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Fate of MIRABEL episode 6 – 7


Fate of mirabel

Episode 6.

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Clara: good afternoon sir, she greeted with her face bowed.

Clement: what happened? You almost got yourself hit.

Clara: I’m so sorry sir, it’s my mistake, She said and attempted to leave.

Clement: wait! I’ll take you back to the company.

Clara: no sir, I don’t work there any more.

Clement: but why, what happened? Don’t tell me you were fired after that incident? Clement said frowning.

Clara: no sir, I left on my own please, I have to go now.

Clement: erm I’m so sorry, it was all my fault.

Clara: why sir? You did what a gentleman could have done, so don’t blame yourself for what happened.

Clement: I know, but you have no job now and it’s all my doing.

Clara: don’t worry sir, I will survive.

Clement: sure you will. I’ll offer you a job, but are you educated?

Clara: no sir, I stopped in secondary.

Clement: what about your parents? I’m sorry I’m asking too much but we can stay somewhere and talk? I mean it’s childish talking on the road. Clara thought about it for a while and gave in to it. Clement drove her to a restaurant and Clara was kind of shy because of her appearance. Clement saw it and tried to calm her nervousness.

Clement: it’s OK, you don’t need to be scared cause I’m here. He said with an assuring smile and she smiled back. They both ordered for something.”so tell me about yourself” he said while he was eating. Clara stopped sipping her drink and looked at him.

Clara: I’m sure you won’t like to hear anything about me because it’s not interesting at all but full of sorrow, she said with a sad face.

Clement: I’m sorry, what about your parents?

Clara: they died. They were involved in a car accident when I was taking my waec.

Clement: oh my God. I forgot I heard you say something like that when victor attempted that rubbish. I’m so sorry, truly I am.


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it’s OK.

Clement: you gat no family?… I mean relations??

Clara heaved and told him about his uncle; Robinson. Clement who always get mad whenever he sees or hears anyone maltreated was not pleased at all.

Clement: the nerves of those people. How can they treat an orphan that way, not only an orphan but his own niece! They need to be arrested and taught a lesson.


I don’t care if they are arrested, all I care is to see my parents, even for a second again. Her voice cracked and she broke down crying.

Clement felt sorry and got up to console her, “don’t worry, you don’t need to give up now please. Wherever your parents are now, they are all looking down at you. You have a responsibility now to make them proud and don’t forget this; if everyone forsakes you and you feel no one loves you, know that your parents loves you very much and they will never forsake you and God will see you through. Do all you can to embarrass your uncle and make him wrong ok.


thank you very much sir, she said wiping her face with the handkerchief Clem handed to her. ” no one has ever given me the strength to go on, I’m grateful sir.

Clement: please I’m so uncomfortable when called sir, my name is Clement and you are?

I’m Clara by name.

Clement: wow, the Clara I know is not a cry cry baby, he said laughing.

Clara: oh no, I’m not a cry cry baby sir, she said drying her face more.

Clement: are you sure about that? Don’t tell me that joor, he teased and Clara smiled. “I’m happy to see you smile.

Clara: all thanks to you sir.

Clement: oh not again Clara. If you call me sir again, I’ll call you madam.

Clara laughed out so loud that she felt all the eyes of the people in the restaurant will be on her.” I’m so sorry, it’s kind of difficult now to call you by your name. I hope you’ll give me time.

Clement: no no no there’s no time. Does my name bite or is it not cute?

Clara: I didn’t say that nau, ok ok you win. I’ll try my best to call you.. Erm… What about sir Clement?

Clement: what kind of old man name is that Na?

Clara: opps… You don’t like it?

Clement: no I don’t, he said with a frown while Clara just kept quiet with a timid look.

Clara: ermm I have to go now, thanks for the treat, she said standing up.

Clement: ok, what about me giving you a job?

Clara: no please, I’ll just go around doing my minor job if that will give me peace of mind.


no don’t tell me that, my dad has a company that deals with wine. If you had a certificate I would have secured a more better position for you, but right now I can ermm.. Clara can you collect fruits from The field to the factory?

Clara just smiled” I can do that, thank you so much.

Clement: I’m so sorry I know you don’t deserve that position but it’s…

Clara: please don’t say that, I’m OK with it so when I’m I starting?

Clement: are you serious?

Clara: yes Na.

Clement: that’s the spirit girl, I’ll drive you to it immediately. He said and took his car keys , off they drove to the company.

Clara: does it have a worker lodge? She asked while Clement was driving.

Clem: yes it does, but I’ll prefer if you stay on your own so no one will disturb you. Don’t worry I’ll pay your rent.

Clara: oh my God!are you serious and he nodded.”thank you so much!

Episode 7.
They arrived at the company and Clara was stunned at the magnificent building before her.

Clara: I wish such companies are in calabar, life would have been a bit easy. this is so beautiful.

Clement: thanks, please come in. He ushers her in then took her to the field. It was twice as big as the Albert’s with lot of different kind of trees. She just kept staring with an unknown expression on her face.

Clement: if you know this will be stressful I can give you another position.

Clara: are you kidding, this is fun please and i love it. But, most of this fruits gat it’s season does that mean no wine or juice will be produced?

Clement: we will harvest it and store it, we can’t lack Any fruit in the company. Don’t worry you’ll be taught everything. Are you sure you are ok with it?

Clara: yes sir Clement, she said and bursted out laughing while clem folded his hands looking at her with a sad face.

He later took her and introduced her to a man Clara understood will be the head of the workers and without much talk she was enrolled with a more better pay. Clement then drove her to her place so she can rest and resume work tomorrow.

Clara: I don’t know how to start thanking you. I gave up already with all hope lost but I’m glad I’ve been given a chance to rise again.

Clement: I’ve done nothing Clara, I just want you to encourage yourself more and never look at things that will discourage you. Look up to tomorrow and remember you have people to make proud, so don’t Fail them. Clara smiled and bid him goodbye and he left.

Clara got inside and everything that happened when she met Clement replayed, she smiled and laid on the cold floor to rest but she eventually slept off. While clem was still driving, he kept smiling when he thought of Clara just then he remembered he was supposed to visit his friend. He parked immediately and gave him a call.

Pius: guy, you get mind play me 419 ba?

Clement laughed a bit ” not like that please, I was actually on the road to your place but something showed up. So are you at home?

Pius: all thanks to you that I’ve been locked up at home waiting for you all day.

Clement: ok sir, I’m coming right away.

Pius: if you like ooo

Clement: my friend shut up, he laughed and ended the call.

Few minutes later he arrived at Pius place, Pius came out and hailed him immediately he came out.

Pius: guy fresh small small o. He said and engaged him in a hug.

Clement: please stop teasing me, how is everything.

Pius: fine my brother, please come in. They went in and Pius asked him what he should serve him and Clem only asked for water. While Pius went to get it from the refrigerator, Clem looked around and saw a photograph of pius and his fiancée.

Clem: guy, another one? He said laughing. Pius turned to look at what he meant. “Oh, he sighed. Which one is another one na? This is my main babe o, infact I engaged her last month so no spoil show for me abeg.

Clement: tell me you’re joking, so you are already engaged?

Pius: yes o, are you not engaged too?

Clement: I’m not engaged with that lady please.

Pius: huh now what?

Clement: I don’t love her Pius, no matter how I try.

Pius: you know you have no choice.

Clement: sorry I do, when I find the lady my heart will beat for then everything will be settled.

Pius: that will be a big problem bro, your parents.. Especially your mum will bluntly disagree you know.

Clement: I can’t do everything my mum wants me to do all my life. I’m not a kid anymore.

Pius: I understand, good luck bro.

Clement: thanks man, when I’m I seeing her?

Pius: even now it’s possible.

Clement: like seriously?

Pius: yea let me call her.

Clement: the bills will be on you right? He said jokingly.

Pius: thunder for fire you I swear, and they all burst out laughing.

Some minutes later they both arrived at the eatery they asked her to wait. They got there before his fiancee did, and when she arrived Pius introduced her to Clement.

Pius: baby meet my child hood friend, the one I told you about.

Christabel: oh you’re welcome back, she replied with a smile.

Pius: clem meet my baby, Christabel.

Clement: Pius I always know you gat eyes on good things you this naughty boy. They all laughed “nice to meet you” Clem concluded.

While they were still chatting, the waitress approached them and they all Made their orders. Christabel was so uncomfortable because she had always wanted to meet with clem and she wished it was Clem that engaged her instead but she only accepted his engagement so she will be close to Clem and seduce him. She kept looking at Clem and making moves, praying that Clem should notice her but unfortunately Pius noticed it and instantly smelled something fishy.
I hour later, clem told them he was tired because be has not rested the whole day. He dropped them off at home and bid them goodnight.

Christabel: wow sweetheart Clem is so rich and lovely, she said almost jumping up. Pius looked at her with his eyes full of anger and she noticed it.”what’s wrong love?

Pius: can you explain to me what you did back there at the eatery Christie? He shouted on her.

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