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Heart of a beast 2 episode 35


(Love is the word💓)
BOOK 2 📚
❤Kayla’s POV❤️
I checked my pocket for the key and found it just as I left it, I sighed in relief.
I found my way to the taxi park, I walked up to one and gave him the address, he permitted me to go in and hit the road..

As we journeyed, I couldn’t help but feel the race in my heart, it was more like Lucinda was right behind me or had found out and was searching for a way to prevent me from succeeding with it.
I pat my pocket and felt the key, I was relieved again..

Melvin would be so glad about this.. the hardest part has been achieved, what’s left is going to the house, opening the door and returning the Luvi.. I sighed happily when I thought of how close we were in getting our freedom.

I turned, as if trying to catch a glimpse of Lucinda running after us..

“Um sir, please can you speed up a little more?” I asked and he gave me a suspicious look from the rearview before speeding up.

“Thank you!” I said, feeling a bit relieved cos duh, Lucinda is a witch, she doesn’t need a car to overtake or get to mere human, she doesn’t even need to come or show her self.. just a spell would do.

But considering the fact that I was with the Luvi, she would need more than just spells to get to me, maybe a physical appearance after all.
Or better still, she could spoil my chances of fulfilling my motive with the key.

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Thinking about it, my palm reached for my pocket again and I found the key. To be more safe and sure, I should keep it with the Luvi..
I took the necklace off my neck and slipped it into my pocket, where I had the key but it didn’t fit well enough cos my phone and Melvin’s tube-necklace was in it and the pocket wasn’t all that big enough to contain all four items.

I took out my phone and the tube necklace, leaving it on the empty space beside me, I left the Luvi and the key in place of them, inside my pocket. It went in perfectly.

I grabbed my phone, placing it on my lap, I picked up the necklace and was about putting it on when I noticed that it was empty..
The tiny liquid that was left in the tube could not be seen, not even the tiniest bit..it was empty and only the transparent tube could be seen and looked through..

Why do I feel so worried and disturbed?
I stared at it for a moment before it registered fully..


💙Melvin’s POV 💙
My fingers dug deeper into the sand, my eyes shutting as different deafening sound passed through the interior organs in my body.. I didn’t feel pain, just total discomfort that was worse than pain..
It caused a whole different feeling in me.
My fingers went deeper into the sand, as if I was clinging on it for support, and with every thrust, I tried moving my body forward but it was as if I was being glued to the ground..

Just seconds ago, I had felt well, strangely energetic and lively, it was like a good feeling, like the day I was going to get off that curse. I was glad cos I needed all that energy for the trip. I was coming out of the cave to get a drink from the small lake behind the cave and had barely taken a step out when a loud electric-like sound swooshed through my ear and the next thing, it aggravated to more disturbing noises that sent me to the floor.

I felt weak, empty. My inside felt like there was nothing in it, like a vast area with just air, I felt light and lifeless but still, my body wouldn’t comprehend with the movement.

I grumbled repeatedly, trying to get the annoying blaring sound off, my eyes shut as the discomfort spread all over me. I groaned and grumbled!

I knew I was someone and alive when I opened my eyes and found my body but that I wasn’t, when I shut my eyes and felt the emptiness and weightlessness that it contained and yet, couldn’t make me move..
I could say discomfort was an understatement to what I was feeling.

Somehow, I knew what it meant and feared for myself..
But I can’t let it go just like that, at least for Kayla.
♥️Kayla’s POV♥️
The taxi parked and I quickly gave the cabbie his payment and dashed off towards the woods, I got there, ran into the the woods and head for the cave through the usual route. I was just many steps afar when I sight his figure on the floor.. My fears aggravated and I hurriedly covered the steps and got to him.

“Melvin?!” I called in terror, blood rushing to my face.. “Are you okay?!”
He said and when I took his hand, he grasped it from me and covered his ears with his palm..
“Make it st..op! Make it..stop!” He grumbled, his voice filled with so much agony and discomfort.

” Make what stop?” I asked but he said nothing. “Melvin! What’s happening?!” I placed my palm lightly on his, not feeling the usual shock.. his eyes flung open and he stared at me, unshed tears hanging at his tearduct, staring at it brought tears to my eyes as the only answer to what was happening rang in my head.

“Melvin,” I sniffed. ” I-I got the key! I got the key to your mom’s room! We can now access the Luvi holder and return it,” I took the key out and placed it on his palm, his eye balls rolled to it. I knew he was contending so much, his look told it. I placed the key on his palm so he could feel it.
“See?” I said, giving him a smile, beneath the fear I held.

“It’s.. late for me, Kay. I feel like it’s my end already,” he said, his breathing heavy.” Ugh!” He grumbled again, twitching his face like he was trying to get rid of something.

“Melvin!” My tear dropped as I took his palm in mine and he gripped it tight, they trembled as red veins popped out of it..
“There have to be something, anything that we can do! I can go back to your house and try to put the Luvi in it’s holder, I can save you!,” I made to stand but his grip restricted me.

“I fear that it’d be too late, Kay. I’m very close to death already, I-I can feel it..,” he stuttered. “We can’t lose both our lives, it’s too late for me but not for you! One of us have got to live!” ,He twitch his face deeply, as he talked and his hand trembled more.. He gave me a knowing look and I began shaking my head, tears pouring down..
“The Luvi- there’s an opening in it, it has pins that could kill me and save you if you poke me with it, you don’t know this cos I asked Priola to-

“She told me!” I cut him off “but I’m not doing it”

” You have to!” He tightened his grip on my palm “We can’t let all those effort go to waste, we can’t lose at the same time, Kay! It’s my end already but not yours, there’s still time to save yourself, so do it before-” he paused, grumbled loudly with his eyes shut, tears dropped from them. He opened them. “Do it Kay!” He said with what I’d say was the rest of his dexterity.

“We promised each other Melvin, we said we’d be in this together until the very end-

“This is it. It’s the end for me and if you don’t save yourself, everything! Everything we’ve toiled for would be a waste! Save yourself and the rest of us that are left, I’m begging you! You have to do it now, Kay-

“B-but how can I kill you when I’m Inlove with you? How can-

“Goddammit Kay! Just do it already! Please!” He said, his palm trembling.
I shut my eyes and cried for a brief moment, I opened them, sniffed and gave him a nod..

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I took my palm from his and brought out the Luvi from my pocket.
With shaky hands, I reached for the locket and opened it, the pins were in it, all bright and glistening under the sun. My palm trembled as I took one of the pins, it fell from my shaking hand and I picked it up.

I shifted the pointy part to Melvin’s flesh as fresh tears ran from my eyes all over, blurring my vision, I wiped them with the back of my palm and sniffed, but they poured out all over again..
I put the tip on Melvin’s skin, ready to sink it into his flesh when a light wind blew past us, shifting my attention to something else, a part of Melvin’s cloth pulled aside and I caught sight of something tattooed on his body.

It was an inscription with thick black ink, thicker than a tattoo’s.

I read it; LOVF.
LOVF as in LOVE??
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