Epic Of A Yahoo Boy

EPIC OF A YAHOO BOY – episode 1


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This material is a fictional art of work and do not relatively point or react to anyone in any form, any resemblance is absolutely coincidence.
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We are the pillar of money, stable of wealth, the origin of a laid down generation and world.

We eat our daily meal through Internet and make cool cash without sweat but brains,

we don’t work the farm like our old papa and tilled the ground like they did,

we don’t marry off by carrying yams and potatoes,

we marry by transferring the goddamn cash into er bank account,

our roofs are built with gold, our beds are made of silver,

our clothes are stuffed with pure diamonds and our shoes worth millions of dollars.

We are the true age of humanity, a life of change caused to our kin and generation,

we rolled the goddamn tyres and bite the wheels,

we give a faint horn and give er little race with chicks on sleeve rolling er bum.

A big goddamn pleasure, a true divinity beyond stars and blessings from the old old old white wizard.

There’s no light, there hasn’t been any in the last couple of days, a large generator hums deeply somewhere in the background. The main entrance to the flats is shut as always, behind it a loud music hits your ears before your eyes adjust to the dim lights.

Save for the bright backlights of a dozen laptops, tablets and cell phones, You wouldn’t see our faces as fast fingers type into conversations with men, women, and companies in countries we never thought about visiting. To keep ourselves awake and creative through the long night, we have the necessities, weed and alcohol, often more expensive varieties to reflect the degree and strength of our hustle.

Our origin are dated back to a time when the main tools were paper, pen and a very vivid imagination as far back in the 1970’s, a young man would use false personalities to create long distance friendsh¡p with pen pals in better off countries. Those foreigners were made to believe they were in conversation with wealthy and influential people.

Sometimes after yahoo mail was created in 1970, we replace our handwriting with immediacy of electronic messages which moved in droves. In our preference in yahoo messenger, easily the most important of our tool, we became the YAHOO BOYS.

Its an entire echo system and we enjoyed a lifestyle that matches our true age, fast cars, outlandish parties, bills at the club, thick jewelry and extravagant hotels. Nothing defines a successful YAHOO BOY like luxury. We are effectively the drug barons, we are adherently praised by Musicians who pay respect to us with more than thousands followers on Instagram, generally social media.

We hum champagne and carry powerful caskets with Celebrities who wants some goddamn cash for them videos, our cell device are stuffed with friendsh¡p requests which we stared at for hours without knowing where to start accepting, law enforcement seek our help financially, chick loves to lurk around with their sleeve and topless braced closely above their laps, their shady p-nts exposed and their legs spread widely apart for our attention, rolling er bum sporadically with their tight dancing to the heavy music and beat from the foreign DJ.

“That really seemed like a song to you menh, can’t believe I’m kinda rolling holding the wheels in senses”

“hmm, that’s a big crap, I could easily catch my breath” he sniffs. Four people burst into laughter in,side the moving Audi Q8 range “oh man, go work a comedian, you’ll gonna make some goddamn cash”

“Nah, comedian my foot, can’t tilled the dirt”

“of course not boy, my big example goes to Ay comedian, he makes cool cash under the air conditioner menh”

“oh, get no time in working people out man, the net worth of Ay comedian could hærdly buy my pairs of shoes”

“That’s it guys, I’m calling outta those chicks, just drop by, let a gentle soul extends a shake”
“Oh common Charles, don’t you know anything than to bulls*** with chicks? you are just coming from London man, cool down, make it cool”

“Hey bro listen, I’m a man ya hear? and I’m ought to toil with chicks puss like I wanted and goddamn make it hot”
“He’s right Louis, what have we got the money for? we ought to make it rolls, spilled the boil water and let it fly through the sky”

“You know what guys”
“What” they chorused.

“I want a little crap of display, I want this place become a hell out of a moment”
“What do you wanna do now Charles?”
“Hell outta a question, I want you to drop right at that JC”
“What for?”

“Listen up man and just do as I say”
“Are we actually doing this now?” Starex and Fred Chorused same time. They smiled at Charles who gave an assuring look before bringing out their briefcase.

“What the hell is er doing now guys?” Louis asked, watching in confusion.
“I want a big goddamn hold em up here, a big one”

“What !! guys don’t do this, not here”
“Common Louis, you’re such a boring son of a b****, you see this three briefcase here contains a million dollars each and we are spraying them up in the air for catchers. I want a goddamn hold em up here guys, lets show our styles and let them know we are right on time”

“What the hell, that’s too much money guys, what the **** do you want to do?” Louis shouted but they didn’t listen. They opt out a bit from the car without opening the door and opened the briefcase, like a twinkle little star, the money went up with their fingers going up and down the air. Like expected, they watch them run, probably politicians are back with their tactics of sharing money again, who cares the fingers throwing them? everybody wants money. Like a troubled bull and like a child awaiting its mother, people rushed out to catch, pedestrian, motorist, women, men, and children left their businesses and came running for the money, like ants they scattered, some jumping to catch, some crawling, some running to catch and take theirs, school children came running to catch theirs, brigade left their job behind and came running for the money, the tall trampled on the short, the huge and muscular pushed the timid aside, seats in the wedding hall got emptied before the groom could k-ss the bride, truck drivers came down for theirs, all of them, scattered and came running for the money, not a glimpse of who the throwers were, they rushed forward to catch, turned out to be a very bad hold down traffic.

“I told you man”
“wow, that was great”

“Yeah you did caused a big hold down and will take hours to disband the crowd, that was what you wanted, you guys are such a damn” Louis interrupted while they turned back to watch the crowd as their car moved away, some were even fighting .
“What the ****” Charles exclaimed while they burst into laughter watching how some of them fights.

“Guys the chick over there is getting me unfocused, will you believe she just spread out her shaved puss out for me to see?” Charles said while they turned to where he pointed out, luckily they caught the sluggish chick dipping one finger in her mouth sed-ctively and spreading out her legs widely without p-nts before she noticed they were staring at her and quickly composed herself.

“why don’t you call her over, lets give some pleasures out” Starex interrupted and took his hands off the two girls sitting beside him. “Yeah guys, I gotta need some pleasures different to those bikinis” drunk Louis interrupted too and turned to face the girl beside him who turned over and immediately draws his head on her two exposed br-ast.

“Geez, I wonder how pastor Louis eventually turned to a real bad guy” Fred laughed and whispered. “Yeah, here she come guys, what other pleasure do we ought to expect from her? Lets just let her be”

“Common Charles, when do you become boring and tired of pleasures? Believe me I’ve got an idea you will never stop laughing at” Starex smiled as she finally walk towards their VIP seats. “hi damsel, what er guan?”

“its seriously cold in here, besides the DJ aren’t playing my sort of likes and I’m bored” she answered without looking at the ladies seated beside them who was given her strange stares. “oh is it? Fred will you please tell the DJ to change adherently to her sorts? And may I ask which?”

“Hmm, ‘Science Students by Olamide, Legbegbe by Mr Real, issa goal by Naira Marley, Sho mo age mi by Xswitch, Manya by wizkid, Soco by Wizzy and star boy, Codeine Diet and..”

“Easy menh, one after the other, Fred will you please tell the DJ to play all those songs she mentioned loud in the air? Anything for the pretty chick here” Starex said while Fred reluctantly stand to pass it across the DJ, he looked pissed and annoyed.

“Can you give us some real pleasures? Charles asked and smiled, looking at the way she was staring at him sed-ctively. She nodded in response, still staring at him.

“Pull off your sleeve and show us what’s between your legs, lets see how hærd you are”

“huh, what !!” Charles and Fred exclaimed. “you mean right here in public?”

“yea, open up your legs and dip your hands In while we watch, give us some pleasures different to those bikinis, you might as well let him or her s-ck your cunt, I’m giving you a million dollars for spreading your legs and a million dollars for giving us pleasure”

“Stop this bulls*** now, what the **** are you saying man? Let her go or let her probably sit among the babes, what the **** are you doing?” Charles said and frowned. “Stop putting on some mess here” he added.

“What the hell is wrong with you Charles? This isn’t your first visiting a strip club, why the yell?”

“This isn’t one Starex” Charles barked.
“Yea but I’m turning it to a strip club right away, now you’re talking like a Nigerian, we are all crazy in our own ways charles, stop being the good ally here, you did yours in the morning and now let it dawn on you its my turn to do whatever crazy thing I fit and wanted, she’s left with the decision mehn, I never did put her forcefully do I? those dancing bikinis wouldn’t ever be given such amount, if she can’t, there are lots of chicks here who will” Starex said and flashed his teeth.

“Oh my goddamn goodness” Fred exclaimed, while the two guys turned. “I’ll give you the pleasure than you expected in as much the money will be given to me but I want him to be the one to s-ck my cunt” she said and pointed out to charles sed-ctively, her sleeve and b-ra already thrown aside on the floor and her legs widely spread, surprising Charles and Fred. The wh0le club turned to something else immediately when the ladies beside them stands and also strip themselves to spread their legs widely apart. All attention turned at their VIP seat already. “wow” charles exclaimed

“Weytin money no fit do? Power of money”
“of course, we are YAHOO BOYS afterall” Starex smiled.

To be continued.

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