Forced mate episode 1

💢Forced Mate💢
Married to the Alpha


Ruthless and merciless, Jayden Ashford is the Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack, he lives in the modern world as the CEO of J Clothings disguised as a human
All was well until the Moon goddess rejected the mate he had chosen for himself
He was reminded of a promise he made to marry a human girl, a promise he made as a child to his first love, a promise he had long forgotten
When Luna Wilsford is forced to marry her long lost childhood love who has undergone a personality change, she hopes to find mercy in the hands of the merciless Alpha
Amidst the hardships and power tussle that emerged, secrets are unveiled and love begins to bloom.

Married to the Alpha

Jayden’s POV

I stared at the big screen with keen observation and I scoffed

“Is anything wrong Sir?” Mr Benjamin, my fashion director and also the man giving a presentation in front of all the company board members asked

“Well, yes, yes something is wrong” I said and everyone turned to look at me

“Just….. Is this the great ending of the month plan you’ve been babbling about?” I asked

“Yes Sir” he replied

“Well it isn’t so great after all, your….”

“But Sir…..”

I slammed my hand on the table and everyone flinched

“Don’t you dare interrupt me when am not done talking!” I said in an overwhelming tone

“Am sorry Sir” he replied wobbly

“This is a fashion and modelling company and you confidently told me you’ll come up with an amazing new line of Men’s clothing by the end of the month and this is the best your dormant brain could come up with?!” I said as I flinged away the presentation file he kept in front of me

“Come up with a better line by next week or get ready to kiss your job goodbye, I do not tolerate incompetency” I said as I stood up

“I presume we are done here” I said and walked out

My secretary, Alice followed me from behind trying to keep up with my walking pace

“We’ve employed a new set of fashion designers for the company as you requested Sir, they’ll be resuming work tomorrow” Alice said and I nodded

“I don’t have anymore meetings do I?” I asked

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“No Sir, you don’t” she replied

“Good, am off then” I said as I entered my car

“Goodbye Sir” Alice said with a bow

“The mansion?” Landon asked and I nodded

He started the car and I closed my eyes enjoying the silence

“Today’s the full moon night” Landon said and I pretended not to hear

“Will you be joining us at the Moon goddess’s shrine this time?” He asked but I maintained my silence

“Audrey is at the mansion to attend the ceremony with you” he said

“What?!” I said and he smiled

“I guess I finally said something that got your attention”

“When did she get to the Mansion?” I asked ignoring his previous statement

“Just this morning” he said and I sighed

“Honestly? I don’t think Audrey is the right Mate for you, I mean she’s just as ruthless as you are, no offense meant but nevertheless, you should go for someone more….”

“The only reason you are still breathing is because you are my blood relative but if you continue to ramble on, I won’t hesitate to cut off your tongue” I said

“Sorry Jayden” Landon apologised and the rest of the ride was in silence

“Jayden!!” Audrey shrilled as she ran to hug me

“Can you not do that each time you see me” I said as I walked to my room and she followed me

“Why not, you are my mate”

“Mate to be” I corrected as I entered my room and sat on the couch

“That’ll change soon, we are getting married next week”


“When will you announce our wedding to the media?” She asked

“I’ve already asked my Media aid to do that this morning” I said and she smiled

“Our wedding will be amazing right? Promise me you’ll make it spectacular” she said and I scoffed

“You know an Alpha’s promise is unbreakable, am always bound to fulfill the promises that I make so I don’t make promises, I don’t take that risk”

“Fine” she said with a sigh

“Yeah so what are you doing here?” I asked

“Tonight’s the full moon night” she said


“Come on, I told you we’ll join the ceremony tonight and seek the Moon goddess’s blessing for our union” Audrey said

“And I told you I care not about that fanatic goddess’s blessing and therefore I am not going with you to seek any forsaken blessing” I said as I stood up to remove my jacket

“Jayden!!” She yelled “The Moon goddess is a respected being in my pack and I won’t tolerate you speaking ill of her, the next time you say something like this, I’ll make you regret it”

I walked towards her and grabbed her throat
“Don’t you dare threaten me!” I said slowly as my fingernails grew and dug into her neck

“Jay….. Jayden you….. you’re hurting me” she stuttered as she struggled to break free

“You should know that the only reason for our union is to unite our packs and increase my stronghold over all the werewolves so do not cross your limit Audrey” I said and pushed her aside

“You want to seek your dear goddess’s blessing right? Fine I’ll go with you but you’ll be the one doing the seeking” I said and walked out….

“It’s time Jayden, the pack is here” Landon said as he peeped into my room

“I’ll be there” I said
He nodded and left

I stood in front of the mirror and stared at the Crescent Moon mark on my shoulder
“It’s time” I muttered and left my room

I stood in front of the mansion looking at the whole Crescent Moon pack

“Pay your respect to the Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack!” Landon yelled and they all bowed

“Tonight is the full moon night, the night we reconnect with our wolf, our inner and stronger self, a night we summon our natural born instincts, a night to remind us who we really are, tonight is the night of The Hunt!!”

“Yeah!!!!” They all screamed in excitement

“But as we go on The Hunt tonight, I don’t want any injured wolves like before, we are not hunting ourselves but anything else out there in the forest, you come across a human being? You don’t kill, you bring him to us to see if he is worthy of the werewolf bite and if he’s not we let him go, we do not kill humans, those are the rules!!” I yelled

“Yeah!!!” They screamed in agreement

“The wolf with highest number of preys gets a reward and an increase in rank so are we ready?!”

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“Yeah!!!” They screamed

“Are we ready?!!” I asked again


“Then let’s go and we shall all reconvene at the Moon goddess’s shrine in an hour” I said and they murmured

“We?” Landon asked

“Yes, my Mate to be and I will be joining you at the shrine today, just for today” I said and they screamed excitedly

“So……. Let’s go!!!” I said and they all turned into wolves, shredding their clothes into rags and running into the forest on their fours

“You aren’t going with them?” Audrey said as she walked out of the mansion, towards me and I grabbed her waist, pulling her closer to myself

“Am the Alpha, I don’t participate, I command” I smirked

“And that is why you are my Mate, I can feel my wolf yearning for your touch each moment” she said as she trailed her finger on my bare chest and I pulled her closer

“Go get ready, we’ll be leaving for the moon goddess’s shrine soon” I whispered in to her ear and she sighed

“Fine, I’ll be back soon” she walked back into the Mansion

We dressed in an all white and went to the Moon goddess’s shrine together where the Pack was already gathered

The Moon goddess’s shrine is a big old tree that is right below the full moon

“It’s nice seeing you here for the first time” Landon said

“Don’t get used to it” I said as I walked with Audrey to the front of the tree

I looked beside the tree where everyone kept their preys and I smirked

“Someone caught a human, who?” I asked and he came out

“Your name?” I asked

“Ivan” he replied

“Is he dead?”

“No, he ran pretty fast immediately he saw me but I caught up with him and he collapsed” Ivan explained

“Is this your only prey?”

“No, I caught a boar, deer, rabbit and a snake” he said as he pointed at them

“I guess we have the winner of The Hunt then, Ivan!!” I announced and they all clapped and screamed

“Meet me at the Mansion tomorrow” I said to Ivan

“Thank you Alpha” he said with a bow

“So…… Should we or should we not turn our captured human?” I asked

“No!!” Some screamed
“Yes!!” Others screamed

“You should let the Moon goddess decide if you should turn him or not” Audrey said and I sighed


A white wolf came out of the tree and transformed into an old woman with white long hair and the mark of the Moon shinning brightly on her forehead
The priestess of the Moon goddess

Everyone bowed and Audrey dragged me down to bow too

The priest walked towards me
“It was high time you come, she told me to expect you” she said and I scoffed

“Yeah right”

“Priestess of the Moon goddess, we’ve come to seek your blessing for…..”

“Turn him” the priestess said interrupting Audrey
“Turn the human, you will need him” she said and I almost laughed

“I need no one” I said
“In fact the only reason you are seeing me is because Audrey dragged me here, she wanted to seek your blessing for….”

“She is not your destined Mate”

“What?!!” Audrey exclaimed

“Didn’t I tell you this was a bad idea, you know what? I can’t stand this anymore” I said as I turned to leave but I couldn’t move

The priestess’ eyes suddenly turned white, there was a heavy gush of wind and the moon shined much brighter

“It’s the Moon goddess, she’s possessed the priestess, this rarely happens” Audery said and everyone quickly knelt down

“Why….. Why can’t I move?” I stuttered

“You haven’t heard my message for you yet” the priestess said in an overwhelming cold voice

“I don’t need to, you’re trying to separate me from the Mate I want but who gave you that right? It is my life and I will take whoever I want as Mate”

“You made a promise, you are already bethroted to another” she said

“What promise?” I asked confused and she moved closer to me and touched the Crescent Moon mark on my shoulder

The marked lightened up, it felt like it was on fire and I groaned

Immediately I closed my eyes, I saw some flashes of different memories

“Hey! Who are you?!”…..

“I don’t know, I can’t remember”…..

“My name is Luna” the young girl said with a smile…..

“If you are still single by 25, I’ll marry you, I promise” a 10 year old me said…..

The priestess took her hand back from my mark and the burning sensation and memories stopped abruptly

“You made a promise and it must be fulfilled, she is your destined Mate and choosing another as your Mate will spell doom for you and your entire pack, you are warned” she said and the priestess suddenly collapsed on the ground while I panted loudly…..

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