Gunshots episode 51 – 52

{ Orgasms & Guns… }

THEME: Kill It!


By, Naomi Cindy B.


Bloody Sinners will gladly shed the blood, no retreat, no surrender!

The two cars conveying the gang left the clan, and they were followed by flying dust till they were completely out.

Chance appeared at the park, his arms folded on his chest as he released a sigh.

“It’s a pity I’m not going on the mission, how annoying. Watching over the clan is not for me” he muttered.

Taylor appeared beside him and squatted, her elbows on her thighs as she shared the view with him.

“No choice, wanna bang instead?” She looked up.

“Bang you?” He asked, and she laughed.

“It’s a funny joke, right?”

She stood and sighed, flexing her fingers before giving him a pat on the shoulder.

“Let’s go, checking the entry zones is the top priority” she winked and made to leave, but he pulled her back immediately, and to her utter dismay, he kissed her!

Her eyes widened madly, and they almost popped out of their sockets as he sucked on her bottom lip before breaking it gently.

“So…we can’t bang? If I ask for a bang right now, you’d say no?” He whispered, and she quickly pushed him away.

“What are you talking about?” She asked, avoiding his eyes.

“You started it by mentioning bang, and now I’m hard” he muttered, and she stepped back before rushing away.

“Is she shy or what? Thought she’s a toughie” Chance laughed before following her.



Zenith’s fists were folded on the table, and they were shaking together with the table itself as her lids trembled. She’s currently replaying the kiss scene in her head.

She actually saw it all through the system when she was searching for Chance, and right now she’s regretting it.. why the hell would he kiss Taylor?

He initiated the kiss, does that mean he likes her? He likes her back?

She hit her fist heavily on the table, and it began bleeding as she stood still, breathing hard.

She darted her eyes to the system and saw the members who went for the mission are almost at Yenicall’s cottage.

She took two deep breaths and tried to concentrate on the navigation, but it only worked for two minutes.

After two minutes, the kiss scene replayed in her head again, and she closed her eyes.

“F**k, I can’t get distracted now, get a hang Zenith!” She shouted at herself.



The steam coming from the heater filled Toxica’s bed, penetrating into her skin as she lay unconscious on the bed.

Her was successful last night, and she has remained unconscious since then.

Brazil sat beside her with Godzilla’s drawing. He has been staring at it since Shark delivered it, wondering if this is really Godzilla. The scariest man in Italy.

He took a deep sigh and spared Toxica a glance. The moment when Tiger stabbed her flashed through his head, and he held the drawing with him tighter, squeezing the edge in his palms.

“That motherf cker” he muttered, feeling a great surge of fury rush through him, but when remembered he actually beat Toxica, he calmed down.

So besides Denzel and Rachel, there’s actually someone stronger than him, who the hell is Tiger??

He was still thinking about it when he suddenly saw Toxica’s lids move, and he spranged up.


Her eyes opened at once, and his eyes widened.


She made to sit up, but the pains in her chest sent her back.

“You don’t have to sit up” he said, but she tried again despite the pains, and she sat up.

“You’re back early” he smiled, sitting back.

“What’s that?” She asked, looking at the paper with him.

“Shark delivered it, Godzilla’s face” he replied, and she snatched it from him immediately, opening it fast to behold the hairy faced man.

Her face formed a scowl immediately. “This ain’t Godzilla” she said.

“How’d you know?” Brazil squeezed his brows.

“This man has no resemblance with you” she muttered, throwing the paper away.

“Was Godzilla supposed to look like me? What are you talking about?” Brazil asked.

Instead of answering, Toxica got down from the bed, but she grabbed the painful chest immediately, bending right there.

“You can’t move around yet!” Brazil stood.

“It’s more dangerous to stay here” she replied and started walking out like that.

“And who the hell is Tiger? Why did he defeat you? What did he tell you to make you weak?” He asked.

She stopped for a bit and swallowed hard. “Prepare to go back to Atlanta, he’d kill you” she muttered and finally left the ward.

She got out and leaned on the walls thinking about Tiger’s words…

“Sending me out that year wasn’t enough, now you wanna kill me cos I found my love again?”

She held her chest tighter. “Denzel…” She muttered, sweating so much.

The appearance of Denzel only means one thing… Toyota will find out the truth about the real taker of her virginity very soon…

That’d spell doom and destruction, Toyota will kill her and Brazil…no doubt.



A pair of dazzling black shoes walked into the room, and it never stopped walking till it got to a couch and sat.

Shark brought in a bottle of whiskey on a tray with a cup.

He dropped it on a stool in front of him and poured him the drink.

He took it and drank from it. His face finally came to view after he took the cup away from his lips.

It’s Zampano De-Castro, the most powerful Hunter and the closest to Godzilla.

Shark bowed, and he smirked as he walked out of the room.

“Are you gonna hide your face from your best friend forever?” He spoke, and Godzilla’s laughter boomed in the speakers.

“You’ll see me in full when it’s time, but now there’s a more pressing issue” he spoke

“What could that be? Is this about The Terminator again?” Zampano muttered.

“What else could be pressing in the underworld?” Godzilla replied.

“She’s eliminating the Hunters who went for mission Hope Hospital? I know, I know she’s coming for me after Yenicall, anything else?” He said.

“Yenicall is a lab rat right now” Godzilla replied, and Zampano rested back on his seat.

“Ok this is getting more interesting, lab rat?”

“We only know The Terminator is terminating the Hunters who went for the mission, but we don’t even know how she’s connected to the mission. If she continues operating in the dark, then I won’t be surprised if you die tommorow” Godzilla replied.

“What do you mean?”

“I told Shark to give Toxica the whole info about her cottage, and i planted a bud on her too. The Terminator is gon get her tonight, we can listen to all the conversation through the bud” Godzilla replied.

“And her cries of anguish?” Zampano laughed.

“Maybe” Godzilla replied.

“Yenicall is not a softie” Zampano said.

“The Terminator ain’t either” Godzilla replied.

“Any news about your kids?” Zampano asked.

“Zero” Godzilla replied, and Zampano smiled before sipping from his whiskey.

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The two cars from the clan got to the cottage after some tediously rough drive, and thanks to Toxica’s leak, they were able to locate the secret underground route.

Lambo threw a magnetic cam forward, and she tapped her bud to connect the lab.

“Zenith, is the coast clear?” She asked, but no answer came.

“Zenith!” She almost yelled.

“Oh! Lambo?” Zenith replied like someone just waking up from her thoughts.

“What the f**k is going on? You can’t be caught slacking off at a time like this” Lambo said.

“The coast is clear, to the right” Zenith replied straight, and Lambo drove to that direction.

The second car followed, and soon, they came to a standstill.

“Two men in black few feet to the left, and four more by the right, same radius” Zenith said as they all came out of the car.

Tiger gave the orders by signals, and they all separated.

Tedross left with Jezebell.

Jaemin left with Sylvester as usual.

Delilah, Tequila and Lambo left too, so Toyota faced Tiger, and they fist bumped before leaving too.

“Heard you’re not a simpleton” Jezebell muttered beside Tedross as they walked their lane together.

“You didn’t hear wrong” he replied, and she grinned, sweeping back her short blonde hair with her gloved palm.

“You’re gutsy” she said, facing him.

“I deserve to be” he replied, and her eyes widened shortly when she saw someone behind him.

She got her swinging knives to throw at him, but before she could do that, Tedross already turned swiftly, he stabbed him right on the forehead before he could make a sound.

He fell heavily in blood, and he roughly removed the knife from his head.

“Got your verification now?” He asked, looking up at Jezebell.

” Will answer after this” she replied and did an handstand, going backwards with it so she avoided a bullet coming her way.

Another man in black actually threw it at her, and immediately she stood straight, she got her ran madly to him while he kept shooting.

She so good at avoiding bullets, so she managed to dodge it all till she got go him and punched his gun away from him.

She made to punch him on the jaw, but he grabbed her fist and twisted it before punching her instead, making her land on the ground.

“Interesting” Tedross muttered and jumped, landing on top of a brick.

From there, he jumped on the man, kicking his jaws at a time.

That kick sent him flying to the nearest car, and Jezebell jumped to the car, trapping his neck down with her knee

She got her gun and shoved it into his mouth, blowing off his head.

It’s a silent pistol, so it made no sound to alert his other comrades.

She stood with a grin, jumping down from the car.

“We make a good team I think” she said.

“Welcome to my world” Tedross replied, and they fist bumped.


“You think everyone is getting outta here alive?” Jaemin asked Sylvester suddenly.

” Don’t tell me you’re planning to die, you should have told me earlier” Sylvester replied.

“you’re f**king mad” Jaemin chuckled.

“The fact that the boss is already f**king the girl you like is already messing with your shitty brain, do you even have one?” Sylvester replied.

” She’s a b**ch, it’s my fault that I fell for her, I believe it’d end soon if I f**k her well, but what about you? Lambo used you” Jaemin replied.

” She didn’t, I was the stupid one” Sylvester replied.

” I won’t laugh cos we’re here on a mission” Jaemin said funnily.

” So what were you talking about? Everyone won’t leave here alive?” Sylvester asked, facing him.

” I just have this hunch” Jaemin replied, and two men in black suddenly jumped down in front of them.

They looked at each other with knowing smiles before making their moves at once, one for one.

Jaemin punched his opponent first, but Sylvester’s was the first to attack him, sending him to a pile of diesel tanks with a kick.

“F**k!” He groaned, standing up to kick one of the small tanks.

It flew to his opponent, hitting him straight on the face.

That catapulted him to the ground with a bleeding head. He died on the spot.

Jaemin grabbed his opponent by the throat after knowingly receiving several punches from him.

He was smiled with dangerously bloody teeth as he pushed him to a destroyed car in sight.

He hit his head on it repeatedly, and by the time he did for the seventh, he went limp.

He dropped his body and faced Sylvester.

They winked at each other.


“Lookout!” Delilah shouted at Lambo when a man in black jumped out of a corner, coming for her.

Lambo went down, knowingly bending her head so the man somersaulted over her.

They went down together, and Delilah smirked.

“How did you get that? The corner was dark?” Tequila asked.

” I think my new eyes” Delilah replied.

“Cool” Tequila smiled, and they looked at Lambo who was still struggling with the man

She gave his neck a deep bite, and he let go of her only to jump up, attaching his hands to the rails.

He was about to escape when Lambo jumped after him, pulling him back to the ground.

She started giving him punches repeatedly till almost all his blood escaped his nostrils and mouth.

She stood from him when her fist became wet with blood, and she faced the others.

“Let’s go in, the bosses should take care of the remaining one” she said.


Toyota and Tiger were the first to get close to the main cottage where the party is going on

From the windows, they could already see what’s going in in. Only limited people are inside though, dinning with fake smiles.

Nothing like real smile in the underworld anyways, it’s only full of enemies who act like friends.

They faced each other when they saw the remaining one man in black.

Toyota got her baby blades easily, and she whistled with her mouth.

He turned swiftly turned them, but he was met with her knife which dug into his cheek.

She actually threw it.

“Cleared, I’ll enter the hall first” she said.

” No, we should go together, this place is full of dark corners and it’s risky to walk alone” he replied.

” What do you take me for?” She said.

” Tigress…

“Shhh, trust me and cover me from outside” she replied, and before he could talk again, she already left.

” She never listens” he muttered, but almost immediately, he heard a loud yelp from her, and he rushed to the angle he heard it from, but shockingly, only her gun and blades are on the ground with drops of blood.

His eyes widened immediately, and he turned around.

“Tigress” he muttered, and from the far end of the angle, he heard her scream…


His eyes widened, and when he made to move, the ground beneath him cracked like a vault, and he fell deeply into darkness.


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