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Heart of a beast 2 episode 34


(Love is the word💓)
BOOK 2 📚
❤Kayla’s POV❤️
“What?” The pink haired girl obviously looked as shocked as the rest of the class.. “You guys are not dating?” She asked and I nodded.

“But.. you’re almost everywhere together!”

“Yes but that doesn’t mean we’re dating.. He’s right about us having to be together and yes, our relationship is kind of confusing but we’re not dating and if he insists on not attending your party, then you should just respect that decision, I can’t do anything about it” I said and she gave me a snotty look..
The bell went off and I was glad when almost all the gazes on us died down as they began walking out of the class.

She gave Melvin a look and he shrugged.
“See? She doesn’t have a problem with it, so you keep this” she pushed the card back to Melvin, giving him a wink.

“I’d really love to go, pinky but not without her” Melvin pushed the card back to her.

“Looks like your closeness truly is confusing but since you guys are not dating then it’s fine,” she pulled another card out of her bag “here you go, a lifetime opportunity for you,” she mocked.. I gave Melvin a look and his expression pleaded with me to take it.

“So I’ll be expecting you at the party, Melvin” she said.

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“Yeah, we’ll definitely come. Thank you!” He giggled, obviously very excited about the trip.

She blushed as the Jamie girl began writing on her pad. “Okay then, I’ll see you!” She blew him a kiss and walked away..

“Ugh..” I finally grumbled, staring at the card..

“You’ve accepted it already Kay, I have a strong feeling this will be a great trip!”

“It’s not about the trip or party Melvin, it’s about you.. We shouldn’t be taking such risk to public places like that, remember what happened the last time we went to one? And damn, this is for the whole weekend, an almost three days trip!” I said..

“I know, okay.. I’m sure nothing can go wrong.. I’ve stopped transforming to a beast and lately I’ve been exhibiting only human traits, I feel pain now, too.. I don’t think anything can go wrong” he said.

“Melvin, we’re not completely sure for how long those new changes can go,” I sighed, placing a palm on my forehead.

“I definitely want to enjoy the last days of my life and We had a no-negative-thought swear, Kay. Are you breaking it again?” He asked.

“Ugh..this is a delicate issue, Melvin!”

“Arrg..I’m starving, can we hit the cafe already?!”
He’s taking this lightly..
He stood up and dragged my arm. Frustrated, I followed him..

“Be quick and come out of there, I’m going to make dinner and you know I might not be returning today, my mom resigned and would probably be home anytime soon and all day!” I said to Melvin whose head was buried inside the water, he stuck it out immediately..

“Your mom resigned?” He asked and it took a whole lot of stamina for me not to drool at his w€t body so I just looked away completely.

“Yeah, she resigned today” I said and walked to the opening of the cave. I bent and brought down my backpack, taking most of the stuffs out.. “And she wants us to move” I added, dropping some fruits beside the other food..

Sandwich and fruits..

“Wait..you’re moving!” I almost jerked up when I heard his voice right behind me and I regretted at once when I turned to look at him..
He was half [email protected] from his torso upward, clad in only a jean pant. Water dripped from his hair down to his shoulder and [email protected] body.

I was tempted to run my eyes down him again but I mentally cautioned myself and looked away, focusing on making the sandwiches..

“Not anymore though, I was able to convince her” I said, “we’ll be staying for a few more months!”

“Is that beef I perceive?” Melvin suddenly pushed past me to look at what I was making and in the process, his [email protected] skin made contact with mine and caused an unimaginable movement at the pit of my stomach, my breathing hitched and a strong feeling enveloped me.
“Sandwich?” He asked, turning to me and I felt his warm breath on my cheek..
What is he doing to me?

I quickly shut my open mouth and gulped, giving him a nod.
He smiled and I stood up.

“You should dry yourself and put on some clothes before you catch a cold!” I warned, moving away from the building. I heaved a loud sigh, my palm grasping my chest.
I came back and sighed in relief when I didn’t see Melvin, I took out a coke to go with the food and just as I finished setting the table, Melvin returned, fully dressed, much to my relief again..

He sat on the small rock beside me and I gave the food to him, grabbing only a sandwich from it.. He took my palm and began eating and after the meal and a little rest time, I decided to help him make a fire since his previous attempt led to a burn. We fetched the woods and I made a fire, staying to enjoy its warmness for a while.

“Ahh..so comforting!” Melvin squealed, sitting in a meditation posture and I nodded in concordance.

“It sure is!” I said. “And I’ve been thinking, Melvin, how about we just blow off that trip tomorrow and do something more fun instead?” I asked.

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“Fun, like what?”

“We could watch some movies here, get some really tasty barbecue and just have our own fun time by ourselves rather than going on a two days trip that might not even worth it” I suggested, giving him a twitchy smile.

“I know you’re scared and worried about everything that might go wrong at that party but I’ll be fine! I know it and I feel it!”

“Melvin, you don’t get it. That girl, the way they looked at you- I can definitely tell they have something up their sleeves! The last one we attended didn’t end too well” I warned.

“That was because Jake took you away, even though anything is meant to happen at this party, we can prevent it by just staying together, right?”

“Melvin, we shouldn’t take the risk-

“Ugh Kay, your negativity is so high. Just be positive okay.. And I plan to enjoy the very few days of my life, thinking about tomorrow alone makes me energetic, so just stay positive and we’ll be fine” he said..

Geez.. How can he not be paranoid about it, if anything should eventually go wrong, it would affect him more.
I sighed in defeat and looked away.

“Can I ask you something?” He asked.

“Yeah, sure” I said, giving him a look.

“Earlier, back at school when you told the class that we weren’t dating; I mean I know we’re not dating but I’m just curious. Did you do it cos you can’t date a beast, or you don’t have feelings for me or because it was all completely a lie?” He asked and my brows curved at the question.

“Cos it was a lie, I guess!” I said but somehow it felt and sounded untrue.

“Okay, so that means you have feelings for me then?” He asked and I gave him a stiff stare.

“Um.. I didn’t say that” I said, my voice cracking as I stared away.

“Ugh Kay, we’ve spent so much time together, how can you not have feelings for me? It’s not like you have a boyfriend,” he pouted. “So it’s just me who have feelings for you and doesn’t mind the whole school thinking that we’re dating?” He asked but I guess it was a rhetorical question so I said nothing, not that I had anything to say anyways.

“Ouch! That hurts. But do you know, I originally had tiny feelings for you but knowing that you were that girl from years back,it just grew automatically. It’s surprising that I could still have those feelings after all those years!” He said and laughed shortly. “You wouldn’t know this but you were my first love, it was more like love at first sight thing”

“Hey, you were just six.. What would you know about love?” I teased.

“I knew a lot, actually. I was grounded for a week with so much scolding for losing that necklace, I gave you and I’d always go to the spot where we met, hoping to see you again.. It went on for too long with no positive outcome,I had to give up but I guess the feelings didn’t” he said.

“Well,I did go back there after mom’s operation was successful and Tracy was old enough to crawl, it was months after and I didn’t find you, I didn’t make another attempt after that day , though but I stayed long enough that day” I said.
“And here, we meet again!”

“We sure did” he smiled..
My gaze moved to the sky and I sprung up to my feet..

“I’ve stayed for too long, I hope mom isn’t back.. I have to go now Melvin. I’ll come back if I can but I doubt that, so I’ll see you in school tomorrow?”

“Sure,” he nodded and I grabbed my backpack before walking away.

The next day, school ended early and that morning when mom drove me to school, I informed her about the trip and she fully granted me permission, excited that I was starting to get sociable and have more friends.. I had rolled my eyes..

I couldn’t have been that much of a nerd.

The card said the assigned car would be leaving by seven and it was just few minutes past one, mom was away so I thought of going to the woods to see how Melvin was preparing for his long-awaited day.
I left the house with the necklaces and head to the road.. I was about crossing when I suddenly started to feel weak, tired and strange, it must’ve been from the little sleep I had last night, since I was busy packing up for the journey. Not being able to walk properly, I hailed a cab, glad that I had taken some money with me..

I gave him my destination and relaxed into the chair, my eyelids meeting each other.

My eyes flung open after something warm and solid hit my skin repeatedly, I pushed my head sideways to see an unfamiliar man.
“Miss, Wake up.. We’re here!”

And then it hit me and I quickly sat up, realizing I had unconsciously fallen asleep in his taxi..
“I-I’m so sorry,” I gave him a light smile, dipped my hand into my pocket and gave him his money before hopping down..
Geez.. How could I have fallen asleep unknowingly. I shook my head as all atom of dizziness wiped off from my mood.

I took a step forward and that was when I saw it.. I wasn’t in the direction leading to the wood. I was- I glanced around and sighted Melvin’s house close to me, I was at Melvin’s house..

Why would the cabbie bring me here, I’m very sure I gave him the right address.
I grumbled and stared at the gate, another thought hitting me.

Well, since I’m here, I could likewise try my luck at that key. My finger moved to the luvi in my pocket and I took it out and hung it around my neck.
I walked to the gate and pulled it and asked expected, it gave way, leading me to a quiet compound.

I entered and went to the door, it gave way again and I stood at the empty living room. My eyeballs rolling around, I walked to the direction of Melvin mother’s room. I was getting to it when I heard the door creak, I quickly hid behind a curtain and was trying to create a space to peep from when I remembered I could look through it and I did.

A girl, dressed in a maid uniform stepped out of the room with a bucket containing soapy water and a mop. She closed the door and inserted a key into the hole, locking it. I watched and she threw the keys into the pocket of her gown and walked away. I came out from the spot and moved to the door to confirm if it was locked and it was. I sighed and gently tiptoed after the maid, she walked down a brief passageway and arrived at the living room, I hid behind a huge colorful curtain again and watched..

“Ugh!” She grumbled, slapping her forehead with her palm.
She brought out the keys and left them on a coffee table with her cleaning equipments on the floor, she walked away, entering another room.
Swiftly, I came out from my hiding spot and found myself with the keys that all looked the same in one key holder. Thoughtfully, with my heart racing, I unbundle one of the keys out and left the rest on the table..

I felt her presence returning, so I made for the door and rushed out.. Running, I got to the gate, pulled it open and walked out, I was back outside with many people, with the key and..safe.
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