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Dirty Diana episode 7


Dirty Diana



From the crowd of pupils I could see Stella, she looked at me with a face and hand gesture

that conveyed the message ‘be strong’, I walked to the table climbed on it and laid down

with my tummy and my buttocks facing up, I was thankful in my heart that it wasn’t Wili-wili

that would be the one oozing out his venom on me with his revered whip, Mr Ekpo walked to

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were I was lying down with a long cane, he faced the crowd

as he raised his hand up ‘Fiam!’ The cane landed on my buttock in a rather odd way he

wasn’t flogging me hard as the crowd joined almost immediately in counting

“One!, Two, Three,… Six”

He was barely flogging me as the cane was used to give my buttocks a light pat, Mrs Ekpo

got angry as she walked from where other teachers were lined up, walked to the table,

dragged the cane out of Mr Ekpo’s hand and said

“Your not flogging this silly girl well, excuse me please” she sighed as she held the cane so

firm and looked at the crowd saying

“You guys would join me in counting again, let’s start afresh” she said

There was instant shouts of injustice

“Aaah Aunty its unfair o” a voice from the crowd said

She smiled and said “Yes, its not meant to be good, this would make none of you to try


She then used her hand to arrange my skirt straight and then pressed my buttocks to know

if I had anything like a padding under to reduce the pain, because that’s some trick we

student implore to resist the harsh strokes of the likes of Mrs Ekpo and Wili-wili, when she

touched and felt I had nothing under, then she began to flog me ‘Fiam!’ And the crowded

joined immediately to count, the pain from each stroke was like a hot metal placed in a

furnace to get red-hot and then stamped on my skin to leave its imprint of horrific pain, I

had resolved not to cry or shake no matter how painful her strokes were, all I did was clench my fist and closed my eyes, by the time she got to fifteen she was breathing like a sprinter

who just finished a 100metres race, gasping for breathe as her strokes became weaker and

students burst into laughter screaming

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“Burner! Dirty Diana!”

Mrs Ekpo raised her head up and flashed her eyes at the crowd as there was instant

silence!, she then screamed saying

“Let me just catch one person, infact if I hear piom! from anybody here, you guys would cut

grass the whole day”

And she continued with her flogging by the time she was done and I did not shake neither

did cry, I came down from the table, as I walked to join my classmates as we stayed in rows,

the ovation I got was the loudest the school had ever received since its inception, the

students went wild in celebration screaming

“Dirty Diana!! Burner!!”

We all were ordered to kneel down as the principal ordered that all students should be

punished, we were shared into groups and made to work on farmlands and the school

football field.


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