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Heartaches and Tears – Episode 17



A story by Kennedy C Katongo


Candle was silent, am sure she was out of words. After all, she told me such a thing would happen if I continued playing diva. I didn’t want to hear her say, “I told you…”

“Am coming at your place right now.” she said as she cut the line.



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About 30 minutes later I heard a knock at the door. I knew it was her, so I rushed to open it up. It was dark and cold outside, it made me wonder if I had done the right thing by kicking Nathan out of the house.

“Hey. Are you okay?” Candle asked me. I didn’t know what to answer. She thing walked up to me and hugged me, it was sister love, at least I didn’t feel alone to carry such a heavy burden.

“It will be okay.” She said softly as we walked to the bedroom. ” Are the kids still sleeping?”

“Yes. They haven’t woken up. Otherwise Jay would be crying for his daddy.” I said. We were now in the bedroom. We sat down as I began to tell her everything that happened.

When I was done, I remarked, “His got to be in the car sleeping.”

“This is serious. But did you have to make him leave the house?” Candle asked me.

“I think I did him a favor by making him leave the house. Cause I don’t know what I would have done to him. I just feel hurt and betrayed.” I said.

“I don’t like it, but I did warn you something like this was bound to happen if toy continued playing with fire. I have no doubts about Nathan’s love for you. I guess life just happened.” Candle said in a calm and comforting manner.

“Don’t say that, huh!”

“It’s just the truth. I mean look at my man, the day I got engaged to him… I received a call from a lady who claimed to be his lover. I brushed it and thought it was a trick. But then she began telling me things about him.” “I was broken. The man who had just met my parents had a lover in Livingstone. Who felt titled to him because they had been sleeping together for a long time. I had the choice of calling everything off. I thought of it hard. But then I concluded something, ‘How would I give up on something that I had belt for years in one day just because of that?’ In fact, the lady wanted me to leave him. To end the story. I didn’t leave him – we worked things out.” Candle said.

“You saying I should forgive him? Is that right?” I questioned her?

“Nope! Am saying make sure toy not acting on emotions.” She responded.

“He got my kids Candle! He I produced them to some girl. That was going to far.” I told her as I began to cry.

“Stop it. You going to wake up the kids.” She said while hugging me.


Candle woke up very early. She made sure the kids had their breakfast and took them to the road to get on the school bus.

She even called my parents and asked them if they could pick then up after class. She did it smartly, because my parents weren’t aware of all the drama that had happened. I wanted to tell them but she insisted that I keep it down.

Candle had always liked Nathan even before I began dating him, she was the reason why I even thought of giving him a chance. If it was all up to me, I sure I would have left a long time ago. She couldn’t let me make that reckless decision.

“The kids are off to school.” Candle said as she worked in with a plate and a small cup of tea. It was four slices of toast and an egg to compliment.

“I don’t know what I would do with you…” I said as I sat up. I didn’t even know it was now 9am.

“Am just glad I came be there for you.” She answered with a smile.

“What about Nathan – did the kids see him in the car?” I asked.

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“No they didn’t. His actually not in the car. Maybe he went for work.” Candle said thoughtfully. But that wasn’t it. Nathan wasn’t the type of man to walk out on a conversation, especially if he was wrong.

“Am sure his around.” In that moment, there was a sound of moving plates in the kitchen, “Am sure that’s him.” I added.

@@ @@ MWAKA @@ @@

“What time are you going for work?” I asked Amanda.

“Am supposed to go in the afternoon.” She said with a shallow look on her face.

“Why you look like that. Another bad dream?” I asked.

“No. Its not that. I just have a feeling something is wrong with Nathan.” She responded.

“A feeling huh! Maybe you just miss him. Besides its been a whole since you actually spoke to him.” I said.

“Nah. I don’t think that’s the reason. But it might just be me.” She giggled.

Before I could for work, Amanda asked me to call Nathan and just check on him. If at all everything was alright, I had to tell him that she had turned down his offer for a job.

I didn’t think that was a good idea. The fact that both of them had chosen to move on was for the best. But she did seem worried. For that reason I decided to call him.

NATHAN: ‘Hey Mwaka. How are you?’

MWAKA: ‘Am okay. You sound like you drunk. Are you okay?’

NATHAN: ‘So you can also tell. Kikiki. Yeah! I had one or three bottles. I actually lost count.’

MWAKA: ‘Since when did you drink like that? What’s going on?”

NATHAN: ‘It’s nothing to get worried about. It’s just one of those days. Anyway, I have to do something. Bye.’

Before I could tell him to hold on, the line was cut. (I guess Amanda was right after all) When I got to work, I couldn’t focus, I didn’t know if telling Amanda about Nathan having a hangover around 9 to 10 am was a good thing. After all, she was already worried without even knowing of something had happened to him.

Mr Yadav, my boss. Walked in, he surely always came late for work. Since he had to give reports about how things were moving here at the Levy Junction branch.

“Good morning!” he smiled at me.

“Morning sir. How was your night? “I asked him. He was very chatty.

“Oh its been beautiful. I had a glass of hot coco this morning as I watched the sun rise. Beautiful view if you ask me.” He said warmly.

“What about you? How was your night?” He asked.

“It wasn’t bad. I slept like a fat baby.” I said as we both began to laugh.

He went on to tell me that the internship papers were being prepared. He run me through the procedure and the topics that were to be covered.

“Anti-Cancer drugs!” I exclaimed. It was never my cup of tea. I hated them. I couldn’t believe I had to start memorising drugs that I didn’t even have a chance of seeing.

“But why!!!” I nagged.

“Don’t look so downhearted. You smart, am sure you can master a bunch of drugs.” he laughed as he went to his office.

I picked up my phone I called Amanda. Her phone rang and rang but there was no response. I ended up texting her. Texts weren’t my thing. I preferred hearing someone’s voice to pretentious thoughts in black stocked fonts.

@@ @@ NATHAN @@ @@

My head felt heavy on one side as I opened cupboard after cupboard looking for some Aspirin. It seemed Mable had moved all the drugs from the kitchen.

I knew she had to be sleeping, there was no way would go for work after kicking me out of the house. That wasn’t her style. I tip toed to the bedroom and when I opened the door, their she was – with her friend Candle. Both of them facing the day as of they had been expecting me.

“Morning Candle. Sorry! Am looking for some Aspirin.” I said as I walked to search in the drawers. Mable kept her eyes on me, am sure she wasn’t to throw the plate of toast at me.

I managed to get 2 tablets and left the roam as fast as my feet could carry me. Since I felt drunk, I happened to move slower than I thought I was.

“Nathan. Candle called out to me.” you went drinking?” She exclaimed.

“Keep it down.” I responded.

“You need to be for real!” she said sounding disappointed.

“Look. I went to take a drink. Their was no way I was going to sleep in a car sober. Besides. I have a lot going on am sure you know that.” I said as I continued to walk to the living room.

“Don’t walk out on me when am talking to you…” She said. Candle was vicious, just those words echoing inside my head made be stand still. I knew better.

“What are you doing to yourself? You know alcohol doesn’t solve a problem.” she said.

“I know that. But at least it takes the pain away.” She shushed me up before I could even express myself.

To be continued…

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