Teens Romance

Teens romance episode 2






Finally I got to the class,I walked inside as the students stares at me.

“Hey! Hey!
I said to each and every one of them with smiles and they smiled back at me.

I looked for an empty chair and sat down.

Few minutes later,the girl I bumped into walked in.

“Oh my God! She is in this class”
I sounded with smiles.

I said to her with smiles at the moment she passed me.

She looked so shocked to see me,she did not utter any word to me and went to her sit.

I looked out and saw those muscular men standing at the window.

“Who are they? Could it be she have a bodyguards? but what’s the need of bringing bodyguards to the school”
I thought.

“Babe have you heard the latest news?
Benny said to me at the moment I got to my chair.

“Which news?
I asked being so interested to hear it.

“Byan is throwing a party this weekend”
She sounded feeling so excited.

“What’s the occasion all about?
I asked.

“For his birthday! the party is on everybody’s lips,it gonna be so awesome and I won’t miss it for anything”
She sounded with so much excitement.

“Oh that!
I sounded.

“I hope you won’t miss this party?
She asked.

“I have alreday miss it”
I sounded sadly.

“Oh! I even forgot,you can’t come because of this annoying bodyguards of yours,babe is it not the right time you tell your Dad that you don’t need them again,they are making you to feel so uncomfortable always missing parties,hang out with friends and some many things all because of them”
She sounded.

“Babe,I have told Dad uncountable times that am sick and tired of them that I can protect myself but he won’t listen to me so there’s nothing can do since my life need to be under protective”
I sounded.

“Don’t worry things will balance back to normal when your Dad will realize there’s no need of the annoying bodyguards in your life anymore”
She said.

“I hope so Benny because am so tired of them for the past three years they have been in my life”
I sounded.

“It will babe and for the party i will tell you every bit of things that will happen”
She sounded as she gave me a hug.

“That reminds me babe,have you notice something?
She asked.

“Noitce what?

“The new guy that stepped in,he is so handsome and it what all the girls are talking about how cute he is”
She sounded.

“Oh that! I have already met him”
I sounded.

“You met him! How did you meet him?
She sounded feeling so happy.

“I bumped into him when I was coming back from the library”
I said.

“You bumped into him! Wow! That’s so lovely babe,did you know what that means?
She sounded with so much excitement.

“What is so special in bumping into someone?
I asked.

“Bumping into someone means a special connection between you and the person,it means you have bumped into your soul mate,your heart beat”
She sounded.

I giggled at her and said,
“Benny you don’t know what you are saying!

“Am danm serious on this,have you forgotten how i met my love Juan?You know I bumped into him and our bumping to each other turned to love”
She said.

“Babe that’s you and your love story and it not gonna happen in my own way”
I sounded.

“Wait and see how your bumping into each other will turn to a love story and when the love comes I will see you dancing in it”
She said.

“Nothing is gonna happen okay”
I said.

Some minutes later,Mr Jeff the Chemistry teacher came inside for the test,we greeted him.

“I hope my students are well prepared for the test?
He asked.

“Yes Mr Jeff!
We choursed.

“That’s good to hear,you all know the best score will be giving a prize”
He said.

“Yes Mr Jeff!
We sounded with so much excitement.

He walked around probably checking if his students are complete.

“I guess we have a new student in our midst”
He said at the moment he sighted the new student.

“Young man come up to the class and introduce yourself to us”
He said.

“Okay Sir!
I said as I came up to the class.

“Hey everyone! My name is Andrew Patrick”
I said with smiles.

“You are welcome Andrew!
They said with smiles.

“You are welcome Andrew Patrick”
Mr Jeff said to me with an handshake.

“Thank you Sir!

“You may now retire to your sit”
He said.

As I walked to my chair,the girls were saying,
“He is so handsome!

“He is danm cute!

“He is Mr handsome!
They all said with smiles.

I smiled back at them as i went to my sit.

The test proceed immediately and I got nothing to worry about because Chemistry is one of my best subject so I gonna do pretty well,thirty minutes later the test ended.

Mr Jeff collected our books and said to us before leaving the class,
“The winner of the highest score will be announce tomorrow so good luck to you all”

The students started discussing about who will be the winner and what prize will the person be given.

Few minutes later,the physics teacher came inside,I introduced myself to her as usual.

She taught to us for about thirty minutes and assigned home project for us before leaving the class.

Time for lunch,I got nowhere to go,I started arranging my books in my backpack and this girls came to me.

“Hey Andrew!
They said with smiles.

I replied back at them with smiles.

“Am Jane but I prefer to be call Jenny”
She introduced herself smiling.

“Am Juliet but I prefer to be call Julie,we are the J’s in this school”
The other girl introduced herself also smiling.

I sounded waiting to hear their reason of being here.

“Is time for lunch I hope you won’t mind joining us to the cafeteria?
Julie sounded.

“Thanks dear but am not hungry”
I sounded.

“Okay! But it will be our innermost part to show you around the school premises”
Jenny said with smiles.

“But girls I don’t feel like going out”
I sounded.

“C’mon Andrew! You need to be show around the school premises”
Jenny sounded.

“Please Andrew don’t say no!
Julie sounded with her two hands folded.

“Okay! I will go with you girls”
I sounded.

Jenny shouted happily.

“Let’s go,firstly we will show you the cafeteria”
Julie said as we left the class.

We got to the cafeteria and the cafeteria looks so big.

“The cafeteria is so big”
I sounded.

“Yeah! You can get any type of lunch you want in this cafeteria”
Jenny sounded.

“Yes any type of lunch just name them,Cheese Pizza,Chocolate Donuts,Gravy,Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream,Jelly Donuts,Pepperoni Pizza,Susage Sandwihich and Vanilla Cola Float”
Julie sounded with smiles.

“So Andrew which one is your favourite lunch?
Jenny asked.

“I like Jelly Donut with Vanilla Cola Float”
I sounded with smiles.

“Wow! We have things in common! I also like Jelly Donut with Vanilla Cola Float”
Julie sounded feeling so happy.

“That’s good to hear Julie”
I sounded.

“Let’s show you the football field then we will come back and grab some Jelly Donut with Vanilla Cola Float before Lunch will be over”
Julie sounded with smiles.

We went to the football field,
“So Andrew which team will like to join? We have the football team,the basket ball and the table tennis team”
Jenny asked.

“I like basket ball so I will join the basket ball team”
I sounded.

“Wow! Are danm serious! Am also in basket ball team,We really have things in common and we gonna make a great partner”
Julie sounded with smiles.

“And what makes you think you can be a good partner to Andrew?
Jenny asked angrily.

“Is it not obvious that we have things in common and this time I will not allow you to snatch him away from me like the way you snatched the other guy away from me”
Julie shouted.

“And what makes you think I will also allow you to have him all to yourself?
Jenny shouted.

“What’s wrong with this girls?
I mumbled.

They started shouting and exchanging words to each other.

“Girls what’s the meaning of all this? Enough girls!
I shouted at them and walked out.

“Have you seen what your cause!
I over heard Jenny shouted at her.

“It’s all your fault that he walked out being so upset”
Julie shouted back at her.

“Wait Andrew! I didn’t mean to upset you!
Jenny shouted as they followed me behind.

I got the class and walked straight to my sit.

They came to me,
“Am sorry I don’t mean……
Julie wanted to say but I discut her in.

“Is okay girls!
I sounded and they went back to their sit.

“What type of girls are their? Fighting over someone they just met”
I sounded with a sighed.

We had two more lessons before the school dismissed.

“I need to be at the supermarket on time”
I sounded as i hurried and packed my books.

I rushed outside the school premises immediately to get a cab.

I waited for about ten minutes and no sign of any cab.

“I don’t want to be late to the supermarket”
I sounded as i stomped my feet.

As I was waiting for a cab,a car passed me and stops and the owner happened to be Julie.

“Hey Andrew! Hop in let me drop you”
She said.

“Thank Julie but I will like to go with a cab”
I sounded.

“Andrew are you still upset with me?
She sounded.

“Not at all! Am not angry with you nor Jenny”
I sounded.

“Then why are you refusing my offer to drop you?
She asked.

“Am not refusing your offer Julie,I have called my cab man and he will soon be here”
I lied.

“Okay Andrew! See you tomorrow”
She sounded with smiles.

“See you too”
I sounded,waved at her and she drives out.

I waited for more than five minutes before gotten a cab,I arrived at the Supermarket.

“Good afternoon Bro!
Princess greeted me with a kiss on the cheek.

“Afternoon baby! How was school today?
I asked.

“School was fine and your attention is needed at the Madame’s office”
She said.

“I hope there’s no problem?
I asked when I alreday know the reason.

“I don’t know Bro! She said I should call you once you came back from school”
She said.

“Okay! Let me go and see her”
I said and she continued welcoming the customers.

I ranged the doorbell,
“Yes come in!
She said.

“Good afternoon Madame!
I greeted at the moment I got her office.

“What’s is good about this afternoon Andrew? See the time you are coming to work!
She shouted.

“Am sorry Madame!
I apologized immediately.

“I allowed you to be schooling and working because you have been humble and loyal worker to me for years and you promised to be on time and now what happen?
She shouted.

“Am sorry Madame it won’t happen again”
I apologized again.

“If this happen again,I will not hesitate to sack you!
She shouted.

“Am sorry Madame! I promise it won’t happen again”
I keep on apologizing.

“You may now go back to your duty post”
She sounded.

“Thank you so much Madame!
I thanked her and exited from her office.

“Bro what is it?
Princess ran to me and asked.

“Is nothing Baby! Have you eaten?

“Yes! I just finished my lunch,I did not eat it at the school”
She said.

“Okay! Let me go to my duty post”
Am working as the cashier.

“Bro you are late and you kept me waiting”
Jerry sounded,he is in morning shift and he will be retiring in the afternoon.

“Am sorry Bro! I did not see cab on time”
I apologized.

“Okay! See you tomorrow Bro”
He said and hugged me.

“See you too Bro”
I said as he walked out.

“Good afternoon Nanny!
I greeted Nanny Kate.

“Good afternoon love! How was school and the test?

“School was fine but as for the test the result have not come out”

“Okay! Go up and shower and come down for lunch”

“Okay Nanny! Nanny!
I called her as she was about to leave.

“Yes love!

“What of Dad?

“Your Dad went for the presidential meeting”


I went up to my room,flip my backpack on the bed,undressed and went to the bathroom.

I smiled as i remembered Andrew,
“He is so handsome!

“Those drama queens were following him around like puppies”

“I got so jealous seeing them around him,I suppose to be one showing him around the school premises and not them”

“At the moment we bumped to each other I felt this butterfly around my stomach and I have never felt that way before and now I can’t be with him not even to talk to him all because of those annoying bodyguards,they are complicating my life”

Done with my shower,dressed up and went down for lunch.

Twenty minutes later,I was done with lunch.

“Thank you Nanny!

“You are welcome my love”

“I will be in my room”


I went to my room switched on the television and turned on my favourite channel Telemundo keeping myself company since I don’t have anywhere to go to.

I started feeling dizzy of watching and slept off.

I was awaken up by Nanny,
“My love dinner is serve”

“Oh Nanny! I don’t feel like eating anything”
I sounded.

“Okay love!

“Nanny is Dad back?

“No dear! He called and said that he will be coming home late and he has been calling you but no answering”
She said.

“Oh mine!
I sounded and reached for my phone.

“Oh my gosh! My phone was on silent and I have five miss calls from Dad,let me call him right away”
I sounded.

“Okay,I will be in my room in case you need me”

“Okay Nanny!
I sounded as she left the room.

I called Dad but he is not answering maybe he still at the meeting let me not disturb him.

“That reminds me I have some school project to do”
I sounded as i remembered the school project and reached for my backpack.

I was doing my school project and Dad came in,

“Have you gone to bed Angel?

“How can I go to bed when I have not seen you?
I said and hugged him.

“How was school today Angel?

“School was good,you came late Dad”

“Yeah! We had a presidential meeting and you know how it used to be”
He said.

“Okay Dad!

“Am so tired! I need to shower and sleep”
Dad sounded.

“Okay Dad! Good night!
I said and kissed him on the cheek.

“Good night to you my angel,sleep very well”
He said and kissed me back on the forehead.

“Thanks Dad!
I said as he left the room.

I finished up the school project before going to bed.

I closed the supermarket once it nine o’clock,I submitted the cash book to the Madame before leaving for the day,she also gave me her warning that I should not be at late tomorrow.

I got a cab and within fifteen minutes we arrived at the house.

“Baby bring those groceries in let me get water from the tap”

“Okay Bro!

She took the groceries in as I get water from the tap outside the house,we live at the urban area at California so there’s nothing like running water inside the house.

“Baby check at the fridge and bring out the Pasta with Tomato sauce”

“Bro the Pasta is not that much,I doubt it will be enough for us”
She said as she brought it.

“Don’t worry! We will manage it okay”

“Okay Bro! Bro you know you have not tell me how your first day in school went”
She sounded.

“Baby what did you want to know about my first day in school?
I sounded as i started to warm the food.

“Bro,I want to know everything,did you meet your crush? Did you bump into her? Is she beautiful? You know I need a beautiful Aunt”
She sounded with smiles and being so interested to know.

“Baby I did not meet anyone beside I did not go to school to bump into someone or meet a crush rather i want to school to study”
I sounded.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t meet her?
She sounded sadly.

“I just told you i did not meet anyone”
I sounded.

“Bro I did not believe that one”
She sounded sadly.

“Baby go and shower,dinner will soon be ready”

She went still frowning her face,
“Is my little princess is so funny! She really need a beautiful Aunt”

“I can’t tell her that I met someone because she will not allow me to rest she will be persuading to see her”

“But what’s the point in telling her besides I don’t even know the girl’s name and I can’t talk to her because of those her scary bodyguards,I wonder why she brings bodyguards to schoool”

Five minutes later,Baby came out from the bathroom and I served dinner.

“Bro will that food be enough for you? Let me share mine with you”

“Don’t worry baby! The food is okay for me beside I don’t feeling eating too much”


Within some minutes,we were done with the food.

“Thank you bro!
She said and cleared off the plates.

“Go to bed I don’t want us to be late to school tomorrow”

“Okay Bro! Good night”

“Good night my Princess and have a sweet dream”
I kissed her on her soft cheek.

“I will dream about you and my beautiful Aunt”
She sounded and ran to the bed.

I laughed and sounded,
“Like seriously Princess!

I washed her school uniform before going to bed.

“You are still awake my baby,what’s wrong?

“I can’t fall asleep bro,I want you to sing me a lullaby”
She sounded.

“Oh that’s what you want”

I started singing the lullaby for her,caressing her hair until she finally slept off.

I smiled as i remembered the unknown girl,
“She is danm beautiful,when I bumped into her and our eyes met I felt this butterfly around my stomach and I have never felt that way before,the way she stares at me was so lovely”
I thought about her and slept off.


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