Forgive – episode 18


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My sister’s husband drove down to help me rescue this misleading Afya.

This world is really a mysterious one. After driving miles to the city, my sister’s husband came to see how miserable I was. He (my sister’s husband) said he has a police friend who can help us in rescuing this my half sister.

We wasted no time in contacting this police friend of his. Fortunately for us, he was the divisional commander of police at that time so he quickly deployed his boys to assist us rescue Afya and bring the culprits to order.

Together with the police, we were able to get to the location Afya claimed to be but nothing showed that such act could happen there. All thanks to technology, one of the police suggested we track Afya’s number for location. They quickly invited some BNI officials to join the hunt. They traced the location and gradually, we got the exact location.

After getting the location, some of the officers were made to return to the station as we went with only three officers. Afya was outside doing some washing when we got there.

“Forgive is that not Afya washing there? ” My brother in-law asked. “Honestly am surprised. She told me she was in danger. Hmm this is strange. ” I replied.

Surprising to her, she saw the car entering her compound. She left the washing and made an attempt to run into hiding.

“My friend stop there. Make sure you don’t move an inch.” One of the police commanded.

I got down from the car and she saw me. “Afya but why should you lie to us to this extent? Where are the people who kidnapped you?” I asked.

The officers and my brother in-law stood by the car looking at proceedings.

“But why should you come to my house with police? Am I owing you or have I stollen anything of yours? Please you and your miserable father should let me have peace.” Afya bust out.

“Officers please sorry for wasting your time. This lady rather misled me.” I said to the police.

Afya gave us the insult of our life and told us pointblank that she will never and ever pay a dime for our miserable father’s treatment.

Her mother who was sleeping in,side the room came out after hearing the commotion happening outside.

“Afya what’s going on? What are policemen doing in my house? And who is this lady?” Her mother asked.

“Mum, these things are here because I said I have no money to pay for their miserable father’s hospital bill.” Afya said.

“No my daughter, I didn’t raise you up to be disrespectful to people. No matter the situation, respect them. Please am sorry for my daughters arrogance towards you. Can I know what the issue is?” Afya’s mum said.

“Mummy please you don’t need to worry your head over this. We will be leaving now.” I said to her mum.

No plea from Afya’s mother was able to change her mind. we had no option than to go and think about other alternatives.

On our way back from Afya’s place, my brother in law said he will go to his bank and see if he can get some loan. He also explained everything to his police commander friend who promised to give us Ghc5000 as a token after listening to our pathetic story. We thanked him profusely and left to the village to continue to solicit funds to clear off the hospital debt as my brother in-law worked on the loan facilitation.

We went to pay half the hospital bill and my father was discharged. One evening, I went to him in his room.

“Father, there is this thing I want to ask you. Why didn’t you tell us about Afya’s mother?”

“My daughter, hmm am sorry I didn’t tell you everything. It’s because I don’t have anything to do with her again that is why I hid it from you.” he said.

“So how much money do you have so that we can add some to what we have to settle your hospital bills.”

“My dear, there is no money anywhere for me.But there is this land which is at the outskirt of the town. No one knew about it. Go and sell it and use the money to settle the bill. It is about 50 hectors.

“So dad why should you hide this land from us till this trying moment? What happens if you were to die without letting us know about it? Now am pregnant and about to get married. I don’t think selling this land will the best idea because that will be the only family property we have. If we sell it, it will mean we have nothing to boast of.”

“You have taken your mothers character when it comes to thinking ahead of time. Hmm I have regretted killing her.” My dad unconsciously spit out the secret.

“Dad what did you just say? You killed mother with your own hands? Tell me you are joking.”

“Forgive please keep this as a secret.” he said.

I got angry and slapped him for what he said. “You are a devil. You killed my only mother and you are telling me to keep it as a secret? Dad do know Mr. Luis, my former teacher is serving jail term because of this? You will rot in this room and die.” I said to him and walked out.

My sister and her husband also arrived with the remaining money.

“Forgive why are you looking so disappointed?” my brother in-law asked.

“Please don’t waste your money on that man. He is evil.” I said to him.

To be continued

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