Hell's Nest

Hell’s Nest – Episode 9

Hell’s Nest – Episode 9

A story by Goddy Francis


. I got up cleaning my eyes endlessly. I opened the door and saw no one.

” For real ?” I asked and closed my door again.

I proceed to go back to bed when I heard the knock again.

” Oh no he’s here.” I said in my thoughts.

It knocked gently again and I opened my drawer quickly. I brought out a cross and place it at my door, I poured a little holy water and I perceived it.

It scre-med and left. I opened my door and I perceived a grave odour. I left for Jones and opened the door gently they were fast asleep.

I tied a cross on their door and closed it. I don’t know but I guess I laugh to whatever thing I saw , Jones was just too crazy.

I returned to my room and slept off. The following morning I woke up really late. I staggered to the kitchen and saw a girl preparing breakfast , I knew she was Jones side chic. What is she doing in my kitchen.

” Hey , good morning..” she greeted.

” Thanks.” I replied and looked around.

” You’re hungry ?”

” No thanks, where is Jones ?”

” Must be sleeping.” She said and smiled.

I nodded slightly and walked out. I knocked on his room door and he ordered me in. He’s always acting like my housemate.

” Hey dude.” He greeted.

” Did you tell her to cook ?”

” Oh , onika is a wife material , she loves helping in house chores.”

” That is because she thinks you love her real and you’re gonna marry her.” I said.

” Well I don’t care much.”

” That’s not cool man , you don’t tell your side chic to cook for me I don’t like it and you know it.”

” I’m sorry Chris , I didn’t ask her too, she hated fast foods meals and she insisted she cook something for us.”

” For us or you ?” I asked and rolled my eyes.

” You’re stoked.” I said and proceed to leave.

” I saw a cross , what is it for ?”

” Jones I’m a devout Catholic. ”

” I know alright. Most times I thought you wanted to be a priest or something. You’re still a modaf****** sinner.” He said and I hissed.

” ****. ” I said and walked out.

I took my bath and got dressed , I wanted to talk to Giselle about Jordan’s issues. Some one knocked and I opened my door . It was onika , Jones girlfriend.

” Hey ”

” Hi , just wanted to tell you I prepared breakfast.” She said and smiled broadly.

God Jones and his choice of girls.

” Thanks , I’m not hungry yet.” I said and smiled.

” Really ? I thought you would like it.”

” Oh , thanks I’m rushing out.”

” Alright , you look good on that.” She said and winked at me before walking out.

” Alright , Jones and choices.”

I closed my door and comb my hair. I got dressed and rushed out. I saw Jade and onika abusing each other.

” Oh God , where’s Jones ?” I asked in my mind.

” Jade not again..” I said.

” Can you be this cheap ? She’s a stripper in max , don’t you have choices are you this dumb. Picking a stripper over me Christian.” Jade fired.

” She’s your girlfriend ?” Onika asked.

I sighed deeply and took jade by the arm and dragged her out.

” What the **** is wrong with you ? Don’t you get tired ?” I ask angrily.

” For real , I can’t give up on the man I want, Christian you’re mine and I can’t just give up on you like that because you claimed you’re no longer interested in me.”

” Oh for real.” I said and chuckled.

” Just get out of my house.” I said and walked out.

I opened my car door and texted Jones who’s glued to that room. I started my car and he called me.

” Jones .” I called and put my phone on loud speaker in order to drive comfortably.

” She’s a stripper in max Jones , make sure she doesn’t steal anything. You don’t have to bed anything you see.” I said.

” Cool, who told you that ?”

” Jade was here.”

” Cool , a stripper will always identify a stripper easily.” He said.

” Talk later , I’m on the road.” I said and he ended the call.

I rolled my eyes and continued driving till I got to the fast food Giselle works. I walk in and she was busy attending to a customer.

” Hey.”

” Christian not now I’m busy ”

” Yeah I needed a recipe, I’m hungry.” I said and smiled.

” Thank God.”

” And after that we need to talk.” I said and she frowned.

” I knew it , you don’t just come here when you’re hungry.”

I shrugged and she serve me my meal.

” Thanks.” I said and left to eat.

” A minute..” I pleaded to Giselle when I was through.

She rolled her eyes and grumble before leaving her stand.

” What do you want ? Look Jordan’s fine.” She said at once.

” I pray I don’t loose my job because of you.” She said and I smirked.

” Why didn’t you tell me Jordan was possessed ?” I asked and she was stoned.

” What ? Who told you that ?” She stammer.

” I know alright. It’s obvious.”

” You should leave .” She said proceeding to leave.

I held her hand and stopped her.

” Jordan needs help and it’s not the help of a priest , she will kill you and even Melissa you know it. Keeping the truth from people won’t save Jordan , I’m willing to help. I’ll give my life for her as long as she’s safe.”

She stood for a while and sob gently.

” I’m sorry if I said anything wrong. ” I said and console her.

” You don’t understand , if you keep coming around her he’s gonna kill you, that’s the reason I want you to stay away from her. The number of people who are involved in her issues will possibly loose their lives. I don’t want anything to happen to anyone , just go and leave her alone.” Giselle said and walk out.

So how on Earth will I help if Giselle isn’t ready to cooperate. I sighed and walk out too. I really need to talk to Jordan.



I’ve been locked in,side my room for days. I knocked endlessly and no one responded. I forgot Giselle was still at work , I sighed and looked around my room , there was nothing like key.

I felt a force stretched my finger out and pointed it to my door knob , it creak and opened.

” How come I’ve not learn this since ? This s*** is so…cool ”

I got up and rushed to shower . I looked at my wrist and it’s bleeding. I spent days stabbing my wrist since I was tired of breathing . I’ve tried removing the bracelet mom gave me and it refused to pull off. I don’t even care anymore.

I took my bath and rushed out of the house without a direction , I was tired of being caged like a teenager. I walk sadly on the road and took a turn to enter an alley. I felt some one was following me.

” b****.” I called turning to look at her.

” You must be Jordan ?” She asked and I kept quiet.

” What do you want ?”

” I want you to stay away from my boyfriend Christian , he’s not yours and will never be yours. Stick your **** face to your s***.” She yelled.

I nodded and turned to leave , she held me and gave me a slap.

” You dare not walk out on me without being told.”

I touched my cheek and looked at my palm. I looked into her eyes and she became dumb.

I touched her forehead and her eyes ran cold.

” Go and be crashed by a car , you shall rot in hell.” I said and she blinked her eyes.

She turned away and walk towards the road , a van moving with full force crushed her as she rolled to the other side of the road. She was dead.

I smiled and walk away.



I came back from work and dropped my cooking items on the kitchen cabinet. I went upstairs to Jordan’s room and her door was wide open , she was no where to be found.

” Seriously ?”

I checked every where and she was no where .

” How did she get out ?” was the question going through my mind.

I raced downstairs and looked outside, she was not there. I became scared , where could she be ? She is not even fine at all. I stood outside for a while and Jordan was not coming.

” I hope nothing bad happens to her.” I sob quietly.

I was there for a while when I saw Andrew , he was my date who traveled abroad. I smiled and hugged him.

” Are you okay ?”

I nodded and walk him in,side.

” Are you spending the night ?” I asked.

He smiled and nodded.

” Oh no , that’s a wrong idea.” I said in my thoughts.

” Is anything wrong ?”

” Yeah , I’m going on a duty tonight. Work is really stressing me out lately.”

” Work ? Giselle are you okay ?”

I nodded and smiled.

” It’s okay if you don’t want me to spend the night.”

” Thanks for understanding..” I said and hugged him.

” I’ve missed you so much.” He said embracing me tight.

” Hope you are not going back ?” I asked.

” No G , I’ve come to take you to the alter , we are getting married.” He said and I was stoked.

” Really ?”

He nodded and k-ssed me.

” I love you.” I cried out.

” I love you more okay.”

I wasn’t expecting him at all , we’ve been dating for long before he travelled to Spain and now he’s back.

I thought about Jordan, it’s dark and and she’s not yet home. I was really worried, Andrew left that night and I stayed awake till 10: pm and Jordan hasn’t returned . I pace around hopelessly and Jordan isn’t coming. It was almost 12 am and she’s not here .

I sat down on the couch and yawned endlessly, I felt my eyelids close and I fell asleep.

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To be continued

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