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We also moved into to a different house so we were no longer staying with my in- laws.

I was for afternoon shift at the work one day so I left quite earlier because I needed to pass through the saloon before getting to work. I forgot to take junior, my baby boy’s pampers so after dressing my hair, I came back home to pick the pampers only to see Afya coming out of our matrimonial bathroom with only a towel covering her. She was surprised and stood speechless looking at me like a hungry confused tilapia. I was equally shocked seeing her. The next to come out was Gilbert who also came out of the bath in his boxers. hmmmm

Honestly I got mad. I felt like strangling them to death but I pulled myself together because of my child strapped at my back. I looked around and dropped Junior in the sofa. Mr heart was racing a marathon. I carried the flower glass on the table and broke it and picked a broken pieces.

Gilbert sensing danger ahead ran out of the house pulling Afya along.

All manner of thoughts came to my mind. I wanted to poison our drinking water with rat medicine and leave the house or ran after them and stab them but deep down me, I was scared of the consequences.

I heard a voice telling me “all die be die” so I should ran after them with any available weapon.

I went into the kitchen, searched and got the table knife. On my out, I saw a blunt machete which I used the previous day to do some clean up. I even forgot Junior was in the sofa. I chased them with my weapons and that was when I run into my pastor.

As usual, he is used to visiting new converts and since I was a new convert, he felt like following up on me as was the custom of the church.

“Jesus Christ! Sister Forgive please I beg you in the name of God. Whoever or whatever is the issue, please drop those weapons.” pastor pleaded.

“Please just stop it. I’m not ready to listen to any good news according to you or who or whatever. Look pastor, I respect you a lot and I don’t want to lose that respect for you. Don’t make me think you are also involved in this devilish behaviour of that so-called husband of mine. I regret ever knowing both of you. Just leave me to deal with him squarely. He thinks he can fool with anyone at all….. hmm not me. This guy has just stepped on the toes of a hungry scorpion” I roared.

Pastor: Forgive I just wish you calm down and listen to me this moment. Anger only destroys and makes you the bad person at the end of the day. I perfectly understand what you are going through now, but beware that the devil is always around to infuriate you to do things that will make you regret at the end. Just stop crying and be strong. I strongly believe God will fight for you. No one can take what rightfully belongs to you, if you put your trust in God. Can you drop all those weapons now and look up to God?

Me: Pastor, if I don’t do anything to this guy my heart won’t be free.

Pastor: Do you really understand your own name? Your parents thought it wise to give you this special name; Forgive. You must learn how to forgive.

Me: That is the word I least expected to hear. Forgive. That is my name but I’m not ready to forgive Gilbert this time around. His grace periods are over. Pastor just tell me why I should forgive such an ingrate and a psychopath like him?

Pastor: Yes my dear, you’ve heard and done it a thousand times but it’s the notion behind it that is most important.just imagine how ur aunty a and her husband was able to make up without any third party.that is true love and forgiveness.please try and emulate them for Christ sake.

*Present day*


“Hmm my daughter, your issue is a very pathetic one. Sorry for this tragedy but I can assure you that all hope is not lost.” pastor said. I think I need to hear from your husband so that we see the way forward. Just keep your calm. Where is little Junior? ” Pastor asked.

I then came into my senses. I left junior home alone. I went into the house with him to take junior.

Pastor: Before I hear from him, I’ll advice you as my daughter so please listen to me and decide for yourself.

Me: Pastor I’m all ears please speak to me.

Pastor: Thank you my dear for giving me the go ahead. First of all I think you made some mistakes. Marriage should be based on love from both partners. Gilbert showed you all the signs which proved he never loved you but you went ahead to trap him with the pregnancy which was not the best. As you can see he really loves your sister and there’s nothing you can do about it but I can’t advice you to divorce him neither. All I can do is schedule a meeting for you both so we know the way forward.

I went deep into myself for a while

I thanked my pastor because he made me realized my own mistakes.

I’ve already decided to quit the marriage and concentrate on my profession and take care of my baby.

Only God knows where they ran to. I never set my eyes on Gilbert for wh0le 3 days until I met him in my pastor’s house.

He accused me of destroying his life by forcing him into this marriage that he never knew happiness.

Hmmmm we both knew pointblank that divorce was our only option. I packed my things and left to my aunty’s place. I narrated my woes to her and by grace, she gladly accommodated me. we became a happy family as we were before. The interesting thing was that we were both br-astfeeding our baby.

*Fast forward*

Six months after I left my marriage, My father in-law took responsibility of my child. I was enjoying my profession devoting my time caring for my patients.

Surprisingly, I was at the out patient department one day when I saw a gentleman enter into the entering. He looked exactly like Sir Luis. I followed up on him and coincidentally, he was the one. He said he came for check a medical check up.

We were both happy to see each other. We started a convo and as usual old flames were ignited. Contacts were exchanged and your guess is as good as mine.

As the days turn into weeks and weeks into months, the unlike poles started attracting and eventually he requested for a hangout together.

At the hangout at Labadi beach resort, he proposed love to me. I just couldn’t withhold accepting him.

He was also teaching at a private school so after eight months of dating and God being so good, we happily got married.

Afya finally made her HIV status known to Gilbert and there he regretted being a human being. They married themselves and were both on meditation.

Thank you for making time to follow me all these while. I hope you’ve learnt something.

Love goes where love is and God does His things at the appointed time. God is not a man for him to lie. What He says he does. If we are faithless, he remains faithful for he cannot deny himself. Christ in you, the hope of glory.

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All names and locations in the story were randomly selected. The work was fully the imaginations of the writer.

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