Fate Of Mirabel

FATE OF MIRABEL episode 12 – 14



Episode 12.
Nora: what took you so long Christian?

Christian: it was difficult escaping from the police men and my clothes was stained with blood, so I had to go home to change up. Nora looked at him closely and she saw he wasn’t on the clothes she saw him with when he left with Evelyn. “Did you check if she’s truly dead?

Christian: I did.

Nora: good. She turned to the rest of her men. I want to thank you all for your cooperation, I’ll be leaving but if any matter arise you all will be called back. Here’s your money, she said and handed to them envelopes of money. You can all leave now, she dispersed them.

The next morning her thugs all left leaving her alone in the building. She took her car, despised herself and drove to Clement place. After the kidnap of Mirabel, Clement had not Been himself. He found himself always going out in the evening and get home drunk. Clara on the other hand was so devastated, Prisca presence with them helped a lot. Nora stayed out waiting for Clement to either drive in or drive out. Later Clem drove in into the house, satisfied she left the place and drove to her hideout, changed up and looked as if she’s just returning from overseas, she left to her parents place.

Veronica and Mr Albert didn’t hold their Joy as they gave her a tight hug.

Veronica: where have you been Nora?

Nora: sorry mum I had to go away, I couldn’t take the hurt anymore, she said forming crocodile tears.

Veronica: don’t cry dear, God has indeed punished them, so relax.

Mr Albert: I called your friends overseas.

Nora: I was in Malaysia, I wanted a place different. I’m sorry for the stress dad.

Mr Albert: as long as you are back safe, then I’m glad.

Veronica: welcome home dear, go change up while I join the maids to get you something to eat.

Mr Albert: yea, this calls for celebration. Nora smiled to herself, “finally I succeeded”.

Later in the evening she drove out to Clem place again. She parked her some miles away, finally Clement drove out. She followed him behind until they came to a stop at a restaurant. She came out and sat somewhere watching him, she was so shocked to see Clement gulping alcoholic in much quantity. No she said to herself and went to him.


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what’s wrong with you Clement?, who did this to you? She said collecting the bottle from him but he struggled it with her.


what are you doing here? And when did you return?

Nora: I heard of what happened so I came to give my condolences.

Clement: you shouldn’t have bothered.

Nora: don’t say that. It hurts to see you this way Clem, please don’t do this to yourself.

Clement: just leave me alone Nora.


I still love you, I can make your life straight again, just give me a chance I beg you. She said holding his face in a pleading way.

Clement: stop it Nora, I’m married. But Nora forcefully engaged Him in a deep kiss in his drunken state. Let’s go, Nora said and paid the bills. Like magic Clement followed her, she drove to a hotel and spent the night with Nora.

Clara kept calling Clem number but he didn’t pick up because he left his phone in his car. The next morning Clem woke up to find himself on a strange bed with no one on it, He quickly stood up to see himself unclad. What exactly happened? He asked himself in confusion. Just then Nora walked in with a Nightie smiling broadly. “I brought breakfast darling.

Clement: Nora! Clement exclaimed in shock. What did you do?

Nora: what do you mean? Can’t you see what we did?

Clement: how dare you Nora!

Nora: hold it Clement. You enjoyed every part of it so spare me the pretence. If I get pregnant, You know what that means.

Clement: I was drunk Nora

Nora: so? Did I force you down here?

Clement: gosh! He exclaimed and hit the bed violently. He stoop up and hurriedly wore his clothes.

Nora: where are you going to?

Clement: to my wife.

Nora: your car isn’t here. You left it at the restaurant, that means you are going no where until I’m done.

Clement: oh really. I can pay my way down there, he Said to her and left ignoring Nora calls.

Clem broke a taxi and picked up his car where he left it. Suddenly his phone rang, he picked it to see Clara calling. He was so ashamed to pick it up so he ignored it and drove home. Reaching home he met Prisca and Clara waiting for him worried.


where are you coming back from and why have not been picking my calls? She asked immediately Clem stepped down. Clem ignored her and weakly went in.

Prisca: Clara not now please, let him be OK.

Clara: why aunty, I need an explanation why he slept outside leaving me alone. What if you were not at home with me?

Prisca: I understand, I’m sure he will explain later.

Clement later apologised to Clara, saying he was drunk and it was not advisable to drive in that state.

Clara: when did you become a drunk honey? Why all this?

Clement: I’m sorry, I promise it won’t happen again.

Weeks passed but Clem never saw Nora around, he was kind of happy she didn’t show herself to his wife after what happened between them. He almost forgot about Nora and concentrated more on his work and Clara. One morning they heard a loud horn outside the gate.

Clara: who might that be this early? She said to her husband who was having breakfast.

Clement: I don’t know. The gateman walked in to tell them that someone is outside to see them.

Clara: who is that?

Gateman: she say her name be ermmm ermmm eheh old friend.

Clara: she? Don’t worry let her in. The gate man ran out immediately and the car drove in. Clement was still concentrating on his food, but the figure that walked in chocked him.

Nora: long time no see Clara, she Said and walked majestically to Clara who was dumbfounded seeing her. ” hahahahaha why all this looks? Aren’t you happy to see me?

Prisca: we don’t want trouble please.

Nora: trouble? Nah, I only came to visit nau. Darling your food is appetising, she said and walked to Clem who already stopped eating looking at her in shock.

Clara: what do you want Nora?

Nora: uhmmm didn’t your husband gist you?

Clara: about what?

Nora: wowww so you didn’t tell her? Clement already was sweating profusely. Well I came to drop this good news, she said and dropped an envelope. Prisca opened it herself only to see a pregnancy test.

Prisca: what should we do with this?

Nora: excuse me, you have no say in this matter. Alas I’m going to give the Anthony family a grand child, this is something you did and failed.

Clement: what is that?

Nora: so you’ve forgotten how you happily slept with me that night? How can you forget such a memorable and precious event? Here is the pictures to bring back your memory. She said and brought out an envelope, threw it on Clement and exchanged gazes with Clara.

Clara left her and grabbed the pictures from Clement, “no this can’t be true! She cried out.

Episode 13
Clement stood up immediately with a pleading face, “lemme explain Hun, it happened that night I slept out, I swear I was drunk I didn’t know please” He said on his knees.

Nora: so now what? One thing for sure is you must get married to me.

Prisca: you are so shameless and stupid! Do you think his going to love you huh?

Nora: who is talking about love here, I’m talking about my unborn child you deaf! She then turned to Clem, “don’t let my parents get here first before you, because you won’t like it, she said and stormed out of the house.

Clara was still in tears when Nora left, Clem stood up and held her tightly, ” my love please forgive me, it wasn’t my intention to hurt you.

Clara: what do you want me to do? Just leave me alone, she ran to the room shutting the door behind her.

Prisca: what have you done Clem? Clara is trying to forget her lost child now another woman is carrying a child for you.

Clement: I don’t know I don’t know why all this is happening. Right now I’m so so confused.

Prisca: are you going to Nora place? If that baby is yours then take responsibility.

Clement: what about my wife, what will be her reaction to it?

Prisca: she’s hurt and there’s nothing you can do about it. Still speaking they saw clara dragging down a travelling bag.

Clement: where are you going to dear?

Clara: don’t you dare come near me, go take in your love inside and your unborn child.

Clement: no please don’t leave me I beg you.

Prisca: you are giving a wide door for Nora, use your brain clara. Clement phone rang, he picked it to see his dad calling. He answered the call and the first thing that hit is ear was “is what I’m hearing true Clem?

Clement: dad what?

Mr Anthony: Nora is carrying your baby? Clement what’s wrong with you.

Clement: dad please don’t add salt to my injury right now.

Mr Anthony: oh really! Her dad wants her married immediately before the news spread. You better clear this mess! He shouted and ended the call. Clement dropped the phone looking at Clara weakly who heard everything.

Veronica: aren’t you ashamed of yourself Nora, must you force yourself on a man with all your education.

Nora: mum I love Clem and I can’t stop myself.

Mr Albert: this isn’t love girl this is foolishness. I’m greatly disappointed in you.

Nora: dad I’m already carrying his baby, this is your grandchild I’m talking about here.

Veronica: so? What if he refuses to marry you what will you do.

Nora: dad please help me, I can’t wait to be Clem wife at least for the sake of my unborn child, she cried.

Episode 14
Christian: Nora is getting married, he said and gave Evelyn a newspaper.

Evelyn: to who?, she said collecting the paper from him.

Christian: Clement of course

Evelyn: my God! How come? What about Clara?

Christian: she’s pregnant for him already so his parents insisted he must get married to her.

Evelyn: oh God, look what I’ve done, she cried out.

Christian: why blaming yourself?

Evelyn: I helped in her evil plans, now clara is suffering because of me and the innocent child is already dead.

Christian: no she’s not.

Evelyn: what do you mean?

Christian: he didn’t kill her, he couldn’t bring himself to drown the baby. Look we have to leave this place before Nora gets us, I don’t want to work with her anymore. Let’s go and make our own family Evelyn with the money I was paid please.

Evelyn: wait you were saying something, the baby isn’t dead?

Christian: yes, that’s why Joseph ran away because his scared Nora will find out.

Evelyn: yes! Thank you Jesus, though my conscience still judges me. The innocent woman is suffering.

Christian: fate will bring them together that I’m sure. Please let’s go out from here before Nora find out about you.

Evelyn: ok, we’ll leave tomorrow.

Christian: really? I’ll go get a ticket for u so we’ll leave tomorrow ok. I’ll be right back, he said and left.

Evelyn: I’m so sorry Clara, right now I wish I can help you but I promise to do something to ease the pain you’re going through right now. She wrote down a note, disguised herself and left the house. She stopped a taxi and went to Clem house,pushed the envelope under the gate and left quickly.

The next day;

Gateman: ma see message for you o, I see am under gate. While he was still speaking they heard a car horn outside the gate, “ma I dey come o” he ran out with the letter to open the gate. Nora drove in and he greeted her with all respect. Nora noticed the gateman wanted entering the house and she saw an envelope with him.

Nora: come here,where are you going to?

Gateman: to give madam this thing, he said holding the letter to her.

Nora: give it to me, she said snatching the envelope from him. “Dear Clara, I understand the pain you’re going through right now. I’m here to ease your pain a little though it’s nothing but your daughter is still alive”. Nora breathed in and looked at the gateman, ” who dropped this?

Gateman: me don’t know o

Clara: does that belongs to you? She said folding her hands looking at her.

Nora: well, just wanted to see the letter from your boyfriend.

Clara: I beg your pardon

Nora: excuse me, she said pushing her way in and throwing the letter on her.

Clara looked at her and picked up the letter, what was written made her legs weak. She ran inside ignoring Clement to meet Prisca.

Clara: I’m sure that’s Evelyn aunty, let her show herself to me please, she said crying. Clement just stood confused not knowing how to approach this wife. Since that incident of Nora pregnancy, Clara kept a far distance from him.

Prisca: it’s OK dear, it is well. She said patting her back

Clement: why are you here and what’s wrong with Clara?

Nora: excuse me, I’m i Clara nanny? Aren’t you happy to see the mother of your unborn child?

Clement: ohhh spare me that Nora! You are not the first woman to carry my baby and besides it was all a mistake okay! He said storming out of the house leaving Nora watch him with anger. After sometime she left too, drove out of the compound, took her phone and dialled Christian number.

Christian: hello

Nora: where are you Christian?

Christian: I’m at home, any problem?

Nora: meet me at my hideout. She said and ended the call. She called the leader of the guys.

Francis: hello MA.

Nora: assemble the guys, I want them at the hideout now well armed.

Francis: ma, Joseph is no where to be seen.

Nora: what! Find that mother fvcker and squeeze the life out of him, do same to Christian I’m sure he saved Evelyn.

Francis: that will be done.

Nora: be fast okay! She ended the call, hitting the steering in anger.

Evelyn: who was that?

Christian: Nora, she’s asking me to meet her now.

Evelyn: you are going no where, in fact we are leaving right now, she said hurriedly packing the bags.


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