ERUKA (episode 8)

© Oby Chinyere
I went home from Bazil’s place the following day, as I got home I gave Julio a serious warning never to insult Bazil again We continue to go the market together, Julio assisted me in mounting Kuma’s stand until she finally resumed work after some days Julio traveled back to school.
Kuma wasn’t coming to work often, she comes any day she feels like and closes earlier, I asked her what is happening with her why the sudden change of behaviour, she opened up and told me that she wanted to stop work, she planned to open her own shop which was already in the process, I was surprise and wondered where she could have gotten money from because it can’t be from the stipend I do pay her,
I told her getting a shop and stocking it up with goods requires big money, I asked her where she planned to get money from she boldly told me that her boyfriend was capable, her boyfriend has agreed to sponsor her in achieving her dream.
I supported her in my own little way and wish her well.
I was quietly looking for a replacement for her, because I can’t leave her slot vacant, i later got another person, a teenage girl, Kuma was older than Julio but the new girl was younger and doesn’t have experience and I was glad to fill her in.
I continued my love with Bazil as it wax stronger everyday.

Here is a story you will really love to read; Dark Night
I forgot about Dave and never speaks of him, everything that matters to me was Bazil
One day towards evening one of my customers that has office close to Bazil’s house called me to bring some wears for her and her colleagues, so I hurriedly packed up some wears, and rush up to get transport to her office before she close, I needed the money because I wasn’t having enough cash to pay my suppliers,
As I got to her place I discovered I have forgotten my phone in my shop, so I went straight to her office and she was there waiting for me, she and her colleagues picked everything they wanted from all the office and outing cloths I brought for them, they all paid me, I was so happy as I left,
I remembered Bazil’s house was not far from there so I decided to go over despite it was already deep evening and I needed to call him like I have being doing, to let him know that I’m coming but my phone was not with me, so I just went over to his place unexpectedly, I may even give him some of the money I sold so that he can have upkeep money since he is not working and the business he was pursuing, the one I loaned him some huge amount had not click, he told me he will pay back ones the business matured, despite is being a while ever since I loan him the money and no good news yet I will keep praying and hoping that the business turn out fine
When I got to his place, I walked to the door, i can hear him talking with somebody in,side, the person was a Lady and they seen to be walking towards the door slowly
I was about to knock on the door when I heard the female voice clearly, and I was certain that the lady’s voice was that of Kuma, my former sales girl, so I paused, I didn’t bother knocking again,
I could hear them so clear now as they stopped close to the door and continue talking so I listened from where I stood holding my fragile heart
“…really..Haaa! Zil, that was too much, so you gave that guy upto such amount that night…
” yes baby…do you understand the gravity of what he saved us from, the money was just a tip, is nothing, I was almost urinating in my p-nts that night, until the guy started decoding my signs and quickly change the wh0le thing, I know her sister wasn’t fooled but trust me Ruka was, I can fool her easily, if not for that guy final word and Ruka slapping her sister who wanted to break my head with the bottles… I told you how it all went down
“Yea, I can’t just stop flashing back to that day, immediately you told me that they were coming, I almost turned back, I was only saved because I maintain my cool and walked into the night fast, if I have made a mistake and turned… Eeeh… I would have turned into a pillar of salt like Lot’s wife…hahahaha…this your babe is so smart…I was so smart that night, I watched from the dark how her wicked sister took the chicken after Ruka slapped her, I felt so angry because that roasted chicken was mine and I have already planned how I will devour it that night, I felt like stoning her from my hideout that night After she carried the chicken and was licking her hands like a crazy woman while leaving…
” I think I promise to make it up to you and has fulfilled my promise, we are going there tonight, you can order for another chicken again, eat whatever you want Baby, there’s money to spend, if the money finishes I will can my ATM to dispense more cash for me…Ruka is on my palm, she does all my biddings without a second thought, I Will drain her, s-ck her dry like mosquito before dumping her broke ass…
“Remember to collect the money from her to open the shop for me as you promised me, I can’t wait to be my own boss Lady, Ruka doesn’t even have single sense, she is too stupid, she is dying For you and Will still get dumped like a dustbin, I’m glad that I’m no more working for her, a fool for fake love, I played with her intelligence she still gave me some cash when I told her that I was stopping work and that my boyfriend was opening my own shop for me… Her sister is a real Jezebel, I’m glad Ruka never listens to her, please do whatever you have to do fast and get more money out of her until she is broke and i will make her one of my sales girls as she made me, I can’t wait to be a boss Lady…
” I know, just relax baby, I have my way of doing things, we have to use wisdom so that it won’t look suspicious, even after buying whatever we want now we will come back to the house and enjoy ourselves, we can’t stay out for long to avoid being seen together, I know i told her to always call me before coming over to my place and she has always obeyed but I have to trade safe, let’s not spoil our plans… It will mature soon baby, then Ruka Will be a history…
They kept talking and laughing, I couldn’t listen any more. My legs shakes, my heart was pounding like drum into my ears,
I don’t know if i should confront them, that’s waiting for them to open the door and come outside to see me
Lot of things went through my mind but all I did was to disappear like thin air in to the night before they could open the door
I watched them from the corner of the house as they both walked out
I held my mouth from scre-ming, I rubbed my eyes to make sure is not a bad night mare,
Could this be real, oh my God…
To be continued…
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