too far like this, I think I need to use toilet, she said. No one uttered a word, she began to think perhaps she has been kidnapped, probably the police alined with kidnappers because she was too sure it was policemen that arrested her. Not quite long before that their car stopped. Rebecca found her self tied on a student chair in uncompleted building, her face has been uncovered, she tried so hærd but could not set herself loosen. Help! Somebody help me! She shouted at the top of her voice. If you like carry megaphone 📣 and shout the more, nobody will hear you, shadow spoke as he walked in. You are awake. Now the policy here is very simple, but that is only if you cooperate. He whistled to call one of the policemen, who brought a box full of some weapons, in it are knives, hand axe etc. He turned it opened before Rebecca, Oga which one should I use? He asked shadow. Not now, you leave it there, I will call you when it’s time to use it, Shadow replied. He gave the police a sign to excuse them and looked at the expression on Rebecca as she has been fully concentrated on the weapon on ground. Her leg was tapping the floor like digger making heavy sound when digging the ground. He looked at her from her leg up to her face. Madam! He called, will you cooperate now or you want me to bring in Gbosky to finish you up (He referred to the police as Gbosky). Rebecca nodded NO. Ok fine, I’m asking you few questions and I want direct answer from you. Is that clear? Yes, she nodded. Her l-ips could no more be separated, it was sealed by the presence of the weapon before her… I don’t like your response, could you pls open your mouth?
Ye… Ye… Yes siiiiir. I don’t have anything to do with… with the dealers.Who is asking you about dealer. He cleared his throat, now, what do you know about rainbow hotel? Why did shadow mention this name, the room was silent as grave, her leg suddenly stopped, even her eyes failed to blink. She looked straight into shadow’s eyes without any sign of movement. He asked again, what do you have to do with rainbow hotel? He picked up a tiny knife from the box, and used is to tap her. She quickly like regained her conscious. I don’t know she replied. O, you want us to go back to where we started. He threatened her: he held her head from behind and forced her eye widely opened. He was about to ins**t the knife when she shouted. No, no sir… I will confess. Alright now, I’m listening. 

Rebecca began her story:I was not the one on duty that night. But I pleaded Mrs Tosin to let me help her because she had a slight feverish which she agreed. That is how it happened. Yes, before then, a number called me one day and told me to meet him at a joint. Getting there, I saw the guy, he told me I would be useful and my head has made me rich. Ok, I was eagerly attentive because me too wanted to be rich. He never narrated the wh0le story but said I would help him to unlock one of her hotel’s room. I quickly rejected the offer when I realised the danger behind it. But he ensnared me with sweet talk and wealth and riches. Well, that’s how I concurred.  

Shadow:So what now happened? She continued… A man with a female were our regular customers lodged exactly how this young man told me, then I knew he might have been very close to them to have known when they would lodge and exact time. The guy gave me #5 million and told me I didn’t have much to do than to secretly unlock their room door. And also promised me more after the job is done. 

Shadow:Geez! (He adjusted his sit) pls go on. 

Rebecca:I did exactly how he planned. But pls don’t kill me. I only followed his order. And I never knew what he was up to until the next morning. That’s why I ran away and never returned to the hotel. 

Shadow: Hmm, you! Sorry, there is something I which you clarify. Who are those people, I mean the man and the lady. And, what happened that made you ran away in the next morning? 

Rebecca:Oga, I beg you. Pls spare my life. I did unlock him their room with our spare key. I also helped him to enter the hotel and as well escape. I… I… I… 

Shadow: (Calmly) Woman, I am assuring you nothing will ever happen to you. My boys and I will set you free once you tell me everything. And, you don’t have to lie anymore because I can see that it was not your fault neither your deed. They only forced you. You just tell me everything. 

Rebecca:Oga! If the man knows I told you everything, hmm, I am done on earth. (Shadow reassured her again, and promised her she would be released with immediate effect, Rebecca who easily fell for a mere promise spoke up) 

Rebecca:Thank you Oga, I told you I don’t know what they did in the room after I unlocked the room. He entered with them and came back within few minutes. Sir… 

Shadow:(Cut in) Did he take anything from them? 

Rebecca:Hmm, I am done for! Oga, if it was that I wouldn’t have been scared. The next morning we saw the man lay down on the floor. (Shadow’s head swelled up, he use his fingers to brush his head) Shadow:Pls lady, you are turning this story all around. I didn’t get you right. Is it…? Sorry, you mean the man, this same man was killed? Or what 

Rebecca:Yes, we found him dead

Shadow:God! Who is the man? And what… 

Rebecca:It was the chief that was found dead in the hotel? But Oga, no be me kill am o. I found him dead that is why I ran away. 

Shadow: See, no problem (he wiped his face as he was about to cry, he knew he has done a great mistake) I promised nothing will come near you. So, who is this man you have been talking about. 

Rebecca:(She faced the little space between her laps, looked up at shadow’s eye in bewilderment) Oga, but you know him now… 

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