Daughters Of the Serpent – episode 15

Episode 15

“Thank you Queen Mother” she responded beaming with smiles.

Jezebel let go of her and walked back to her throne, her snake skin shining as she sat down. “Go on, my daughter. Call her spirit here so we can all jubilate.” she instrucated.

Susan bowed down then look at her sisters, she slowly exhale then start chanting “Oh spirit of the great serpent, direct my sacrifice to your will and bring me the vessel I possess here in our midst”, nothing happened and everyone was shocked. Susan was more shocked, she chanted again but yet nothing happened, Jezebel was just staring at Susan.

“Susan what is this?” Jezebel asked, she wasn’t happy at all and Susan saw this. “Am sorry Queen Mother, I don’t know what is wrong. I gave her a snack.”

“Did you see her eat it?”.

“No, Queen Mother. She walked away with it.”

“And you have the guts to come to me to say this nonsense. How dare you Susan.”

“Queen Mother am so sorry, please forgive me. I am still your faithful servant.” she begged as she went on her knees and and bowed her head down to Jezebel.

“I will pardon you this time Susan, but next time I won’t existate to purnish you.” Jezebel said as she calmed down. She turned to a slave boy who were in chains by her left side and nodded at him, he began humming an ancient song which the girls began dancing to.

The boy is in fact the missing Chibuike who is held hostage in the spiritual realm.

The Next Morning.
It was a Wednesday as students gathered round in the devotion hall as they all were singing a gospel song, soon they began praying and Fiona was called to preach since the local pastor wasn’t able to come on time.

The evil girls as usual sneaked out of the devotion hall without getting seen by the school authorities.

But Gold and her two friends stayed back, they want to disgrace Susan in public.

As Susan climbed the pitch, the girls held hands as they start chanting some unfamiliar words, it made Fiona to be dizzy as she nearly lost her foot and almost fell but something held her that prevented her from falling down.

She got herself and walked up to the podium, she opened her mouth to speak but that’s when hit her, she couldn’t talk. It was like she no longer have a voice.


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