Daughters Of The Serpent

Daughters Of the Serpent – Final episode

Daughters of the Serpent – episode 1

Episode 16 – finale

Fiona is choking on her words as she try to open her mouth to speak, yet her throat felt tighter anytime she open her mouth, she look around and see the three girls last time, she began praying silently, something came through her as she felt a calmness wrapped around her, she spoke out and began praying, she knees down and lift her hands up, the other students were surprise at the sudden outcome. Nevertheless, the students also joined in the prayer including the principal.

“. . . We do not wrestle against flesh and blood but we wrestle against spiritualities and powers. The Lord called me to liberate this school and I know He will never fail me cause he has never failed me before.” she spoke on as the trio is holding hands and are still trying to make her l-ips sealed, but all they do prove abortive as Fiona still kept praying, the students were still praying when they heard someone shouting “Fire! Fire! My body! It’s hurting me” Gold and her friends scre-m on top of their lungs as they start scratching their bodies, “Fiona stop oh! You are very powerful, please you are killing us.” their voice rang in the air as some students have stop praying, they gave the girls space as they began rolling on the floor scre-ming and shouting, Mrs. Gold now was shocked beyond measures as she saw SS2 students on the floor. Fiona, with her eyes still shut still keeps praying, Gabriel and his three friends also entered serious prayers, then something happened that shocked everyone in the school that day, the other girls who had left the devotion came running back to the devotion hall scre-ming and shouting on their lungs, everywhere was chaos as they throw their bodies at walls.

“Stop it, stop praying. Your killing us” a girl in JS3 uniform shouted.

Then there is confusion as suddenly all the evil girls turned into a big snake every student and teachers ran out of the devotion hall leaving the girls with Fiona, her brother, Moses and the principal who were still praying, the girls turned back to human and suddenly became calm, when some teachers saw this, they walked back in the hall and are soon followed by the students.

Fiona finally stopped praying as she quickly gave a short worsh¡p song, when she opened her eyes and see that the girls that were initiated are many and they were all lying on the cold floor without moving, the teachers and Mrs. Gold saw that they all vomited strange substances.

“Thank you Lord, you alone is powerful. You alone deserve to be praise and adore.” it was Mrs. Gold that proclaimed as she saw had transpired in her midst.

“The devil is a liar.” a teacher said as he folds his hands round his chest region, the rest nodded and began praising the Lord.

Fiona however stood up and started teaching the congregation about the words of God and invited everyone to come to Christ that very moment.

The girls were now awake as she said those words, all of them were first to knee down before Fiona so she could pray for them.

Meanwhile. . .

“Queen Mother.” Susan called as she arrived at the circle of the serpent p-nting.

“What is it my daughter” said Jezebel as she appeared.

“That girl has finish us, she has delivered all the Daughters of the great serpent. I managed to escape in time before I could get caught by His flames.” she said.

“My daughter, I felt it and I knew this would happen.”

“But Queen Mother, why didn’t you do anything to stop her.”

“Because she has been chosen by HIM and I can’t do anything to her.”

“What do we do now Queen Mother.”

“Now, you have to leave that school, it’s too hot for you.”

“What about him?” She asked as she pointed at Chibuike who was still chained.

“The great Vampire have a plan for him. That girl thinks she has got us. Even though we lost this battle my daughter, the war has just Begun.”

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THE END (please comment)

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