He's Dating

He’s Dating episode 21 – 24

(• Stuck With You •)

By, Lisa (A.O)


“Why don’t you start pursuing me again maybe I might look at you different this time…” He said and brought his face closer.

Luna eyes grew wide,thinking he’s planning to kiss her but his head fell on her shoulder instead and she frozed.

Did he just slept off?

“He’s drunk….” She sighed and pulled him up, and she helped him to the couch.

She find a blanket and cover him up with it,She then squatted in front of him to watch him.

How can he so dead gorgeous even while in sleep. Camilla is one lucky girl,only that she’s insecure.

She wiped his hair covering his face to his earing,and her eyes fell on his perfect heart shaped pink lips.

“He didn’t mean all he said Luna…. Don’t think about it” She said to herself and got up,she left the house.



Nathaniel got to the front of the house and was surprised to meet Camilla.

“What’s she doing here?” He wondered and moved closer to her.

He squatted and touch her,she’s so cold and shaking.

“Hey! Are you okay? Camilla?” He called scaredly and immediately carried her Into the house to his room.

He placed her on the bed and removed her wet clothes first,he wore one of his big hoodie for her and gently placed her back on the bed,grabbing his phone.

He dailed the Collins number ( one of his friend and business partner who’s also a doctor}).

“Can you come over to my house right now? My girlfriend is sick….” He said and without waiting for his response.

He hang up and rushed back to Camilla.

“What on earth did you do to yourself because of me? Huh?” He sighed and Camilla slightly opened her eyes.

“Are you okay?” He touched her forehead.

“Please don’t leave me…” She sat up and hugged him.

Nathaniel sighed.

“What did you do to yourself? Why are you so cold?”

“I miss you so much last night,so I came here but couldn’t get in cos you changed the password,have you really lost interest in me? You don’t love me anymore?” She asked at once.

Nathaniel said nothing.

“Please say something, I can’t do without you Nathan….” She broke into tears.

“Here we go again,I hate how you cry over everything…Stop it!” He broke the hug and said

“I’m sorry!” She quickly rubbed her face.

“So? Have you forgiven me now?” She added.

“Not yet….” Nathaniel replied.


“I’ll like you to something for me if you want our relationship to work out….”

“Tell me,I’ll do anything please”

“Are you sure?”

Camilla nodded.

“One….I want you to start respecting my employee no matter the gender, I’ve told you countless times,I’m not interested in other girl if it’s not you so please stop this….”

Camilla sighed. “I’ll try” She pouted

“Don’t try,promise me….”

She nodded. “What else?”

“Stay away from James….”

“Oh…Are you jealous?” She chuckled and Nathaniel frowned.

“I’m serious….”

“Fine, jealous boyfriend….Can I leave now? I’ve something to…..” He grabbed her waist and kissed her before she could finish.

“What was that?” Camilla broke it.

“You don’t know how much I’ve miss those pretty lips” He said and she blushed.

“Me too…” She moved closer and climbed on him,she captured his lips in her own,he held her face and deepen the kiss.

“Seriously?” Collins said from the door and closed it.

“I thought he said she’s sick,you made me come here while you’re making out. You’re surely gonna get this from me Nathaniel….” He said and left the house.


{ 2PMShadow Sedvction episode 21

(• Stuck With You •)

By, Lisa (A.O)


Camilla pushed him to bed and came on top.

“Get me pregnant” She winked and Nathaniel’s eyes widened.

“What? Why?”

“What do you mean? Do I have to have a reason before you slept with me? Can’t I bore a child for you?” Camilla said raising her voice.

“No that’s not it Camilla…

“Or maybe you just want another girl to give birth to your child and not me” Camilla rolled her eyes.

“It’s not that,listen to me” Nathaniel sat up and help he hand.

Camilla threw his hand off and crossed her arms,turning away.

“If anyone is gonna be the mother of my children,it’s definitely going to be you…” Nathan said.

“So why are you refusing?”

Nathan went mute.

“You just want me to,or you don’t like me anymore?”

“I have to be sure you already change,what if you get pregnant for me and you continue acting the way you use to. What if something happens to the child and..

“Nothing is gonna happen to the child,I told you I already change,don’t you trust me enough?” She said pouting.

“I do but Camilla,let’s slow things for now…”


“How about we get married first? To make it legal?”

“Really?” A smile appeared on her lips.

“Yes,I brought us dinner! Let’s eat…” He got up and helped her up too.

“Whoa! Mac and cheese?” She exclaimed staring at the meal in front of them.

“Sure, I’ll never forget your favorite” Nathaniel said and peck her lips.

“Me too!” Camilla smiled and start eating.



Everlyn came out of her room and met thier mom in the living room.

“I’m off” She walk to her and pecked her cheek.

“And how’s it with Camilla? Is she still not changing?”

“As you can see mom,there’s clearly nothing we can do than to pray she changed..” Everyln sighed softly.

Mrs Garcia went mute.

“Don’t advise him to break up with her,I believe she would change…” Everlyn said.

“As of your brother would agree,I lost count of how many times they break up already” Mrs Garcia shooked her head.

“I know right! Those two are like magnet” Everlyn said and they both laugh.

“Bye mum” Everlyn said and went out.



Fiona was making coffee alone when James joined her.

“You’re the new secretary Nathaniel hired right? I saw you at our last meeting!” James smiled.

Fiona said nothing,she took her coffee and made to leave.

“Wait,don’t go yet! I’ve something for you” James blocked her way.

“What is it?”

“I need you to seduce Nathaniel..” James smirked.

“What?” Fiona’s eyes widened.

“You don’t have to worry,I’ll pay you any amount…Name your price, whatever it is you want,I’ll do it” James patted her back.

“I’m sorry but I can do such a thing” She said and made to leave.

“I made some research on you, you’ve a mother and a brother who’s getting into college this year and you probably got this job cos of him. Would you want him to get into the college this year with the money I gave you,I’ll pay for all his tuition till he’s out or would you rather see them both dead?” James threatened

Fiona stepped back in fear.

“No please! Don’t do anything to my brother and mum! Please sir! Please!” Fiona pleaded, almost in tears.

“I won’t do anything to them dear,just do as I say huh” he smirked stroking he hair.


Fiona walked into Nathaniel’s office and placed the coffee in front of him.

“That took you long enough” He said looking up.

“I’m sorry,it’s won’t happen again” Fiona said fearfully.

“Are you okay?” He ask noticing her face.

“I’m fine sir” Fiona smiled.

Nathaniel took the coffee and sip some of it.

“F**k! Salt!” He spit it on his dress and Fiona gasped.

“How the hell did a salt got into a coffee?” He demanded angrily,taking off his jacket.

She rushed to him.

“I must have been thinking too much, sorry boss! I’ll help you clean up” She moved closer and grabbed some tissue,she immediately started wiping his shirt with it,he hate buttoning all his shirt,that’s why he always wore jacket.

He always left three button undone.

Fiona hand traveled to his bare chest and Nathaniel immediately withdraw her hand.

“What do you think you’re doing?”

“Just helping you with cleaning up” She touch him again and Nathaniel spranged up.

“That’s enough! You can go,I’ll do the rest myself” He turned and entered his mini private room in the office .

Unknown to them, Camilla has been in front of the door,watching everything.

“How dare you cheat on me Nathaniel!” She folded her fist and ran off,she got into her car and started the car without thinking.

As she drive her mind and heart were filled with the position she met both Nathaniel and Fiona.

Her hand trembling on the wheel,she lost balance and tried focusing but it’s too late.

The car already turned to a wrong way,it’s didn’t take long before it’s got hit with a building.

Camilla’s head got hit with the wheel and she passed out immediately,blood oozing out of her head….



Nathaniel checked his time and sighed out.

Camilla called him that she would visit him but she’s no where to be found. And it’s so unusual for her to be late.

He grabbed his phone and made to call her but his phone started ringing immediately.

It’s from an unknown number but he picked it anyway.

“Hello! Who’s this?” He ask at once.

“Is this Mr Garcia speaking?” The unknown person asked

“Yh,how may I help you?” Nathaniel raised his brows.

“We’re calling from Better life hospital…


“Yes,your girlfriend met with an accident and she’s getting operated on right now… we’re hoping?”

“Camilla? Send…me…the…. address” He stuttered and rushed out.



Camilla has been moved to a private ward now,she’s already out of danger but still unconscious.

Nathaniel stood in front of the ward with Liam and Luna.

“She would be ok,you guys should stop this” Luna consoled them.

“I have no idea how it happen,she’ll never forgive me for sure” Nathaniel muttered.

“She would! It’s not your fault this happen” Liam parted him.

Nathaniel nodded.

The doctor came out of the ward,and they quickly rushed to her.

“Can I have a word with Mr Nathaniel?” The doctor asked.

Nathaniel immediately step aside with him.

“How’s my girlfriend?” He asked worriedly

“She’s out of danger,and will surely open her eyes soon… but-

“But what?” Nathaniel ask fearfully.

“I’m sorry,she lost the baby!” The doctor patted his shoulder.

“Which baby?”

“You don’t know she’s pregnant? She’s a month gone… How can this happen?” The doctor sighed.

“So she’s pregnant…” Nathaniel said inwardly.

He turned to the doctor.

“Can I see her at least?” He asked.

“Sure” The doctor nodded and left afterwards.

Nathaniel entered the ward and was surprised to find Camilla sitting up. She already wake up.

He immediately rushed to her.

“Camilla I’m sorry,forgive me and I’m sorry we had to lost the…

Camilla was only staring at him confusedly,fear clearly written in her eyes.

“Babe,are you okay?” He touched her, Camilla threw his hands off and shift back in fear.

“Don’t touch me! Who are you?”


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