Dwayne Miller episode 22 – 23

{ The Rebellious Romanticist… }

THEME; Across My Window


Written By, Naomi Cindy B.

Immediately Dwayne jumped down the window, Nana gathered the broken pieces of the charm bracelet, then she walked out of the room and threw it in the trashcan in the passage.

“Parasite, I hate him” she muttered and went downstairs.

“You spend more time in your room” Jisoo rolled eyes immediately.

” Why would I wanna spend time here when you and Dad are always causing headache?” Nana replied with a sneer, and Jisoo threw a pillow at her.

She caught the pillow to her chest.

“Brat!” Jisoo said, and she smiled.

“Mum I love you!” She said playfully, rushing to her.

She’s sitting on the couch, so she hugged her from behind.

“You’re the best mum in the world” she said, and Jisoo smiled secretly.

“I know” she said, and Jimin came downstairs.

“I thought you said your hugs are all for me?, You betrayed me!” He said.

“Never!, I love you too” Nana rushed to him him to, and Jisoo shook her head.

“How childish” she muttered.

Rona is on her laptop with her glasses on, looking so setrious.

“Playing temple run again?” Nana said, going to her, but it’s not game, she’s on Richard Stallone’s IG account, checking out his posts.

“Richard Stallone?, Your boss!” Nana gasped.

“Yes, what?” Rona rolled eyes.

“Ssi-Bal!, Jal saenggyeosseo” (F**k!, He’s handsome!) Nana said.

“Jinjja? (Really?)” Rona smiled.

“Jinjeeha-ge” (like seriously) Nana replied, and Rona smacked her head immediately.

“eonni!” Nana shouted.

“Say he’s handsome anywhere around me again and you’ll have to eat a bowl of sand, He’s a moron!, Have you ever seen a good-looking moron?” Rona rolled eyes.

“You’re denying it cos he’s always mean to you, but this guy is…

Nana smiled when Rona glared at her, then she looked at the laptop again.

“But whoa! His lifestyle is something else” she said.

He snapped all the pictures with different ladies in different locations. He was even sucking on b**bs in one of the pictures.

“He’s the god of ladies” Nana said, and when Rona remembered what Mary said about him, she shut down the laptop and smiled.

“I’ll bring him back to his senses the moment I reach my breaking point” she said, going upstairs.

“eonni!, Should we play PS5 before we sleep?, We haven’t played since we got here” Nana quickly said.

“Last person to get to the game room cleans the devices” Rona said and started running fast immediately.

“It’s unfair!!!” Nana screamed, running after her.

“Finally my restaurant will be open on Monday, I can’t wait” Jisoo smiled, and Jimin’s head suddenly landed on her shoulder.

He’s fast asleep.

She pushed his head away, and he fell on the couch.

“I should have had a second thought before marrying him, just cute for nothing” she mumbled.



After crying for thirty minutes beside Nana’s window, Dwayne returned home.

Bianca and Mary are still in the living room, watching what they were watching.

They seem very engrossed.

He went upstairs and opened his drawer, then he brought out the second piece of the charm bracelet which belongs to Dwight.

“I promised not to lose mine, but I broke it already. Dwight I lost it….it got broken, what do I do?” He cried slowly.

His tears fell on the bracelet before he returned it.

He took the flower vase on his stand and dipped his hand in, bringing out a roll of weed.

He got lighter from his pocket and lightened it, then he began smoking so he’d take it off his head for a while, but that was when Mary came in.

“Dwayne!” She yelled.

He continued smoking without replying, then she walked to him and tried taking the weed from him, but he hid it, and Mary started struggling with him.

“Just one roll, please I need it” he begged in tears.

“You need weed?, Dwayne stop it!” Mary fired and continued the struggle with him.

“Mum please….I just need to smoke tonight…. Please!!!” He shouted as Mary finally took the weed from him.

She threw it on the ground and marched it, then she slapped him

“Your rebelliousness should have limits already!, You’re 22 for crying out loud!, Turning 23 at the end of this month!, What the hell Dwayne!” She shouted.

Dwayne dived his fingers in his hair crazily, still crying hard.

“Stop pretending like you care about me when you don’t really care” he eventually spoke.

“How could you say that to your mum” she replied, and that was when her eyes caught his wrist.

“Oh…I see you lost your charm already, that only shows he meant nothing to you” she said.

“What!” Dwayne gasped.

“Am I wrong?, Where is your charm bracelet?, Didn’t you both promise to keep it safe no matter what?, And do you still remember you caused his death?, I told you not to go for the dance competition in Cuba cos I felt somehow but you never listened!, You dragged him to Cuba just to get killed, my sweet baby got killed all because of you and…

“Argggggggghhh!!!!” Dwayne screamed, holding his head tightly.

Mary stopped talking, breathing so heavily, and that was when Dwayne dashed out of the room.

“Dwayne come back here!, Dwayne!, Dwayne!” She ran after him, but he was already out of the house when she got downstairs.

“I’m going crazy here, totally” she said, her fingers in her hair.

Bianca was standing in the living room, watching her.

She dropped the remote and walked to her, then she hugged her.

“Don’t start crying, Dwight won’t be happy” she muttered.

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Dwayne drove out of the house and almost suffocated himself with tears in the car before he got to a silent road.

He stopped the car and came out, then he sat beside the car and rested his back on the body.

He resumed his tears with Dwight’s face in his head all through. He couldn’t help but swim in their memories.


At the mention of D-Square, all other dancing squad bows! It’s a must cos.. why not.

Dwight Miller and Dwayne Miller, popularly known as D-Square are the most identical, cutest, hottest and s*xiest twins you’d ever find.

The only difference is that Dwight is so gentle, very gentle and soft, but Dwayne is his opposite. He’s hot-headed, stubborn and rebellious.

These two are the stars of England when it comes to dancing, no other dancing crew can beat them even with magic.

They won various awards for dancing already, and they’re still winning more. Despite the fact that there are thousands of dancing crews in England, they’re the most recognized.

They’re popular celebrities, but it all ended when they got invited to the biggest dance competition in Cuba, and that was when it happened.

The night they landed in Cuba, Dwight was shot with four bullets on the forehead. His head bursted right in front of Dwayne, his brain fell off.


Dwayne’s tears came in a rush when he remembered the scene, and when the scene where he promised Dwight not to lose the bracelet hit him, he cried more.

“Dwight I’m sorry”



Honey is lying on her bed with a dildo in hand. The lower part of her body is naked.

She took a deep breath and got her phone with the other hand, Dwayne’s picture is on the screen.

She smiled as she slid the dildo into her p*ssy slowly, then she started f**king herself with it while staring at his picture.


“Yes Dwayne…I love you

“I love you baby!


“Baby harder!

“Baby kill me!

“Yes!, Like that!

“Please baby!

She was screwing herself so fast, and looking at Dwayne’s picture made it look like it’s Dwayne f**king her.

“Young miss!, Your dinner is getting cold” one of the maids said from the door.

“Ouch!!!, Dwayne harder!” She screamed again, increasing the vibration of the dildo in herself.

The maid went downstairs immediately.

“Queen, young miss hasn’t had her dinner yet” she reported to Mrs Windsor who was receiving massage from the other maids.

“It’s past 10 already, what has she been doing?” She looked up.


“I’m what?” Honey cut her off, coming downstairs.

“I’m sorry miss” the maid bowed, and she rolled eyes before hugging Mrs Windsor.

“Why don’t we eat together?” She said.

“I’m full, go on” Mrs Windsor replied, and she smiled before going to the dinning room.

She settled down to eat, but immediately she tasted the first forklift, her eyes widened, and she spit it out.


“Honey!” Mrs Windsor rushed to her.

“My tongue is on fire!, My tongue!” She shouted, and she quickly gave her water.

Immediately she finished drinking, she took the plate of rose pasta and threw it at the maid who cooked it.

The ceramic broke on the maid, hurting her arms.

“I’m so sorry miss!, You told me to make it spicy!” She started begging on her knees.

“And now you’re lying? Mum!” Honey shouted, and Mrs Windsor slapped the maid, then she picked one of the broken plate and stoned her face with it

“AHHH!” The maid screamed as it penetrated into her cheek. She began bleeding.

“Good riddance” Honey sneered, and the other maids started shivering.

The door opened, revealing Aura. She came in and didn’t even act like she cares.

She started climbing the stairs.

“Where are your greetings you wretched girl!” Mrs Windsor demanded.

“Come for it in my room, wretched woman” Aura replied.

“Are you sure you’re talking to my mum that way?” Honey smirked.

“I don’t have your time tonight, Aloe vera” Aura rolled eyes before going up totally.

She entered her room and dropped her jacket, then she sat in front of her dressing mirror.

She’s Honey’s stepsister cos Mr Windsor is her dad too, but her mum is long dead.

Mr Windsor impregnated her mum in an extramarital affair, so she’s not recognized as one of the family.

To everyone, Honey is the only child, she’s not even allowed to school.

Her dad hates her, Mrs Windsor is same, and Honey is her worse enemy, so she’s rarely around, she just cruises the streets of Pullman.

She looked at herself in the mirror before taking off her hat, then she took another deep breath.

She began smiling when she remembered the guy she saved.

“It’s been a while since I saw an handsome guy”



An intense kiss was already going on between Carmen and Dean, hands on their bodies.

At first, Carmen wasn’t really sure of how to start, but the moment Dean initiated it by kissing her sensually, she got trapped in the flow.

The moans CeCe taught became useless cos her moans came out naturally without trying.

Dean broke the kiss and pulled her singlet down her body, and she smiled when her hot pink bra sparkled on his face. There’s actually shinny sparkles on it.

“So hot” Dean whispered, and she giggled nervously before taking off his shirt too.

They’re both on their knees on the bed, and immediately she threw down the shirt, her eyes widened.

“F**k, I’ve never seen you this hot before” she said.

“Same here baby, kiss my lips” Dean whispered, and Carmen reconnected their hungry lips.

Immediately they resumed kissing, Dean pushed up her bra from her b**bs, so they dangled beneath it.

He got a hold of both of it at once, fondling caressingly with them.

“Oh…. baby” Carmen moaned into his mouth, and he pinned her n**ples hard.

“Dean… gawd please!… Now!” She gasped in his lips, pulling his pants down his legs.

Her pants disappeared in another minute, and immediately they went down on the bed, his member found its way into her tightness.

Insane pains gripped her immediately, and her hip bones began vibrating.

“AHHH… Dean slowly please!”

He removed it, and she gasped for breath.

“Want us to shift this?” He asked amidst hot breaths.

“No baby, I’ve waited too long for this” she replied and kissed him shortly.

Dean inserted himself again, and she grabbed him tightly

“Oh no Dean!, Please handle me gently!” She screamed, but he never listened.

He kept going in, and her eyes widened.

“Dean please yunno I’m a virgin…” She gasped, holding his shoulders.

Dean plunged himself all the way in at once, and tears came out of her eyes.

“Oh no….. Dean pull out!!!” She screamed, but he began thrusting instead, and her tears rushed out again.




It’s a Sunday morning, so everyone is at home.

Jisoo is cooking in the kitchen with Rona’s help, but Nana is busy playing rock paper scissors with Jimin.

The doorbell suddenly rang, and Nana rushed to open the door.

“Mrs Miller!” She gasped, and Mary hugged her.

“Good to see you angel” she kissed her hair.

“Same here ma’am”

“And here!” Bianca appeared.

“Babe!” Nana smiled, breaking the hug with Mary to grab her hand.

“Straight to your room baby b**ch” she winked.

“Qui!” Nana winked back, and they both rushed upstairs.

“Mary!” Jisoo came out of the kitchen.

“Jisoo!” Mary smiled, and they hugged.

“Heard from Jimin that you’d be opening your restaurant tommorow” Mary said, breaking the hug.

“Yes” Jisoo replied.

“I’ll be your first customer”


“Your designs are damn childish!” Bianca said when she got to Nana’s room.

“Thanks, I love it that way” Nana replied.

Bianca looked at her young pictures and smiled.

“I envy your face card, it has never declined since you were young. I was as ugly as Dwayne’s anger when I was young” Bianca said.

“Dwayne’s anger?”

“He gets angry at mum everyday, and whenever it happens, he leaves the house for days. It happened again last night but it was a bit different. He lost the charm bracelet he got with his twin brother” Bianca said, and Nana blinked.


“F**k me!, Even CeCe and Carmen aren’t aware of this but I’ll tell you. He’s a twin, but his twin died five years ago in Cuba. They got a charm bracelet together when he was still alive, and they promised each other not to lose it. He lost it and mum was so mad at him” Bianca said sadly, and Nana’s eyes widened.

“Charm bracelet?”

“Enough of the talk about Dwayne, we’re going to the lounge tonight!, A student is throwing a party there, and all the students are invited, even students from other schools, it’d be fun!” Bianca gushed.

Throughout the remaining thirty minutes Bianca spent, Nana wasn’t listening.

She was thinking about the charm all through, and the tears Dwayne shed when she broke it last night started making sense to her.

So he truly came back for it. It wasn’t an excuse.

Immediately Bianca left, she rushed to the trashcan and poured down all the content, then she fished out the pieces.

She quickly dressed up and rushed out of the house to a jewelry shop two streets away.

She ran in and stopped at the counter, breathing hard

“How may I help you miss?” The friendly looking lady she met said.

She dropped the pieces on the counter.

“Can you fix this before tonight?, Please” she said breathlessly.

“This is in ruins already, I won’t be…

“I’ll pay you any amount” Nana interrupted.

“It’s not about the money” the lady said, and Nana sighed sadly.

“But I’ll try my best” the lady said, and she smiled.



Even the deaf can hear the loud slams of pop music that’s booming inside the lounge.

It’s loud and ear-splitting.

Truly, WSU students and students from other schools are the stars of the night, all dressed in the lounge signature uniform.

The girls in bum shorts and thin-strapped singlets, then the guys in denim and singlets, shirtlessness is allowed.

Strippers are on stage, flaunting their almost naked assets dangerously as the DJ kept rocking.

Nana came in with Bianca, and their eyes widened.

“Oh…” She said.

“If I say MY, there’s no Carmen or CeCe to say GAWD” Nana laughed.

“Honey came too?, Wow!, Martin and Stanley!, Maxine!, Serena, Riley?…. Everyone is here I smell dramas!, Now this is what I’m talking about!, Let’s go meet CC in the changing room baby!” Bianca shouted and rushed off.

Nana brought out the fixed charm out of her jean pocket and began looking around for Dwayne.

She’d just give it to him and be free from guilt before going to change.

Guilt has been choking her hard.

She suddenly saw him in a corner.

He’s not with Dean, he’s smoking alone. Shirtless.

She was about to move when Shane appeared.

“Nana Kim” he smiled, and she looked at him.

“Shane!” She smiled, and before she knew it, he hugged her.

She hugged him back immediately.

“Missed you throughout the weekend. I knew I’d find you here and that’s why I came” he said.

“Wait here for me, ok?” she quickly broke the hug and rushed to Dwayne’s smoky corner.

Shane’s eyes followed her.

“Hey” she said awkwardly, and Dwayne didn’t even look up.

She gently dropped the bracelet on the table, and he looked at it.

Without saying anything else, she started leaving.

“Stop” he suddenly said, and she stopped.

She turned back slowly to see his head up, and their eyes met.

“Just this won’t do” he said.

“Wh…wh..what else?” She found herself stuttering.

“Give me lap dance, and you won’t stop till my d**k gets hard” he replied.


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