Forgive – Episode 21


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Hmmm unknown to my aunty, the pastor she was staying with and left her husband for was just a child producing machine. It punched her like a blow when she got to know that the pastor has impregnated four women in the church under the cover of counseling sessions in his mission house. God have mercy 🙏🏾🙏🏾. The revelation came when there was a misunderstanding between the pastor and one of the ladies who got pregnant for him. The pastor refused to accept the pregnancy and disgracefully, this lady came to hold the mic on a very busy Sunday in front of the wh0le congregation and said she has something to say. The pastor knowing what the lady was capable of, tried stopping her but the lady had already released the bomb. The other three ladies also owned up that they were all pregnant for him and he refused to accept responsibility.

Members started moving out of the church after the revelation. My aunty could not withstand the shame. She stood up and followed the crowd. At home, the pastor apologized and said those ladies were just accusing him falsely. My aunty having no other choice because she was pregnant, accepted the apology.

One afternoon after enjoying her last trimester and anticipating the arrival of her baby boy whom she has already named Wonder even though the baby was still in the tommy, was enjoying her nap when she heard a noise outside.

Curious to know what the commotion was all about, she came out only to see Sara their choir leader and her fiancée in a heated argument. In the course of her settling the issue got to know that she (Sara) was also pregnant for no one else but pastor.

My aunty was so shocked that she went into a forced labour and she was rushed to the hospital and truly she gave birth to her wonder as she was expecting.

Well, the little I would like to tell you is that, the devil you know is far better than the angel you don’t know. We should also stop this “pray for me” issues. The God we serve does His things in mysterious ways. All we need is to believe and wait on him. Looking at someone behind the pulpit with microphone in his hands does not mean he or she is a saint. Stay with your love and rather try to work out things for your better.

As if that was not enough with Sara’s issue, the three other ladies from the church also came to the house to take pastor on.

Hmm my aunty couldn’t take it any longer. She confronted him (the pastor) and funny enough his only reply was “at least I’ve helped them to get the pregnancy they were looking for. I never promised them to take any responsibility of the pregnancy. They should go away with their trouble. Ask them if they didn’t enjoy it when we were having fun. They should go to hell. Am even tired.”

Had I known is indeed always at last. My aunty regretted leaving her 15 years of marriage because she couldn’t forgive Mr Dennis. As she sat down crying her heart out, the pastor came out with a bag claiming he was going for a 3days revival somewhere and by the time he comes back my aunty should be out of his house. He said my aunty should go back to her husband. The back side of the coin has finally faced my aunty. She became speechless.

On his way to his revival with Joycelin the church secretary, they were having a good time and lose focus resulting in them colliding with another car. Sadly, they both died on the s₱0t. News of their death spread like a bushfire.

My aunty has no other choice than to go and try her luck on Mr Dennis, her husband.

Mr. Dennis gladly accepted his wife and God being so good, my aunty gave the child to Mr Dennis which he gladly adopted as his own. They lived together and enjoyed s€× with the help of a c-ndom.

Since I finished my exams, my father in law to be helped me to secure a hospital where I can do my national service.

Soon, my nine month gestation period was over. Very unfortunately for me, I needed to undergo a caesarian session because the baby was too big for self delivery.

Gilbert’s father was so kind to me but the problem was his wife and Gilbert. They never liked me but I had no option than to keep mute.

All these while, Gilbert and Afya’s intimacy was increasing behind me. Honestly, Gilbert never made any advances towards me till I gave birth.

I went to see one of my uncles at the village and he represented my father and gave me the marriage list.

Gilbert’s father was very instrumental and bought everything for his son to perform my rites. The marriage was added to the naming ceremony. We never did white marriage. It took the Grace of God for Gilbert to put the ring on my finger. I never enjoyed my engagement ceremony because Gilbert was just forcing the smiles on his face.

I returned to the hospital to complete my service and God being so good, I was retained as a permanent staff.

I also started attending church and gave my life completely to God.

We also moved to a different house so we were no longer staying with my in-laws. I was for afternoon shift at work one day so I left quite earlier because I needed to pass through the salon before getting to work. I forgot to take Junior, my baby boy’s pampers so after the hair dressing, I came back home to pick the pampers only to see Afya coming out of our matrimonial bathroom with only a towel. She was surprised and stood speechless looking at me. The next to come out was Gilbert who also came  out of the bath. Hmm

Let’s go to the next episode.

To be continued

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