Denavia episode 13



Navia’s POV

What the heck was going on! Why am I here? I looked at Kimoprah who looked super guilty and scared.

“L…look, I.. I…was…f…forced to d…do this. I swear.” Kimoprah stuttered with shaky voice. I gave her a confused look.

“What do you mean, who sent you to do this?” I yelled in anger.

“I did.” A voice said and the door opened. Katherina? Another figure entered the room. Conor.

My head was spinning.

“What do you guys want?” I said in anger.

“I don’t need you, he does.” Katherina shrugged and pointed at Conor.

“You’re a fool Navia. You’re still as stupid and dense as you were before. My brother is such a good actor.” Conor bent down in front of me and used his fore finger to lift my chin up.

“What do you mean?” I asked tilting my head to the side.

“My plan was to separate you and your boyfriend so you can be alone and I’ll be able to carry out my job. And it worked. Easier than I thought. I’ll explain everything to you. After I came to meet you and you chose to follow me and leave Cameron then he got angry, I thought my plan was working until I saw Cameron coming towards you again, I didn’t want you guys to make up yet so I quickly sent my brother to walk in front of you so you can bump into him. And it worked! You bumped into him and the soda cans fell and bursted spilling bits of soda on his shoes. After Chris finally got you to eat with him. Cameron saw you guys at the restaurant, eating and Laughing, he got more angry and didn’t talk to you for days. So I texted you and you being an idiot thought I was Cameron. You were kidnapped and brought here, you’re mine now and I have you all to myself. I can do whatever I want to you.” He finished his explanation with a bitter laugh.

“You’re sick Conor, you’re sick!” I spat

“Oh yes! I am sick. Don’t you know? I was released from the mental hospital when I was 16, then I met you.” He said and laughed again.


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scoffed. I felt like slapping him hard.

“You’ll pay for your best friend. I can’t believe she slapped me.” He said angrily.

“And I’m going to slap you again, you bastard!!” I yelled and groaned.

He smirked.” My brother did a really good job with his charms. He sure did get that from my father.” He said the word ” father” with disgust.


your mother Conor, I bet she’s still going after rich men for money.” I smirked. ” And how’s your sister Katherina, she’s home now? Or she’s still going after men old enough to be her grandfather for money.” I said. Good! I was provoking them.

“You two have a thing in common. Conor your mom is a prostitute, Katherina your sister is a prostitute too. Wow! Family of whores.” I spat in despise..

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“That does it! ” Katherina shrieked and slapped me really hard. My eye contacts came off and now I couldn’t see anything clearly.

“I’m leaving Conor. Kim let’s go.” Katherina said in a low and angry voice. They left. Now it was me and Conor.

“You have no right to talk about my mother any how you want bitch!” He pointed a finger at me.

“Chris!” He shouted and I heard footsteps. Another person was in the room. I couldn’t see his face well because my contacts had dropped but I know it was Chris.

“Untie her and give her the food.” He commanded and left the room.

Chris untied me.

“Here’s your food.” Chris said.

“Chris wait! Why are you doing this, don’t let your brother change you, you’re a good person.” I said in the most pitiful voice.

“You don’t know me and I’m not a good person.” He deadpanned and I sighed.

“At least tell me where we are.” I pleaded.

“Just some place in the hotel.” He said briefly and left the room. I heard the door being locked.

I roamed my hands on the floor trying to find my contacts. Finally, my hand landed on one. I took and cleaned it with my clothes and inserted it in my eye. I couldn’t find the second one so I could only see clearly with one eye. I took a look at the food. It was just cake bread and water. I sighed. If only I hadn’t answered Conor that night and had followed him and ate the cake bread with him, none of this would have happened.

3 days later


Liam and Kaisha were seated at the hotel restaurant. They told no one Navia was missing. Not even the teachers. They tried to solve things on their own. Kimoprah approached them.

“What now.” Isha snapped

“Have you guys gotten any information on where Navia is?” She asked. And they all gave her confused looks.

“Who told you we’re looking for Navia.” Liam asked raising his eyebrows.

“Because I know where she is.” Kimoprah answered in a small voice.

“You what???!!!” Isha, Cam and Liam yelled at the same time..

“Look, I’ll have to tell you guys because the guilt is eating me up. Katherina and Conor are behind it. They forced me to kidnap Navia in the garden. My dad is making a deal with Katherina’s dad, Mr Reynolds so she threatened to tell her dad to end the deal if I don’t do it. And I know how the deal is really important to my dad so I had to do it.” Kimoprah explained in utmost guilt.

“So where is she now.” Cameron asked impatiently.

Kimoprah told them where Navia was.

“I thought it would be good if I tell you now because Conor definitely isn’t treating her well. I’m really sorry, I should have told you guys earlier.” Kim apologized and Kaisha started sobbing.

“She’s in danger, she’s being maltreated.” Kaisha sobbed and Liam consoled her.

” I know what to do.” Cameron suddenly said.


The sound of the door unlocking woke me up. I was in pains. Conor had come here everyday, harras me and beat me up then leave. He’s here again with a gun in his hands.

“I missed you baby so I came to check on you.” He said in a fake sweet voice that made me feel disgusted. “Now that I’ve seen you, I’ll leave.” He used the gun to make sounds on the small table at the corner of the room.

“I thought you loved me Conor, if you really do then why are you doing this?! Why?!” I yelled and tears fell from my eyes.

” Yes Navia, I love you and that’s why I’m doing all of this!!! Having you all to myself, seeing you everyday and doing whatever I want to you!!! Now shut up!!!!” He yelled and left the small room in anger slamming the door and locking it. More tears fell from my eyes. I want my mom and dad, I want Kaisha and Cameron. I’m scared.

Not long after I heard the sound of the door being unlocked. I tensed up. He was here again. I scooted to the corner of the room. The door opened and I heard footsteps. The person was coming closer.

“Navia?” The voice called out in a whisper. I know that voice! It’s not Conor!

It was Cameron!!

“Navia?” He called again.

“I’m here.” I said in a weak voice. He ran towards me and I hugged him tightly.

“Please don’t leave, please.” I sobbed quietly.

“I’m not leaving Navia, you’re leaving. You need to get out of here fast!” He said in a whisper. He started untying the ropes on my leg.

“Well, well, well. I knew THIS was going to happen.” A voiced said. Conor! Oh no

He started laughing like a maniac and Katherina joined him.

“I should have known all along that you were behind this Conor.” Cameron said through his gritted teeth. If looks could kill, Conor and Katherina will probably be 6ft under by now. Conor fussed with the gun in his hands and continued laughing.

“And you Katherina. I never knew you could do this.” Cameron said eyeing her.

“Oh! But I did.” Katherina said and smirked. “I tried everything Cameron. I tried! But you never liked me back. All you did was use and dump me. Even after Navia was kidnapped, you still didn’t notice me. Maybe if Navia dies, then you’ll finally notice me.” Katherina said in the most devilish voice.

” Navia is not dying Kathy. We didn’t talk about this.” Conor warned her.

“Well, we talked about it just now!” Katherina quickly grabbed the gun from Conor and pointed it at me. My heart was pounding 100000000 times than usual. I can’t die!

“If any of you move, I’ll shoot her.” She said to Cameron and Conor. My eyes darted to the door and I saw Kimoprah sneaking up behind Katherina. What was she doing?
Kimoprah gave me signals and I understood quickly. She was trying to get the gun and was telling me to distract Katherina. But even before she did anything, Katherina noticed her and turned around quickly and shooting Kimoprah on her arm. Shit!

Kimoprah shouted in pain and fell to floor. Her arm was bleeding. I hated everything and everyone right now. I just want my parents. I started crying.

“You bitch! You betrayed me by telling them everything.” Katherina said to Kimoprah who was in serious pain. “Well that serves you right. I would love to shoot you again but I won’t.” Katherina said and Kimoprah only replied with a groan.

She pointed the gun at me again.

“You’ve got any last words?” She directed the statement at me which made me cry more.

“Since you’ve got nothing to say, good bye then.” Katherina cocked the gun.

“Katherina! Don’t shoot that gun.” Cameron yelled but it was too late. She shot the gun at me. I heard a loud thud and a groan.

I opened my eyes. I was fine! I was perfectly okay! The bullet didn’t touch me! Wait a sec, who got shot?!

I looked at floor in front of me and Cameron was lying on the floor in a pool of blood, holding his stomach. I screamed.
He took the bullet for me. My eyes were blurry and I was feeling really dizzy.

Conor and Katherina were tackling each other on the floor. And Kimoprah wasn’t moving again. I continued crying. I couldn’t do anything, I was tied up. Suddenly, the whole room was filled up with gas. Tear gas. Soon, many people started rushing into the room. The Cops and some other people. That was the last thing I could remember before I passed out.

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